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    AMD A10-7850K Quad-Core CPU OC @ 4.00GHz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti, MSI A88XM-E45 V2 Motherboard, 480GB Crucial SSD, 1TB Desktop HDD, Windows 10 Home 64-Bit, (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit SP1 SSD), 32GB HyperX Fury Black and Blue DDR3

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  1. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    That's what i was telling others but they said it made "no sense" well at least someone tried it and got it to work like damn these people just only thought -mid or -net is the only options then really trying it out from the system menu but I'm not trying to be harsh but this was helpful to some people that wanted LAN to work properly! But still thanks to everyone for making these projects successful!! Now drift is next for configuring LAN properly.
  2. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    [Hidden Content] This is all-in-one Microsoft redistributable packages for 32 and 64 bit! It will install all versions of redistributable packages from 2005-2017 which will make it easier than downloading all of the packages one by one! It will also fix the .dll is missing errors in other games like Madden 08, GTA4, GTAV, and other games that requires all of the redistributable packages. It should fix other arcade games also! If your Antivirus thinks the .exe is a virus then make it False Positive because it only installs all the required microsoft redistributable packages nothing else! I get most of this stuff from [Hidden Content] But seriously plz don't spam these links!!!!!!
  3. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Well okay then I'll shut the hell up forget all this shit i talked about okay you win it's over my nonsense stops now i just tried to be useful but it doesn't work with you all so fine i won't even say anything! Jeez
  4. I am happy to announce that the Chicago Gaming Company's Nicktoons Racing Arcade game is cracked and ready to play but i do need someone smart enough to get ppjoy, GlovePie and other xbox controller Inputs working in order to launch the game or otherwise it will give you an error about dinput.cpp for two error codes. One will say No Controllers IN START -> SETTINGS -> CONTROL PANEL -> GAMING OPTIONS or Cannot Find 4 axes and 4 buttons Joystick for the game but for now here is all the files! mega://enc2?TZSTQTNcEWr6I6ZAtQtE_GzDKf49H8FU7WW5OZGq62bzsD7AyaaDDRHTQDuKr_YADnkCdux6kycKRzC1KioG_w use megadownloader 1.7. I can't confirm that its fully working yet because I'm stuck on controller input errors It seems complicated but someday somebody can get it to work! The RAR Password is: NICKTOONS - Copy the Files to Program Files x86 folder - Then launch toonsDX7_nocoin_nodongle.exe - If you want to change resolution settings and other options run launch.mfc THIS IS NOT THE RAW THRILLS VERSION! IT'S THE CHICAGO GAMING COMPANY's v1.07
  5. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    I got the Drift's x360kb file working in SuperCars but it's still totally messed up so the only functions that work are the following: Enter, Shift, and NumPad Enter Key: Start Arrow Keys: Working like normal in the menus and in the race The car will accelerate by itself but you still would have to turn the car with the arrow keys plus it's slower than normal acceleration N Key, Enter: Nitro But other than that it's still broken meaning most of the controls used in drift like c key for insert credits and Shift+Tab to enter service menu will not work but heck it was worth a try I do believe you can remap the keys in the cfg file but i can be wrong but so far that's the only options that will work with the keyboard Only works running the FNFSC_LAUNCHER_V5.exe
  6. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Ohh i forgot about the -res switches they should work fine. Now i know what you mean now well sorry about that i was just giving some ideas to some people. It's not like its going to hurt just trying it out anyways. Now i look bad :( I tried to help but i know mohkerz got everything under control so far! The resolution i set mine to was 1600x900 which worked fine using the FNFSC Launcher because I've tried the original resolution but the only problem is the game looks too big also it also doesn't help when your running dual monitors like my setup is using so again sorry for most of the stuff that made no sense!
  7. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Then run the launcher then it should work! if you don't like it then wait for a patch!
  8. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    As Default Raw Thrills only set the Screen Resolution with 1366x768 and 1920x1080 HD Only! Enter Display Properties then set your computer's monitor settings from recommended resolution to 1600x900 (HD) then it will work with the launcher without any patches. I never had problems since then.
  9. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Not yet but it seems like my experiment supercars files actually work full 1080p but for now if you set your screen resolution to 1600x900 it should fix the problem for you for now until it gets fixed.
  10. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    And also WinRaR will extract all of those 500MB files automatically to one folder
  11. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    It extracts all the files in one folder unless your antivirus is deleting some certain files even if it doesn't show that the file has been moved to a virus chest you should go check your settings
  12. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    There is a program i always use which is called Riva Tuner by Guru3D that will allow me to limit the FPS to 60 all the time until you close out the program no matter what the application is it limits the fps in Arcade Games, Emulators, Videos, and other Miscellaneous Programs
  13. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    No Problem
  14. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    So far not but i have been experimenting with MOHKERZ's Launcher and sdaemon files under my copy of supercars version 3.59 which i got the game to finally run but i still have to use a xbox 360 controller until the keyboard patch comes out but you can press esc on your keyboard to close the game with no errors but in order to boot the service menu you have to press the back button on your controller to enter the service menu then the keyboard functions work in the menu so you can change the settings using Arrow keys, Backspace, Enter, and Space Bar so i can enable the networking under the System Adjustments tab then there's an option saying Current Machine ID but it says no networking as Default so press enter then select Machine ID Number then that's it reboot the game after that you should see Starting Link System but it does appear to show the ip address in the service menu for now so i just have to run it on my Optiplex 740 Enhanced PC and set that one to machine 2 but i will be experimenting with it more but I'll let you know if it does or not.