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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Hi, i start getting random black screens after i exit operation ghost, and than i must restart my pc. i on windows 10. any fix for it? thanks.
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    in Operation Ghost, is there a button to throw flashbangs and etc?
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    When i try to run "transformers" ot gives me error about missing Teknoparrot files. but i dont want to run it with tekn.
  4. no one working on terminator 0:////?
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    any special setting for ko drive? what loader setting i need to choose? thanks.
  6. The Sinden Lightgun

    I Just wish: 1. it had a movable recoil kick, like in namco arcade guns, and not an inside recoil. 2. it had the same trigger as the namco arcade gun, i love it, it soft to press and easy to play with for hours. but otherwise, it looks great, and he said he will improve the gun with each new version of it, so in the coming years it will be wirless, and maybe a moving recoil. and also he will sold the the parts without the gun, so we can build the gun as we like.
  7. Anyone working on cracking this game? my most wanted game! come on, it will be amazing with the new sinden gun.
  8. Man...cant for a new light gun game to be playable on Tp. i'm not into fighting games at all nowdays.
  9. This picture should be when terminator salavation will be playable...a guess never!
  10. yep, most raw thrills games are crap...but there are some good ones.
  11. this is really all i want (in order): 1.terminator salvation 2.dirty driving 3. hummer 4. walikng dead
  12. Actually i found that without the bullets and effects sounds, it really not that great. it an important factor in a game like that. and also it still has some graphics glitches here and there but yes, it really should be open to anybody to play even with the problems, cause its playable.
  13. i saw a machine similier to this...hehe those chinese are somthing.
  14. is it a 1 machine for couple of games?