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  1. Man...transformers still crash for me at level 3:/ tried to run in as admin, nothing changes. maybe it because i have win 10 vers 1903? i wonder how it works in earlier version. my spec are i5 6600, 16GB, 1070 gtx
  2. yes, you can buy a recoil version. for now, its inside the gun recoil. he said that in a later version of the gun , he will try to make the recoil with moving shell, like in namco arcade guns.
  3. Does anyone sell terminator salvation dongle nowdays?
  4. Can you get rid of the mouse cursor in trasnformers?
  5. Hi, transformers crashing for me after some levels... is it because i have the 1903 update for win 10?
  6. Damn it...all i want is terminator :/ not into fighting games at all.
  7. ramobo is still patron, and rever said it will stay that way until someone will fix its problems.
  8. all programmers perish? no one working on terminator or batman arcade? we have the dumps, come on, someone!
  9. Terminator salvation and time crisis 5 is all i want in this world
  10. rambo is a fun game ...but no gun sounds and some gfx errors, really hurt it for now. but i still play it for time to time.
  11. rambo is a fun game ... no shots and some gfx error really hurt it for now. but i still play it for time to time.