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  1. Can anyone share the AHK talked about In this thread please? The links through are dead. Appreciate it, thanks!
  2. For me the box remains during gameplay as well. It will disappear if I go into test menu and back out. I have same issue as Jayinem as well in regard to calibration sticking. Seems it is off again after closing the game and restarting. As he mentioned hopefully I am saving the calibration wrong or something.
  3. Anyone have the small black rectangle with asterisk on the screen using jconfig? Is there a way to remove it?
  4. Anyone ever get a wheel working for Dead Heat within linux? Thanks
  5. I am on Windows 10 and the game works. I can start 2 player games using demulshooter but the aim of way off for both guns. Using RH loader to run it. Anyone else experience this and know a fix? Thanks!
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Thank you. You using these steps with the original exe or one of the HD exes? Thanks
  7. Game Loader All Rh

    Which exe did you use to make it 4x3 with the bezel? Resolution wise? Thanks
  8. HyperSpin

    You are awesome!! Thank you!
  9. HyperSpin

    Trymado, do you do non arcade hyperspin themese? Looking for a theme for KartKraft go kart racing sim. Great game for racing cabinets!
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Is there any resolution / hd patch for sega race TV?
  11. Anyone else have sound out of only one speaker during gameplay? Attract mode is in stereo. On a side note. Works great at 3840x2160
  12. this worked great for me. Tried upping resolution to 4K and it ran well, no speed let down, but it crashed after the first race. no issues with default resolution so far. thanks again!
  13. Game Loader All Rh

    I have the same issue, I tried with 1080 and 4k and both freeze. Anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks!
  14. Thanks I will try it * Update * This worked, changed the buttons to fit my needs but good to go, Thanks
  15. Anyone have this working with a G27 wheel? If so could you share your segatools.ini please? Thanks!