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  1. controls are broken with 2d dome fix selected or at least start game doesn't work
  2. on the discord they say it was broken b4 the update and now its fixed after the update is xinput ticked ?
  3. Nice tuto dude but it still looks like a massive ballache
  4. you can change to freeplay in the xml <menu type = "selector" name = "MenuFreePlay" title = "FREE PLAY" selectable = "true" outVarName = "varFreePlay" vartype = "BOOL" visible = "varBoolIsOffline"> <selectoritem title = "ON" value = "true" /> <selectoritem title = "OFF" value = "true" default = "true" /> </ Menu> set both value items to true and save, make sure its not read only for fullscreen set taskbar to autohide and desktop to 1920x1080
  5. From tp discord>>>>>>>>> it runs full screen when selected. Just set your windows taskbar to hide automatically. And have your monitor run in 1920x1080
  6. probably for unreal engine stuff on other systems
  7. both basesystemsettings.ini and baseeditor.ini contain screen stuff but nothing changes the game screen
  8. anybody getting full screen on this one, i have changed settings in ini file but still nothing, its about an inch short on width ?
  9. this looks like a right ball ache lol anybody have decent guide yet ?
  10. actually its 2 for VT 3 & ID5 Export 2.00 ID4 was on the latest and it just updated again and it still works so should be fine on latest for you dude. vt3 plays fine for me iirc
  11. yes dude i have them running but they are on 3 diff versions of TP, none on the latest
  12. i have amd and it works fine here
  13. make a short cut of the tpui exe and add the name of the game xml to the target box in the the properties of the shortcut G:\Emulators\TeknoParrot\TeknoParrotUi.exe --profile=PokkenTournament.xml like that you should be able to start from shortcut or cmd line with that change xml to whatever game you want and make sure to use correct name of game xml found in the profiles folder of TP