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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Hello, I want to start with Game Loader RH, but I need some advice. I downloaded RH 300, installed com0com and I think I have all the various VC++ needed plus NET 4.5 (can't install Net 1.1 on windows 7 for some reason). I have the 3 files in the folder, Game Loader All RH.exe Game Loader Config.exe Game Loader Installer.exe but neither of the 3 works, any help?
  2. Sega Rally 3 closing on teknoparrot

    At least I'm not the only one. Intel HD GPU too?
  3. Calibration of Gun games in teknoparrot

    Thank you very much mjshl2, when I'll have some time I'll try your advice andyour bat file (I still have to set Game Loader RH, I never used this and I stil can't find a download without a malware) and I'll let you know if I finally solved this
  4. Calibration of Gun games in teknoparrot

    I see, so no good news :( Is there a way to solve this, maybe with Game Loader ALL RH? Or do teknoparrot developers plan to add save feature to test menus?
  5. Sega Rally 3 closing on teknoparrot

    Just tried Teknoparrot 1.42, Sega Rally 3 starts but no sound and no controls :( So I have : -1.41 = Sega Rally 3 doesn't start -Rally.exe = no sound no controls -1.42 = no sound no controls (same as start rally.exe directly).
  6. Calibration of Gun games in teknoparrot

    Thank for the advice I tried with Demul Shooter and I was able to at least enter into the test menu with keyboard controls active + mouse at the same time. Unfortunately even this doesn't seems to work, the readme says "For LGI, you will have to run calibration : make sure MIN X and Y are set to 00h and MAX X and Y to FFh" but in Let's go Island test menu I can't reach the 00h or FFh.
  7. Calibration of Gun games in teknoparrot

    Thanks man Unfortunately even using your files doesn't solve the issue. I still have mouse cursor to the left, gun cursor to the right and the actual gunshoot in the middle.
  8. Sega Rally 3 closing on teknoparrot

    I'm using 1:41 too but it doesn't work. Even with teknoparrot 1.35 or 1.21 Sega Rally don't start.
  9. Hello again I have problem with calibration of mouse in gun games like Let's Go ISland and Operation G.H.O.S.T.. The gun cursor is not aligned with the actual gunfire, and is not aligned even with mouse (we have 3 different position, gun cursos on the rights, mouse curso on the left and the gunfire somewhere in the middle).. I tried accessing text menu, but you can't use mouse there, and even using the keyboard it doen't seem to save the configuration. Any way to fix this? Thank you As a second question, is there a way to make Operation G.H.O.S.T. properly working in fullscreen?
  10. Sega Rally 3 closing on teknoparrot

    Hello I can't start Sega Rally 3 using teknoparrot, the game window closes as soon as you start the game. Without teknoparrot, by using the Rally.exe directly, the game start but of course there are no controls. Is there a way to fix this in teknoparrot? Already using the exe file for windows 7 and inpout32.dll.
  11. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.43) | Arcade PC

    Hello I'm new here Do you know how to calibrate gun games in teknoparrot such as Let's go Island and Operation G.H.O.S.T:? I can't enable mouse support in test menu, and in any case it doen't seems to save the settings.