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  1. I present you the Infamous Global VR Racing game that wasn't really talked about! These files have been released but still, need to be Dongle Dumped and I/O Board Bypass other than that I will provide a dongle dump soon the next time I service the game! [Hidden Content] (mirror: [Hidden Content] ) This is not the Team Racing Version!
  2. [Arcade PC] F&F Super Bikes (RawThrills)

    Check your DMs
  3. [Arcade PC] Fast & Furious SuperCars (Raw Thrills)

    Unfortunately for the Conversion Kit FnF SuperCars Games got discontinued after version 2.06 so your HP EliteDesk 705 G3 computer is useless unless you have a Dedicated Cabinet Version. Version 1.27 was the real deal for Conversion Kits and can run off on a Dell Optiplex 380, 740, and HP Compaq 6005 SFF or Microtower PCs. Also, your Monitor/Screen needs to support these certain resolutions for the game, 1366x768 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p). Both Dedicated and Kit Dongles for SuperCars will work on any version but you'll need to run the old version and an older computer. I have Version 3.59 but I haven't tried it on Conversion Kit Cabinets yet but it can take the HP EliteDesk 705 G1 or the Dell Optiplex 3010, or 3020. Feel free to DM me any more Questions. It does seem complicated but there's a way to solve it.
  4. We are very excited about Cruis'n Blast being released for the Nintendo Switch this fall! Because it's a Switch exclusive then the Arcade Version would be cool for emulation like XGames Snowboarder. Cruis'n Blast has been built under Ubuntu 14.14.3 LTS Linux OS so the file formats are much different compared to Snowboarder. So I'm here to release the Dump of Cruis'n Blast with every single folder which is readable and ready to be Dehasped and it's I/O Board Cracked. THIS IS NOT THE 2020 UPDATE where they removed the Lamborghini's from the game so this is the last version to have them. The files here are Blast Version 1.27 Download: [Hidden Content] Keep in mind it is large in file size!
  5. [Arcade PC] Fast & Furious SuperCars (Raw Thrills)

    Here's the F&F SuperCars v1.13 dump with the dongle dump, Keep in mind it's not the newer version and the exes are hasped still! This is mainly for devs [Hidden Content]
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    It does work with the newer sdaemon file but the game may crash every 7 or 10 minutes depending on how many courses you play. If you can play as it is then you should be fine. Also, you will only have 6 cars to choose but for quickplay, it might pick one of the missing cars.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Well the original F&F SuperCars v1.13 has been obtained but now i have to find a way to crack the sdaemon.exe file. I had to use my SuperCars Dongle to boot the game. The one that has all 10 Cars and original attract modes
  8. [Arcade PC] Fast & Furious SuperCars (Raw Thrills)

    All Raw Thrills Software Disks store all the drivers for video cards, Dongles, and I/O board. And for an old I/O board like target terror won't work with newer versions of Windows. It must be Windows XP. In other words, They don't have a downloadable driver for standard windows.
  9. [Arcade PC] Fast & Furious SuperCars (Raw Thrills)

    [Hidden Content] This is Version 3.59 of SuperCars disc image, You will need to burn the ISO to a CD 4.70GB CD-R or CD-RW then after it finishes the disc burn then insert it in the game's computer and let it run. You might need to enter boot menu by pressing F12 to select DVD RW Drive
  10. Searching for Konami Windows XP Embedded dumps.

    Windows Embedded 7 POSReady and Standard has a built in Image Build Wizard which you can customize components and get the right settings you need including windows update so you can install drivers. I have the POSReady key for the 64-bit Version so it doesn't run in trial/eval mode: To prevent Microsoft from Voiding the Product Key even though they don't support Embedded 7 anymore download the text file which has the key and the link where to download POSReady [Hidden Content]
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I've decided to upload a video on all the settings and configs that are preloaded with any raw thrills windows OS e.g SuperCars, Cars, and Batman Some settings like Nvidia Control Panel After 2:26 I've decided to fiddle around with the OS rebooting and bootups which can be ignored! Also i've captured it with my Elgato HD60 S capture card
  12. [Arcade PC] Disney Pixar Cars (RawThrills)

    For this game, It is running on The Dell Optiplex 3010 Mini-Tower With Zotac GeForce GT610 or EVGA GeForce GT730 1GB DDR3, Intel Core i5-3470 3rd Gen 3.20GHz, and 4GB DDR3 PC3-10600 Memory. The Optiplex 740 does works with the GT 730 but you will lose some framerate in some areas so it's recommended to use the Optiplex 3010 which the games are initially shipped with. I've mainly see the HP Compaq 6005 Microtower being used for Chuck E Cheese cabs
  13. Sega Tri-force game emulations

    For Dolphin Triforce users, Here's the patch file for Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 including the Kill Announcer Patch. Because we all know how much we hate the announcer! [Hidden Content] Place it under C:\Users\"YourName"\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\GameSettings This will reset the config for your controls and input settings but it has all the patches If you need the MKGP2 Rom file to work with this patch let me know! It should be labeled RELSAB in Dolphin
  14. The game runs way too fast when VSync is disabled so the easiest way to fix the speed issue is going through Nvidia Control Panel and under Manage 3D settings, then look for Vertical Sync and double click on it and set it to on. If you have monitors with 75hz or higher refresh rate the game will get faster to match that refresh rate like for 144hz it will cause the game to run at 144fps but it will be capped at that framerate including other games too until you turn Vertical Sync off but this works for Nvidia video cards. Otherwise, you can use RivaTuner to cap it at 60 fps. There are tutorials on how to cap fps in games using RivaTuner so follow those, It worked great for all Raw Thrills Games. All raw thrills games have issues by going way too fast due to the games running D3D8 instead of D3D9 or higher.
  15. [Arcade PC ] Nicktoons Nitro (Raw Thrills)

    Still not working but here's the Files with the .exe file HASPED and having all the required files to make the application work once the dongle and I/O board is cracked! [Hidden Content] The RAR file is called TomKennyIsOurHero for the prevention of mega taking it down.