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  1. Initial D Arcade Zero been on attract mode! In between playing ofcourse!!! SegaTools ROCK!!! Whoever is responsible for this is genius next level shit! THANKS to whoever you are. Man these cars gleam, I can see my reflection. and the sense of speed is awesome!
  2. segatools.ini Name of game folder is: SDDF_1.31.00/app/package Everyone always says run from C: heard that many times I cant think of any game that actually needed to be on C:\ but in this case it may be a good idea. Also make sure you dont have any spaces in your directorys. Example: App Data make it like this: appdata or app_data eitherway.
  3. It will say that if somethings not right in your segatools.ini or somewhere else directory structure ect..
  4. Oh and if your on WIN 7 it will not work! (been there done that) Have to be on 8 or 10!
  5. Yes dead serious or using a program to do it NOT TESTED yet by me at least.(not that big deal just reach in the case disable the power and sata cable. if you dont do it then right before the game starts itll get stuck and wont continue. it will say DVD error 800. Some kinda deep check for dvd players!
  6. in your command window it should have told u if everything installed correctly with no errors!
  7. Also take your DVD player out or try(devcon not tested I just took mine out.) youll be facing that error eventually 0800 error DVD detected. then make sure files are NOT read only. Sounds like the build tools are not installed with node.js. If you get 800 error then ip dns is not right in segatools.ini
  8. It says in the readme must run as admin the first time only! Then after that you can run it normally. If its not running check that ALL THINGS are installed correctly windows build tools ect... (These games take patients its not an XBOX) I assure you its worth it when your playing the game!
  9. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

    Killer Queen Black Liquid Bit, LLC, BumbleBear Games [Hidden Content] QUE
  10. Nov 6 at 7:04pm TeknoParrotCore Released! - [PATREON] Luigi's Mansion Speed Fix Exe is now supported. No more frame drops! Thanks ArcadePunks. - Let's Go Jungle, Let's Go Jungle Special and House of the Dead 4 2 player mode now working.
  11. HyperSpin

    All 40 of my created Hyperspin themes in one pack: [Hidden Content]
  12. I get that exact same thing! No one has been able to give me an answer for this problem.
  13. Is there a TUTORIAL on RAW THRILLS SuperBIkes2!? All I keep getting is no I/O board and CRC error on file #1? Thanks in advance.