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  1. Turn your v sync on in nvidia control panel
  2. You play with mouse
  3. The controls dont respond to me in FF DRIFT via tp
  4. FF DRIFT launches but I cant get the control to work
  5. I have Fast n Furious Drift great game I updated TP and its not in the list yet
  6. Yeah All the gun games have coin enabled but they go back to free play when you next play, super weird
  7. pain in the butt, thought the 149 update fixed the mouse issue
  8. My aim is well off in 2spicy and I cant get into test menu to calibrate
  9. Actually adding a coin and start option to gun games helps you get past that start screen that sometime the mouse does not respond too, I have been adding coin and start to any game that will have it at mo. The only games i still have a problem with are HOTD4 (still using 122 with mouse fix) and off course OG (the greatest gun game ever that still hasnt been sorted) If you want to enable coin in HOTD4 untick freeplay, DON'T add any buttons at all to configuration. use 9 on your keyboard to add coins and 1 to start game (use joy2key to encode it)
  10. on blue estate the gun can move you left or right There is a gun game called Banzai Escape that uses arrow to move about I have had enough of having to check every game each time to check everything works everytime an update comes out. Everything works fine on the 122 update (except hotd4 which needs the mouse fix and vf5b which has no full screen) great build so all games upto 122 is now TP1 folder and everything after build 144 will be TP2 folder now. That way dont have to mess with older games unless there is an update for them and I can just move them to TP2. At mo have Rambo and 2 spicy in TP2
  11. yeah but do you have to do that everytime you play the game.
  12. Let's go Safari is in the list but there is no dumb I can find
  13. I still gotta test but LGJ and HOTD4 are not responding to mouse again