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  1. Any chance someone could upload a working game folder that has the latest spicetools and FFB already there? For me it is the same as the above user, it opens and then closes. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone been able to get a second guitar working? I bought one of the x360 xplorer guitars and it seems to work well for one player, wondered if I should get another. Thanks!
  3. LOL but it is the only thing that works so well with the G27 wheel. Turning is very smooth, any other way the steering is jerky and not much fun.
  4. Sorry for the dumb question but i Haven’t played this in awhile and now when I play quick race there are no other cars, like time trial mode. How do you get out of that of switch it? thanks nevermind, this was caused by TeknoParrot 193, when I went back to 190 time lap was defaulted to off.
  5. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Will this work on Arcade64 199 for MAME? Or only the mame.exe Thanks again for your work!
  6. Could anyone share a new mega link to the pre configured version please? Thanks
  7. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    With this loader should the UI be in a small screen in the upper left? Game plays full screen fine.Thanks
  8. Anyone have issues get this to play? I just get a white screen briefly then it goes away. Tried on multiple windows 10 PCs Thanks
  9. If you are getting a white screen in windowed or black screen when in full screen try removing manycam or other fake cam software and retry. I had manycam installed and had this issue. Once I removed it then it worked.
  10. Any chance someone can just share a working VM image please?
  11. can anyone post the contents of the x360ce.ini if they are using a G27 wheel and have FFB and controls in menu please? I would appreciate it! Thanks
  12. anyone with a G27 wheel and FFB working via x360CE could you please share your x360ce.ini please? Thanks!
  13. So is saving going to be fixed or are we just getting a save file with everything unlocked? For myself I would like to be able to save so I can unlock everything myself. Thanks
  14. anyway to change the camera rotation in settings? Mine is sideways
  15. Thanks it is working right with windowsborderless gaming and Xboxce. Anyone else using Logitech profiler for your wheel? If so what is your wheel set at 270?