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  1. Hi, do you know when graphical upscaling will be added? Thanks
  2. Hi not excist another method of download a worked versione for this game?
  3. how does it work to download?
  4. Hi, mediafire is very slow, is possible upload on other host? Thanks
  5. You can download here: Link
  6. Try to overwrite all file of jconfig and try to assign buttons.
  7. yes but is present only the marquee, i need art set with movelist, you have for sharing?
  8. Hi have you the Street Fighter V art set for Vewlix in high resolution? Thanks
  9. Hi, exists the stikers for buy or printed of Street Fighter V on Vewlix? Thanks
  10. I don't think since the links for Samurai Shadwos are active
  11. Hi but the topic of Fighting EX Layer is cancelled? i not found
  12. When i play at SFV Type Arcade and after play at SFV Champion Edition this game return in the factory setting :( excist a solution for play at SFV Type Arcade without resetting the Champion Edition?
  13. And Dead Or Alive 6 Arcade
  14. Emulation Sega Saturn

    Hi, exist one emulator Saturn for WinXp for good emulate of kof95? Thanks