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  1. The 2d street fighter games for nesica systems, How do you guys run around the mouse appearing on fullscreen?
  2. It's mad that 2 years running this series of cards is still relevant and maintained its price for so long. I picked mine up cheaper a long time ago. Engineering at nvidia decided to take a fat break Also, great work, MadK9!
  3. Does 2player work just fine for you guys in Blazblue CF? (2player start on continue, crash for me). Does KOFxiii climax crash before playing attract for you guys? TTX2 game (but works if credit is entered immediately). Anyone figure out how to get SFZ3, SFIII3S, SFIIHF to not show the desktop background on launch and then display the mouse cursor? THANKS guys. It's hard to get troubleshooting help with these arcade games
  4. I wish I could help you out. I'm having problems with certain games, too. It seems like sometimes it works perfectly for some and not for others. Using the idmac and Jconfig file, only selecting rfid emulation in jconfig, and using default dinput, along with the resolution fix exe posted in OP, I have no problems at all.
  5. Is it possible to use teknoparrot whilst offline? Hyperspin or other launchers? thx
  6. Regarding blazblue Central Fiction 1.3.01, the game will randomly crash on startup, but when it works, it works great until a player loses (2p arcade) and tries to continue, then it crashes. Using Jconfig/idmac latest. Anyone can help? Also one more bug, when launching 3rd strike/alpha3 it flashes to desktop after a resolution change, then when game appears the mouse appears too. Anyone figure out how to stop this? Thanks y'all
  7. you can put this one to work and make money $$$
  8. Yes, thanks! I thought I already ran it, but I did not indeed.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'd like to not use that app (seems buggy and false positive for virus). When you load the game, does it show up as 4:3 only?
  10. Sorry, no idea why you'd get that error. May be update your direct x? Btw, is yours 4:3 or 16:9? I'm having no luck understanding how to set to 16:9!
  11. The game loads up in 4:3 mode for me only, how do you get it to load in 16:9 mode??? Re poster above: just use the idmac 1.5 and jconfig in link of OP. Just set idmac file in folder and configure Jconfig for Rfid emulation and run game.exe