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  1. Still not working but here's the Files with the .exe file HASPED and having all the required files to make the application work once the dongle and I/O board is cracked! [Hidden Content] The RAR file is called TomKennyIsOurHero for the prevention of mega taking it down.
  2. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    I've noticed that too.
  3. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    Unfortunately, it didn't work still even on the original Raw Thrills OS nothing happened. I also had to bring the I/O Board back to the place i work at because it was temporary taken apart from a F&F SuperCars Cab
  4. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    It works well for me with no problems! So the only unplayable mission is the Joker "Loco Motives" due to the keypad not working for disarming the warhead! Other than that the game is really enjoyable.
  5. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    Correct, but the keypad still works for entering a secret pin to save your progress! So for those who play the game via Jconfig, Bane and Mr_Freeze are the only missions playable.
  6. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    Nvm you need to run JCONFIG and sdaemon.exe as Administrator!
  7. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    Does anyone have the proper sdaemon.exe where the I/O message can just go away? It's not even working with the real I/O board connected to my PC.
  8. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    Even with jconfig configured the game is still dead?
  9. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    I have the original Dell Optiplex Desktop for the game loaded with software version 1.38 Gold. I've used my Karl Storz Endoscopy USB Dongle that bypassed all the RT Launcher's dongle checks but the game won't boot so I was trying to inject the dump into the dongle because it's the same USB dongle that is used in Batman and Fast and Furious SuperCars. It's a purple Aladdin HASP4 HL SRM. The Karl Storz dongle seems useless because the software was designed to run in Windows 2000 Professional which the software won't run on Windows XP.
  10. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    Nothing yet I haven't got any more donations yet but the way that teknoparrot shows the game. That means they are probably working on it already plus the ebay seller ended the listing as the item didn't sell so hopefully I can get a deal from one of the arcade repair business nearby and see if he can sell me the dongle cheaper than that.
  11. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I've solved it now! Thanks, I had it set to default the whole time lol but now it's all good
  12. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    This plugin works great but it messes up all the settings on my G920 so I have to reinstall the driver in order to get it back working and having to reset the wheel from 900 to 180 degrees all the time after using the ffb setup. And do you have a specific one for FnF SuperCars thanks!
  13. [Arcade PC] Dirty Drivin' 2011 (Raw Thrills)

    It's working really well so once again thanks Flybit, @spiderzsoft, and 00C0FFEE
  14. [Arcade PC] Dirty Drivin' 2011 (Raw Thrills)

    You need to run both of them as administrator! When you're configuring your controls, click ok until it says saved then you can run the sdaemon.exe but it must be run as administrator. But close jconfig before launching the sdaemon.exe
  15. [Arcade PC] Dirty Drivin' 2011 (Raw Thrills)

    If you play them all you'll unlock them otherwise nothing can be done for unlocking them all instantly