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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Here is the clean version of DDR A20 2020-02-03! To download, this is the link available for torrent and MEGA: [Hidden Content]
  3. When running DDR P.U.S.S.(I.E.).exe, when you try to copy the dll files, Windows Defenders blocks that. By adding it to the list of exceptions, it is easily solved.
  4. Now yes, it works perfect without problems! The only detail, a false positive from Windows Defender with the DDR P.U.S.S.(I.E.).exe file. Thank you very much for being in all the details!
  5. Hi! First I started with a clean installation of MDX-001-2019090300 + Update Pack 1.0.8 and up until then, everything worked perfect. From there, I updated to version 1.1.4 and that error had already appeared. Then I installed 1.1.5 and later 1.2.0, but the error kept continuing. I deleted everything, did a clean install of MDX-001-2019090300 + Update Pack 1.0.8 and everything is still perfect again. Later, to test to see if the error continued, I made another folder with MDX-001-2019090300 + Update Pack 1.2.0, but the error is still present.
  6. Thanks for the continuous updates! But I have had a problem with the latest 1.2.0 update, where the DDR A20 folder is renamed depending on the folder it enters.
  7. Could you please add "El Ritmo Tropical" to the song list? The classics cannot be missed! Thank you very much!
  8. The game was working perfect, but after a Windows update it stopped working and had the same problem as @Bloodwraythe, and even though I did a clean install of mdx-001-2019090300 + A20 Update pack again and deleting the Spicetool.xlm file, nothing solved the problem. The only way that works was installing Java 8. Thank you very much @kanor and @tw3nz0r!
  9. Muchísimas gracias! Lo descargué y funciona perfecto!!!! It got stuck due to a missing video playback module. Inside the DDR A folder there's another folder named "com". You'll find two dlls used for video playback in DDR A, which is k-clvsd.dll and xactengine2_10.dll. Open Command Prompt with administrator, go to the "com" folder, and then do this: "regsvr32 k-clvsd.dll regsvr32 xactengine2_10.dll" The video playback should then work properly in DDR A and you would not get stuck again.