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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    Hi Does anyone know if there are any latest teknoparrot video snap www links / locations to use for a frontend? Emumovies has an outdated low quality set dated August 2017, but I am after something newer. Thanks D
  2. Hitachish4 Thanks for the update. also has great info on games / system - Just in case that you were not aware of the web site. If you can post instructions on how / where to upload, I can (where I am able to assist), and I am sure the community will be able to assist in uploading collections which you maybe missing. D
  3. Hitachish4 Your a champ. Let me say it is a great site you have and I appreciate you sharing your collection to the community to use / enjoy. BTW - Are you planning on adding other arcade games that you do not currently have? - I note that you list those games that you do not have. I ask this, as the community may be able to help you increase the collection to share if you had a upload section. Keep up the great work. D
  4. Looks like the RUSSIAN server with the lots of arcade games has been taken down! Can any one confirm this? and is there any alternate / backup web location? D