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  1. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

    Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection [Hidden Content]
  2. HyperSpin

    [Arcade PC] Dariusburst: Another Chronicle TTX2 16:9 widescreen, animated Hyperspin Theme, Vid, Wheel image: Main theme Download Revision1 Mockup: [Hidden Content] Theme Fix Files for Revision2 (To look like the pic above!) Drop these two files into your DBACtheme.zip file and replace the old ones Theme.xml and artwork4.swf: Download: [Hidden Content]
  3. I don't know if this has been mentioned here yet? But you can use "Geforce 3D Profile Manager" to add non executable (.ELF) files to the nvidia driver's profiles. Profile "Outrun 2STD" UserSpecified=true ShowOn All ProfileType Application Executable "jennifer_patched.elf" UserSpecified=true YOUR SETTINGS EndProfile Make a profile for Outrun first in your gforce control panel then use geforce 3d profile manager to export to desktop then save and import it back to your gforce control panel! I noticed a decent change in the text on outrun using 8x antialiasing not drastic but better! Download Geforce 3D Profile manager: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Download openparrot from github and replace the files with these released today! [Hidden Content]
  5. Anyone know if the FFB plugin will work with win 7 and lindbergh games? Also is there a way to download the icons, and FFB plugin on tp other than having to be online on the new 1.93 gui? Windows 7 lindbergh! = AWESOME!
  6. Got it sorted now! Thanks, I used 270 seems to work great now! Thanks again!
  7. Does anyone know how to change the steering angle for Initial D 8 to 540 or 270 degrees anyone know which one it is? Using a G29 Logitech 900 degree. I just got it yesterday and im a newbie when it comes to steering wheels. Anyone got a quick tut to get up and running with this wheel with initial d8 Infinity? Thanks in advance!
  8. HyperSpin

    This is a Hyperspin Theme pack I put together to share. These are not my themes I did not create any of them, I just downloaded them from hyperspin today! All should be 16:9 widescreen! Counter Strike NEO, Left 4 Dead - Survivors Arcade, Project Diva Arcade, Virtua Tennis 3, Virtua Fighter 5, Puyo Puyo Quest, MaiMai GreeN, Let's Go Jungle, HOTD 4, Half-Life 2 - Survivor Ver. 2.0, Aliens Armageddon, Sega Race TV, School of Ragnarok and a few others ENJOY! [Hidden Content]
  9. Do you have run grid in window ticked in Teknoparrot? Cause if you dont you will get that black screen! Also are you using Mamefans 2 Xml files? I just tested this game in Teknoparrot Version 1.92 as I am writing this post, It works perfect! If it still don't work Id erase grid and either find the original source dump, or re extract your original dump fresh start.
  10. 1997's Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders. is the one on supermodel 3 emulator. Its fun too , but King of the Road is newer 2009.
  11. No need to put on C drive, make sure you got the right idmacdrv.dll file! in SchoolOfRagnarok\TieProduction\Binaries\Win64 folder (1st page of this thread, idmacdrv-2018-06-20) Ive tested it running a few versions back im thinking TP v1.89! let it sit for a while at black screen, It takes few minutes to load the first time too even on decent hardware. Download this one from Soyabean: [Hidden Content]
  12. HyperSpin

    I would say check hyperspin forum, I won't make those.
  13. GameLoaderALLRH by Dj expert! Version 323 - [Hidden Content]