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  1. Nah it just makes it all look better with the rss feed style... if I didn't have CE installed, I would've kept it.
  2. The japanese fix is great... but I can't manage the menu system of SFV:CE on my pc , so I'm going back to the way it was.. I much prefer english on CE than have Japanese on Type Arcade
  3. Negative :( Tried switching it both. Just for the record, the files that I have in Binaries\Win64 are: Jconfig.exe, iDmacDrv32.dll, monitor_input.bin and monitor_misc.bin The moment I change monitor_misc.bin, the game doesn't work. I have to re-copy the one from the Street_FighterV_2CC_Version patch Directions work fine on the keyboard.. sooo weird
  4. thank you to everyone involved releasing this! I've managed to get it working, however, I do have one issue... I can't get the joystick to work. The buttons all work (b1 through to b6, a start and a credit button), but none of the directions work. They work in every other ttx game, but not this particular one. Also what I've noticed is if I change the monitor_misc.bin, it crashes. But if I keep the one from the post above ([Hidden Content]), it works fine. I still edit the inputs, but as mentioned, everything works fine except for the directional keys. Any suggestions?
  5. Absolute legend mate! Thank you so much for your help here.
  6. Thank you so much! That did the trick! I'll now need to figure out how to get rid of the Game Loader version at the bottom of the screen - but that's not a big issue.
  7. Negative :( Installed 361 as portable in the game folder, so it created a folder in the .\sv directory. When I tried running the config, it gave me the error stating lol... I feel like the biggest imbecile, I swear I'm following the instructions from the front page - the only difference is the file is no longer ttx.ini, the "agree" comment is now in a settings.ini file If I say no, it then gives me the error stating I haven't installed
  8. gives me this message: I obviously need to look further into game loader to install something or what not
  9. OK cool. Thanks for that. I'll definitely look into both. I'm used to jconfig - that's how I'm running the nesicaxlive stuff. I was just told about jvs_emu and that fixed my issue of diagonals when loading the games. It makes sense as to why there's always GameLoader files in the dumps
  10. Sorry mate, I haven't. Where's the readme located? These are all the files in the zip from the seedbox on the front page. Excuse the stupidity from my part, this ttx stuff is very new to me, I've been trying to work this out for a few days now.
  11. I'm pretty much in the same boat. I downloaded this Super SFIV Arcade Edition 2012 [v1.3]. Unzipped and placed in the same directory jvs_loader.exe, JVSEmu.dll and when I load the bat file that I created with the command jvs_loader.exe game.exe I just get an "initializing" screen and it fails to load. Any ideas would be great - I think I've downloaded 4 different dumps from a few places and I can't seem to get one that works and loads properly. I've done the same process with normal SF4, SS4 and it works fine