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  1. XBOX 360 Emulator Xenia

    Just tested Otomedius Gorgeous on Directx12 Version of Xenia worked flawless in full screen! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. XBOX 360 Emulator Xenia

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. XBOX 360 Emulator Xenia

    Shit .. didnt look good enough didnt see you already or someone started the topic!!!
  4. XBOX 360 Emulator Xenia

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. XBOX 360 Emulator Xenia

    How to run games in full/activated mode on Xenia By default Xenia runs ALL XBLA/digital games in demo/trial mode. To run games in full/activated mode you need to change license_mask = 0 to -1 or 1 (depending on the game.) in xenia.config.toml. It will be in Documents\Xenia by default. If portable.txt is present it will be in the same directory as xenia.exe. Source: [Hidden Content] Example Video only one I could find: DX12 version There are 2 versions Vulcan and DirectX 12 versions Video above is using DX12 version for best FPS! This emulator has the Devolver game developer involved now and should see major improvements in 2020 and future. Xenia Website: [Hidden Content]
  6. U have to be online all the time to use TP (The Paywall) Patreon (Why do I want my cab to be online!!! I dont.) TP don't even release games but like once a year now too! It's not about the 5 measly dollars. Funny too, How I just got banned from teknogods after this comment Oh well Jconfig kicks the lhamas ass! Your 5 dollars a month goes for his STUPID ass Diamond on his front buck teeth! Oh did not see you there! LMFAO
  7. It's prob in settings on RH Gameloader! (RHGameloader removes the scrolling text) should be option in there somewhere. Or just dont use rhgameloader. But I think you might have to due to the resolution.
  8. Anyone have this xbox360 controller theme for hyperspin?? At 0:10 video below. Thanks in advance. [Hidden Content]
  9. Can anyone link me to this xbox360 theme, for hyperspin in the start of this video! Thanks in advance! [Hidden Content]
  10. FlyBitToday at 3:25 PM H2Overdrive Updated Current Version (v1.2) - Added Accel / Jump Far option (second jump mode): 1 - Default Above 1, on the ramps, the boat jumps constantly until it releases acceleration Note: To jump, release acceleration and press brake + nitro Download: [Hidden Content] Other Notes: Hit enter on your keyboard and use the number keys to set a passcode the directions on your controller to select a profile name you use nitro to enter in your name but the button seems like its stuck on a turbo mode so its hard to select one letter at a time. Once you do this and save your profile you can see the boats during selection.
  11. Jconfig H20 Download: [Hidden Content] untick everything click on xinput setup controls Run H20 EXE included with jconfig download DONE!
  12. No, it plays left and right audio 100%! I just turned my left speaker off to double check both sides are working! I dont know if this makes a difference though it may I'm using an audio interface focusrite scarlett 2 with studio monitors. x2 not 5:1.
  13. Alright...Thank You JCONFIG!!! Graphics look WAY better than on Teknoparrot, and Sound confirmed working 100% on (Win 7 Here). Now I can actually play this game, since I wouldn't play on TP cause of the sound and graphics issues. Must be all the DRM in TP!
  14. HyperSpin

    Im wanting it to actually select a mame game from the wheel, then it will load for instance Nfl Blitz 99 then Nfl Blitz will go into attract mode! Then after a few minutes say 5-10 mins hit escape go back to the hyperspin wheel then land on another game then hit enter button on another game like say for instance Donkey Kong 3 then go into attract mode for donkey kong 3 for 5-10 mins then hit escape and repeat infinate until a human walks up to the machine and moves the wheel and chooses the game sorry if im confusing.