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  1. Daytona USA, 1994-2019: The king of arcade racing is 25 years old! In order to celebrate this, I offer all fans (& myself) a high definition texture pack for use with Elsemi's MODEL 2 emulator. 7 months of passion, editing or creating 480 textures... SCREENSHOTS GALLERY : -- CLICK HERE -- DOWNLOAD LINK for ElSemi's Model2Emu : -- CLICK HERE -- DOWNLOAD LINK for Nuexzz' hack users : -- CLICK HERE -- A readme file is included
  2. Is this because of my bad english ?
  3. Hi 68hc11 ! Have you been successful with your texture replacement ?
  4. 1st post edited with the download links !
  5. Video added in the 1st post. Release date : 1st February, 2019
  6. ASAP, promised !... Some of the last changes : - The animated people (seen in the pit in "Beginner" circuit or on the bridge in "Advance" circuit, too fluorescent). - The fir trees in the Beginner circuit . ...
  7. @ 68hc11 : Imagine you want to replace The São Paulo Avertising (see below) - Launch the game with ElSemi's Model2Emu in windowed mode - Start a race and run until the texture you want to replace appears on screen - When you reach the texture, go to the Model2Emu's menu on top of the game, select "Game", then clic on "Dump texture cache" - Stop the game, open the folder "TEXCACHE" in the Model2Emu folder: the texture you want + all the textures around in the scene appear as black & white PNG files with addresses as names The São Paulo textures are : 8144019_BB3F464F.png (red texture) + 8166019_E487A537.png (yellow texture) In this case you find two textures because the Daytona Engine (or Model 2 ?) can't give more than one colour to a texture, so one texture will be colored in red, the other one in yellow. - Now you can replace the SAO PAULO texture by a picture of your choice, respect as much as possible the original ratio (64x256 pixels can be replaced by a picture sized 128x512 pixels for example), use PNG format ! ! In this particular case, the "Yellow" picture will be above the "Red" one, so replacing the 8166019_E487A537 picture will matter, the other one can be replaced by a small blank or transparent picture. - Watch how the picture is oriented and reversed and respect this (Use an editor) - Create a "script" folder in the Model 2 Emu folder if it doesn't already exist (but it should) - Create a daytona.pat file (a simple text file with the .txt extension replaced by .pat) (if you want to apply your change on Daytona clones, just create other pat files (daytonam.pat, daytonas.pat, same names as the zipped roms) In your .pat file write this : 8166019 E487A537 1 myreplacedtexture.png meaning 8166019 E487A537 : the name of the original texture given by the dump, without the "_" 1 : The way the texture is colored or illuminated (shader mode 0, mode 1, mode 2,... ) (more information in model2lua.txt, see below), I had to modify my own shaders for a few textures displayed too dark... myreplacedtexture.png : your PNG file, give it the name you want. - Place your replacement PNG and your .pat file in the "script" folder. - Play and enjoy your change... model2lua.txt -------------- Texture replacement The texture replacement file is a file named like the romset ended in .pat in the SCRIPTS folder (ex: daytona.pat) Each line of the file indicates a texture replacement. The format is ID1 ID2 Format Filename ID1 and ID2 are the ID pair used to identify the texture to replace Format is 0 if you replace the texture with a grayscale texture, so it's handled through the model2 coloring pipeline (like original ones) 1-15 if your texture is already colored. A Pixel Shader with name (with x equal to the number you specified) will be used to color the texture. Some samples are provided: is an example of linear lighting (the way 1.0 version colored this textures). is an example of lighting through the luminance conversion table specified in the game (see the shader comments). There is no restriction to the size of the new texture (apart from your videoram) Filename is the name of the file to use as texture (.png). Alpha transparency is supported for Colored textures. In order to make a texture replacement, you need to know the ID pair of the texture you want to replace. To know the ID pair, first dump the texture cache from a running game using the Game menu option "Dump texture cache". This will dump the cached textures in png format to the TEXCACHE folder. The file name of the dumped files is ID1_ID2.png that way you can get the IDs and the corresponding texture as base for replacement. The .pat files are read on game load, so you need to re-load a game to see the new textures. You can start a line with // indicating a commented line,and it will not be processed
  8. @Pookerman Thanks for the kind words on the "screenshot site" !! I'm doing my best to share it quickly, but I'm a little perfectionnist and I don't give anything before I'm 100% satisfied In fact it can be considered as 99,9% finished : I didn't want to show pictures before the release but my best friends (and testers lol) thought that I was a bit long to decide to release and that it would be a good idea to show my work a little bit during the time I look at the last details... PS: je suis français...
  9. Hi ! It will be a simple mediafire link, no glory. (a zipped "script" folder to be placed in Model 2 Emu folder (or Nuexzz's Daytona++ folder) ... Sega Racing Classic... no sorry ! This has been only possible for me with model 2 emu (it gives the ablility to extract & replace a texture of your choice). This emulator still rocks nowadays. The best thing would have been applying the textures on the XB360 or PS3 version of Daytona, with no clipping... Model 2 Emulator Nuexzz' hack