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  1. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Some Tests with "FFB Arcade Plugin v0.8" and MAME 64-Bit v0.206 Official Build. (Plugin v0.9 doesnt work for me with MAME). - San Francisco Rush The Rock I can select the Course and the Car... but i cant control with the WHEEL. GAS & BREAK is working fine... really strange... Sidenote : in the calibrate screen the steering-wheel is not responding but moving in all directions - Rave Racer Is working fine after selecting the FFB Steering-Wheel in the TestMenu - California Speed Is working fine, but with the same ERROR that the steering-wheel is not responding in the calibrate screen - Cruis'n World Is working fine - Cruis'n USA Is working fine - Off Road Challenge Is not working right... the steering-wheel is moving to full left after the race is starting... i tried to calibrate in the TestMenu, but it doesnt seem to work :( My Equipment : Logitech MOMO Wheel (Black Version) Windows 7 64-Bit Enterprise I7-6700K 16GB RAM GTX 970 My "FFBPlugin.ini" : ; **************************************** ; *** FFB Settings for Mame 0206 64bit *** ; **************************************** [Settings] GameId=33 MinForce=0 MaxForce=75 DeviceGUID=6d0403ca000000000000504944564944 EnableRumble=0 ReverseRumble=0 Logging=1 ResetFeedback=1 FeedbackLength=500 DefaultCentering=0 DefaultFriction=0 BeepWhenHook=1 AlternativeFFB=0 AlternativeMinForceLeft=0 AlternativeMaxForceLeft=-100 AlternativeMinForceRight=0 AlternativeMaxForceRight=100 ForceShowDeviceGUIDMessageBox=0 FFBMode=0 Many thanks for this Great Plugin. And keep up the good work :-)
  2. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I cant get MAME 64-BIT v0.206 to work with this Plugin. It is equal if i use the UI or NORMAL Version from MAME. Using only official Builds!!! My System : Windows 7 64-Bit Enterprise I7-6700K 16GB RAM GTX 970 Logitech Momo Wheel (BLACK COLOR) Mame is crashing because of the "DINPUT8.DLL". But the HOOK SOUND was playing before the crash. Is this DLL needed for a WHEEL or only for a GAMEPAD? or do i need a special MAME DIRECTINPUT Version? The Plugin is running fine with TEKNOPARROT and MODEL2EMULATOR. I hope someone can help me? My Settings and LOGs (using FFB Arcade Plugin v0.9) : FFBPlugin.ini FFBlog.txt *UPDATE* If i disconnect the MOMO Wheel and try to start MAME, its working with no crash. But when the WHEEL is connected again, MAME will crash. *UPDATE 2* Tried older Version > "FFB Arcade Plugin v0.8" and MAME is finally working i think the following change in v0.9 was the Problem? : - Fixed issue which would cause Force Feedback to not work on Road Fighters 3D due to dinput8 blocker i was using previously on certain wheels. PLEASE REMOVE d3d9.dll & dinput8.dll if used old version!!! Blocker is not necessary anymore and ive fixed it properly compared to being lazy lol. Enable input support to disable default dinput8 controls used by Road Fighters 3D
  3. Are you using any special programs?
  4. Still doesnt work... i mean the mouse enabler is working fine and the mouse movements are registered... but ingame it will not register the mouse... dont know where the problem is :( Anyone got it to work under "WINDOWS 7-64 BIT ULTIMATE" ?
  5. First.. many thanks for this package I tested with the following OS : Windows XP : no problems working fine... Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit : mouse is not working in game... (tried already with "start as ADMIN") Any suggestions?
  6. Yea.. i installed the shaderfix already... without him there would be many texture errors/missing and so on...
  7. Anyone know how to get rid of the BLACK BORDERS in "House of the Dead 4" ? my screen is not completely filled. left and right are BLACK BORDERS :(
  8. @skeleton081983 - could you please make another "car shadow fix" file for the following resolutions for Outrun 2 SP SDX? : 1360x768 1280x720 Thx in advance
  9. Anyone successfully changed the resolution in GRID? I already tried the solutions in this thread,,, but i only get a black screen :(
  10. GTI Club 3 is running fine and in Network too.... only changed the ID's in the Network Menu I have 4 Machines with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit... im using the JAP EXE and set the Game to FREE PLAY
  11. Do you changed any more settings in CONFIG files or only the ID's in the test menu? What IP Range are your pc systems using? thx in advance
  12. Heyo I have a problem with "MARIO KART ARCADE GP DX". I want to play this game in my LAN with my daughter. I already changed the ID's in the SERVICE MENU. But its not working. Do i need to change more settings? We are using "Teknoparrot v1.53 Hot Fix". Anyone got LAN working and can help me out? Sega Rally 3 is working fine by the way.