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  1. @anaio they dont work well for me in TP bad controls, glitched graphics & some don't start at all, i use GLARH and jconfig and they work better, some controls still a bit dodgy but all load up fine.
  2. @Deniii step 1 - install game loader from anywhere using game loader installer exe step 2 - goto your AppData\Roaming\Game Loader All RH folder step 3 - open settings.ini in folder above and change warning to warning=Agree step 4 - copy game loader all rh.exe and game loader config.exe to the game folder (must be in same folder as game exe) step 5 - run game loader config.exe, choose your settings and press save (ttx.ini appears in game folder) step 6 - exit config step 7 - get jconfig or ttx config or xb config depending on the game and configure your joypad buttons step 8 - run game loader all rh step 9 - play game job done have fun
  3. if anybody is interested there's a new jconfig on 1cc that makes superbikes 2 very playable on the controller [Hidden Content]
  4. @oven its keyboard and mouse or set it up in xpadder or something like that
  5. @RedFox the error is ok, its just something that is not emulated yet by teknoparrot, you dont have to worry, after an update there was new workings for some stuff and that is what you are seeing
  6. @GamingRob probly still needs a core update before it shows in the ui. @trouby i think I use game loader for hl2 and there is also a couple of batch files with settings in them. They can launch it too.
  7. @ginzu hey dude finally got it going my problem was demulshooter version was outdated, got new version and it works great, only thing i am missing is the hide/restore mouse stuff, you got a link for that ? thanks again for the video
  8. remove gameloader and jconfig files when using TP to load ttx or nesica games. TP doesn't like them
  9. @ginzu awesome video dude, much thanks, i have all setup like you shown, it doesn't work for me, the act labs calibration test works in demul when run from desktop but when i run from commandline and then run the game i get no fire when i press the trigger button. i don't have the ahk script thing you have can you share it ?
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    sorry dude can't help any further than that xbox pad is xinput so it should work with xbox pad, in the readme i'm sure it says try removing create thread option if control doesn't work not much else i can suggest except try delete settings for jconfig input and set up again, which you've probably done a 1000 times already. try different controller or if your using wireless controller, try wired to see if its any different
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    i use direct input not xinput, maybe thats the difference, you have xinput set in jconfig ?
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    my files [Hidden Content]