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  • Date de naissance 30/12/1976

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    was once a dreamcast homebrew coder .. first neocd emulator for dreamcast fullspeed.. best quake1 port to dreamcast full saving vmu saving and moding largest mods running on dreamcast.. first port of mess to dreamcast first port of neocd to dreamcast.. over 20 first ports to dreamcast.. first fallspeed megadrive emulator for dreamcast. gencast1.0 full sound speed first quake1 fullspeed and sound and vmu saving to dreamcast.. dreamcast granddaddy was there since 2002 till 2004.. over 100 dreamcast projects.. imrtec .. wowmame, sga,sdl ports, ground up games, first fullspeed simpsons arcade port to dreamcast first fullspeed tmnt arcade port to dreamcast. was a c64 coder back in the 80's. have written code in sh4 asm c64 basic, turtle ,c.c++, first game at the age of 7 written on the bbc invaders clone. skills asm hex , c,c++ sh4asm ,sh2asm, x86asm , master coder hacker allround badass mothertruck
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    overclocked amd dual core 4ghz 9800gtx sli dual cards old skool running windows 10 64bit 8gig of ram 3 stata 2tb hd water cooled cpu copper heat sink ram and cpu

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  1. love the site you guys rock i have some stuff for dreamcast pm if wanted .. im i coder 

  2. Ian Micheal dreamcast coder

    hi ppl.. this the first time ive come out of the void when i quit .. if you remember dreamcast or dcemulation you will remember me i coded over 120 programs ports emulators to dreamcast .. back in 2001 till 2004.. lot firsts i brought to dreamcast .. first ever neocd emulator for dreamcast.. first quake1 port with fullsaving and mod loading with pal ntsc . etc also first ever fullspeed and sound megadrive sega emulation on dreamcast gencast1.0 proper sound not the crap you hear, on the hack sega emulation pack. >>> i like to say HI im alive and i love your website first time ive come back to the interwebs since 2004.. some of you may remember me i invented the sga mame ports SDL game ports, etc NEOCD at the time 2003 on dreamcast i was told dont bother cant be done by all the coders.. i proved them wrong.. i dont get the Credit the code stealer chui gets it.. i ported neocd to dreamcast first.. im sick of seeing this type make coder chui take all my work and call it neo4alll .. im only on here because i love sega and the new teknoparriot emulation has brought me to life.. but i can still code for dreamcast hack sh4 compile katana wince kos, etc so pm. only with real thing .. because im not cheap any more
  3. WAS A DCEMULATION TOP LEVEL HOMEBREW CODER.. have many unreleased games , emulators for dreamcast, i can still port pc games,emulators , pc code to dreamcast.. .. i no longer code for free.. you want to see something on dreamcast pm me, i have dc dev box kos setup wince setup.. can hack code for dreamcast demos, compile src, etc etc. dont waste my time..  with krap please