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  1. [Arcade PC] Bishi Bashi Channel (Konami)

    I wasn't able to run this on my Win10 laptop. At first it gives me an error about some audio related stuff, but even after disabling the audio hook it still doesn't want to load with the error message "F:avs-ea3: entry init failed" Does anyone happen to encounter this problem?
  2. He's already "not releasing" lindbergh games
  3. From what I've heard, Reaver tried to emulate this on TeknoParrot but the game wouldn't boot and crash for whatever reason So it's not playable yet. Maybe in a few years time
  4. I just tried running it on Windows 10 v1903 and it runs fine, although I tested only the first stage. Just needed the IndirectSound and clvsd.ax fix
  5. Just upgraded to Windows 10 May 2019 update (Build 18362); Sega Rally 3 is still broken with "Out of memory for tex" error when starting the game. Doesn't matter anyways since it's also broken on October 2018 update, for those who wants to play SR3 you'll have to use Windows 10 April 2018 update (or LTSB 2015/2016 since it still receives update) or just go back to Windows 7
  6. Does anyone have a download link for Operation G.H.O.S.T? Since the download link in page 1 seems to be down
  7. Just extract it to the folder and replace everything (for the movies it only adds the missing one)
  8. It might take a while for HotD: Scarlet Dawn to be emulated, since it was recently released and uses SEGA's new ALLS UX system which is hard to encrypt, especially if it uses BitLocker (Windows 10 LTSB 2016) for encryption of the drives
  9. No, it only missing a few videos, but it will still play fine with the videos being replaced by the background dancers instead
  10. We have Storm Racer G (deluxe version) on our arcades and I managed to take a video of the arcade boot-up sometime ago. Actually, it didn't use Sega RingEdge 2, instead using another computer as a system base for Storm Racer G. Here are the specs: Motherboard: Advantech AIMB-501 CPU: Intel (Sandy Bridge) (according to manual) OS: Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (XP-based) RAM: <4 GB DDR3-1333 RAM (the OS is 32-bit so it can't use more than 4 GB anyways) Edit: I don't know the GPU used for the system. Since WahlapTech didn't use RingEdge 2 for their games, the encryption system might be different from RingEdge's, which might be either more harder or easier depending on their encryption used on their games.
  11. The crashing problem still happened even on Windows 10 v1709 and v1803, so it wasn't the Windows version
  12. I have the repaired working version of MDX-2018102200. Tutorial/download: 1) Download DDR A (20181022) ([Hidden Content]) 2) Extract the files. Make sure all the rar files are downloaded or you won't be able to extract it! (WinRAR will complain about RAR corruption if the rar files are not complete) 3) Download the file fix as zip ([Hidden Content]) (movie fix, ea3-config.xml fix, and SpiceTools already included) 3) Extract the file fix to the DDR A folder 5) Use SpiceTools to launch the game (gamestart-spice.bat). To configure your controllers launch spicecfg.exe and modify your settings from there Note: - SpiceTools works with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 just fine. - Please note that the 18-01-2019 (latest) version of SpiceTools will not work on Windows XP, only the 4-11-2018 or earlier version of SpiceTools will work with XP - BemaniTools will not work on XP/7 since it crashes the game after attract mode/after you choose a song (it will crash to desktop on XP). Though it works fine on Windows 10 (Windows 8 untested) The replacement video files are pulled from the 20180423 update since these files on the 20181022 update are corrupted for some reason. Tracks that include corrupted video files (like Onegai darlin) will still play fine, though using generic on-screen dancer background instead. Regarding specifications required for DDR A, here are the specifications used in the actual cab of DDR A: Motherboard - Ennoconn ADE-704A CPU - Intel Celeron B810 (1.6GHz) RAM - 2 GB DDR3 SODIMM GPU - Radeon E4690 (equivalent to Mobility Radeon HD 4670) OS - Windows XP Embedded It should work on most PCs, doesn't matter too whether you use Windows XP/7/8/10 it will also work too. Despite most Konami games having issues with non-Radeon GPUs (shader-related problems) like DDR X series and some of beatmania IIDX games, this one doesn't seem to have issues running on non-Radeon GPUs (like Intel HD/GeForce). If you have network problems, make sure you have only one network adapter in your computer. The eAmusement participation emulation (like ealocalserver) will not work if you don't have a network adapter installed, so make sure you have one Have fun playing DDR A! - BemaniWarrior, 2019
  13. I have one, DM me for link and tutorial
  14. TeknoParrot 1.93 is out now Edit: Changes in TeknoParrot 1.93 Release: - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] OpenParrotLoader now handles injecting of all OpenParrot/TeknoParrot files. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] TeknoParrot64 removed as all code is already in OpenParrot64 - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Removed TeknoParrotLoader and TeknoParrotLoader64. - [Reaver][TeknoParrot] Activation is now handled by BudgieLoader. - [Reaver][OpenParrot/TeknoParrotUI] Added coins to Fast I/O emulator. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Created new user interface and set it up. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotOnline] Moved TeknoParrotOnline code to inside new UI - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Added ability to register and deregister Patreon key from inside UI - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Added a simple MD5 verification system so you can compare your game to a clean dump if it's completely not working NOTE: If you've used patches like AMD Fix or English mods, or your game is more up to date, it will show invalid but in reality it may be fine. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Icons have been moved to a download option, where the Icon will only be downloaded if you play that game. - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] XInput/DirectInput can now be specified by game - [Poliwrath][TeknoParrotUi] Using the mouse as a gun in gun games can now be specified by game - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Games now copy over your preferences when new profiles come out, so no more remapping controllers! - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] There is now a description field where game information like AMD fixes required and such can be displayed - [nzgamer41][TeknoParrotUi] Removed old force feedback stuff, replaced with button to download Boomslangnz's far superior FFB Plugin - [BirdReport][TeknoParrotUi] Added invert buttons option for MaiMai GreeN - [Nezarn][TeknoParrotUi] Fix console in new UI. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Games now work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, thanks to the cross-platform Faudio project [Hidden Content] - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] House of the Dead 4 sound effects are now working. - [Nezarn][RingEdge] Shining Force Cross Raid and Elysion now work windowed. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] VF5B home/ram folder fix. - [Nezarn][TeknoParrot] Added missing game names in TeknoParrot Steam Integration. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Initial D5 Crash issue fixed. - [Nezarn][Lindbergh] Initial D4 Jap/EXP, Initial D5 resolution patch. PATREON ONLY: - [Reaver/Nezarn][Lindbergh] 2spicy is now playable. --------------------------------------------- Special thanks to the community for the effort! Download: [Hidden Content]