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  1. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    It might take a while to upload so be patient. Like i said its for the people who owns a real cabinet only so if you want to run it in a VM be prepared to have drivers, usb dongle, and i/o board because the OS is limited so Mohkerz's Loader will not work but you can give it your best shot but i only have tested the image on my FnF Drift Dell 740 PC with a GeForce 8400GS GFX card nothing else but the 8400GS somehow works with Supercars version 2.17 but not the version 3.59 so i only been able to load all of the files on it plus i only have the Fast and the Furious Original LPT Dongle so that's totally useless. The VHD max size is set to 80GB but it is dynamic so it might be lower than 80GB!
  2. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    If it's too confusing or hard just wait for a .VHD image because i will create one with all the modifications completed on it so you can just clone the disk/partitions to any real hard drive just like superbikes 2
  3. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Yes but it is difficult task the easy part is to copy the rawart files unmodified from the 1.27's OS VIA usb drive then boot up the 3.59's OS once it starts up i would hit Shift-F5 to enter the system service mode which would be used as a desktop windows including all the basic windows stuff once it's booted then plug in the USB drive into the computer and wait until it comes up if not navigate to the USB drive then copy the rawart folder to the C:\ drive then paste the folder there it will ask if you want to replace the files with this file then press yes to all then your done. But the difficult part is getting the sdaemon.exe from the version 3.59 to work with the 1.27's files without giving crc errors, and not missing cars. It can be accomplished by copying the 1.27's sdaemon.exe, sdaemons.exe files from the system32 folder to the 3.59's system32 folder then replace those exes then reboot the PC so it will go back to normal now it should boot the game properly also it doesn't care about the version.txt file so leave it alone. This might seem complicated but it will work if done correctly. It should also solve having all 10 cars back but you will have to set up the network through the games service menu again if you have linked the cabinet to other supercars cabinets or otherwise it won't play multiplayer.
  4. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    This is why the Win 7 Embedded Standard on my version is better because it doesn't BSOD on me XD. I was replacing the v3.59 rawart files with v1.27's rawart files so it can have all 10 cars! I'm sorry i couldn't help myself to share this! Better than XP Embedded lol I might create a .VHD image of 3.59 but it's running on 1.27's files instead for those who owns a real cabinet
  5. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    Nothing really different about it except for actually creating disk images more than 10GB and it's Newer 2011
  6. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    That works but everybody else have figured it out already. I have the cracked version of the program but its all cool
  7. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    It works great thanks!! It wasn't that damn hard lol
  8. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    But i think if i try using the File Transfer it might make it slower on my end retrieving the ISO image
  9. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    I already have the version 3.59 ISO i just don't have his version 1.27 ISO so i might try to contact him but i only have Team Viewer with file transfer
  10. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    My speed is 54mbps but i'm not sure it will be fast enough to upload a 3.5GB ISO image around 20 minutes.
  11. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    It's dependent on some video cards support for the game so generally raw thrills configured some of the graphics cards to be used in the game so just wait for a graphics fix. I assume ducon2016 might figure it out?
  12. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    I use ImgBurn for my supercars discs to ISO Images or Files. Plus it's unlimited!
  13. [Arcade PC] Raw Thrills Fast & Furious SuperCars

    I'll be waiting for your version 1.27 I'm excited!
  14. [Arcade PC] In The Groove 2 OpenITG DEV 3 (Roxor)

    It's under GAME\Program folder where ITG2.exe is located e.g C:\GAME\Program\ITG2.exe