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  1. [Arcade PC] DRAGON'S LAIR - HD 4x3 (Laserdisc)

    I feel stupid asking this but how do i use a torrent?? i would like to download and play those laser disc games but i have no idea of how to use or download from the torrent he supplied in this link. thanks for any and all help.
  2. [Arcade PC] Silent Hill The Arcade (Konami TTX)

    When i try to download from the links provided in this topic it says i have to download and save to yandex...what the hell is that?
  3. Just wondering if there was anything new about this game? I know about 2 weeks ago the game was dumped but nobody is talking about it.
  4. Dark Escape??

    Oh well a boy can always dream.
  5. Dark Escape??

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i was wondering just how close, if at all, we are to having this game dumped?? That would be incredible to play this game at home.