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  1. Start with this [Hidden Content] , Install vc2017 redist x32 and x64 Set in Supermodel.ini [ Global ] XResolution = 1920 YResolution = 1080 Throttle = 1 FullScreen = 1 WideScreen = 1 Stretch = 0 Vsync = 1 PowerPCFrequency = 50 Run the game Scud Race from the command line e.g Supermodel.exe and check how it works Several people wrote that it works faster svn 732, so check it for the test [Hidden Content]
  2. SVN 740 Spindizzi / SVN 741 Jiterdomer / SVN ppxclub 742 version, there is still an error that the Virtua Striker 2 '98 stops responding / hangs..
  3. svn 740 "Quad rendering engine. Set QuadRendering = 1 in the ini file to use, or -quad-rendering at the end of the command line to use" e.g Supermodel.exe -quad-rendering Good sound - spindizzy version [Hidden Content]
  4. Currently, it works only in svn versions downloaded from , does not work with the version from spindizzy [Hidden Content]
  5. Thank you, Sound it works great Star Wars Trilogy it works very slowly with QuadRendering = 1 turned on and QuadRendering = 0 disabled , if you replace Games.xml with older version, the speed of the game is good.. Star Wars Trilogy SVN 740 Star Wars Trilogy SVN740 + Old Games.xml The Lost World should be calibrated using the mouse / gun settings in svn 735 I did not have to do this. Virtua Striker 2 '98 stops responding\hangs in attract mode.. Sorry for frequent editing of this post..
  6. Hi, could you release a new version based on SVN 739? Thanks
  7. No need to press (test button) . You can use SaveStates and then load SaveStates from the command line [Hidden Content] Current versions of SVN 739 from and have a sound problem.. Good Sound SVN 735 Bad Sound SVN 739