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  1. All the textures are created. I'm now polishing the delails, it makes a difference even if a player doesn't pay attention during a race... (click on the pic)
  2. Daytona USA, 1994-2019: The king of arcade racing is 25 years old! This is a HD texture pack for use with Elsemi's MODEL 2 emulator. Still a WIP, the goal is to retexturize everything in the game, fully respecting the original... SCREENSHOTS GALLERY AND WORK IN PROGRESS : -- CLICK HERE -- DOWNLOAD LINK for ElSemi's Model2Emu : -- CLICK HERE -- DOWNLOAD LINK for Nuexzz' hack users : -- CLICK HERE -- (Download links for pre-version) A readme file is included.
  3. I won't show all the other changes but I want to show this new pit ! (Click on the pic)
  4. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Simple : I like the way you display the options ! Thanks for your attention about the textures, it's not a secret that your Daytona++ texture pack has been my inspiration and starting point . Watching your work too !
  5. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Thanks Nuexzz . Great job as usual. I Will stop using Emuloader and definitely keep your launcher !
  6. The tunnel is now like the original I had a bug here, had to resize & replace the posters Redone the sails, road borders, rails Removed the Dinosaur Canyon posters Changed a few things here + rails + road borders Replaced the original message from AM2 (Font : Peinture fraiche by Qkila) The posters & the boat The animated board (beatiful animated eyes) Full size pics :THIS LINK Redone since the last release : - All the Hornet HD textures + Stickers + Dashboard - All the original boards/posters/flags in HD (all circuits) - The casino elements + the trees in the background (Beginner circuit) - Circuit Selection icons - GAME OVER & GOAL letters - The boats - Graffitis in Expert circuit "You Can't Be Satisfied Without It... SEGA Model 2" - Accurate road borders (all circuits) - Walls & mountains textures to make them perfectly seamless - Tunnel in advanced circuit A little more to do but I'm close to the end (respectful HD pack) Of course I'll say when I release it !!
  7. Made a few textures available here : SCREENSHOT GALLERY. I'll update the 1st link when everything is done, about 2 weeks, I think (Nothing's promised).
  8. A super cool Daytona fan has given me copies of the original flyers, so I have been able to recreate the original stickers. Thanks Axel !
  9. Yes of course, all the Model 2 games are retexturizable If you want to start a project, - Open the game with model 2 emu 1.1a in windowed mode then go to the option "Game" / "Dump texture cache". - Repeat this at different moments of the game, to make sure you dump all the textures. - Close (or not) the game. - Open the TEXCACHE folder. - With the .PNGs found in the folder you can start to create a .pat file (my DAYTONA.PAT file should be a good tutorial). - To locate some difficult textures I used to paint them in green then looked for a green texture ingame (long task). - Then internet + Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop, ... (looooong task). ... but as SUPERMODEL allows to play VS2 perfectly, I personnally won't touch Virtua Striker. PS : je t'ai vu poster en français dans la shoutbox, alors n'hésite pas si tu es français à communiquer en french ! J'ai posté en anglais simplement parce que je n'avais pas réalisé au début que le forum était francophone lol. ----------------- Hornet Dashboard now in HD
  10. Sorry I won't have time for this. At the moment my personnal goal is to redo what was too "personnal" to get a 100% respectful set of textures (hmm 95% lol). This has been requested and I enjoy the challenge a lot I'm actually working on the Hornet's HD dashboard
  11. It's because it's not a texture !! Only colored polygons. The only way to modify this red color is hacking (like in Daytona USA turbo)
  12. Your creation ? The red & blue are not textures, only colored polygons. If you want to see red, blue (or yellow on manual car), just make your V texture a transparent PNG In my pat file you'll find 1A9A4000 6C5E674 0 Car_Reflect.png, it's the shadow applied on the blue (or yellow) color. If you edit this "car_reflect.png" texture and paint it with the color of your choice, and then write 1A9A4000 6C5E674 5 Car_Reflect.png in the pat file (5th shader instead of 0), you will colorize the blue part of the car. But this color will appear on all the playable cars (manual, automatic, link colors...)
  13. Hi scju, yes just do what you've written ! I wrote the readme file just before I reorganized my shaders. 5 is the good value, not 8. (That being said, in the final release you won't have to care about anything , the textures will be colorized exactly like the original !)
  14. Thanks a lot srietscha ! but the best is to come as it's still a W.I.P. Now everything about the Hornet car is done with full respect !!! You can watch here ! SCREENSHOT
  15. Salut m'sieur ! Oui ! j'ai juste viré des photos du 1er post pour pouvoir glisser la dernière (j'ai un espace limité sur le forum pour mes média) . Quand je ferai une mise à jour des packs je ferai un renvoi au 1er post avec annonce claire ! L'update va venir bientôt, j'ai refait 50 textures, encore quelques-unes pour renforcer la fidélité avec les graphismes originaux.
  16. Lots of details in the work to recreate the full Daytona USA experience in HD, based on Daytona fans' requests. I feel like a slave for this project lol. I didn't expect so much interest. Feel free to comment or request here too, I'm listening to everyone to try to make the best graphic patch !
  17. Now full respect for the original game and fans ! All 10 different playable cars have their logo colorized with the original colors
  18. New (big) fans request : Redo the textures for the Hornet Car (Hornet + Bee + Gallop Racing) to allow the Model 2 to colorize them itself. With the blue car HORNET is green and the bee is yellow, with the yellow car HORNET becomes blue and the bee green, etc... In link mode all those colors change again depending on the driven car. ... W.I.P. (creating these HD textures from scratch in negative black & white)...
  19. A few fans have requested the Casino elements in the Beginner course, I don't really know why I changed them (I love SegaSaturn). That's done ! Same thing for the dice... I'll still apply the SegaSaturn & Rubik's Cube textures on the "Daytona USA Saturn Adds" rom.
  20. Pour l'instant il n'y a pas l'ombre d'une possibilité d'activer ou désactiver des textures HD (cela-dit le monsieur a kiffé mes textures). Les options faisant la singularité du hack (comme le choix des voitures concurrentes) n'y sont pas, ou la désactivation des sprites d'avant-plan. Il reste sur un UI plus classique mais complet et plutôt joli, avec une gestion de screenshots en cours de réalisation... (Après, tout ses anciens hacks pourront toujours être intégrés sous forme de cheats dans les fichiers lua, c'est quelque chose que je pourrai regarder s'il ne souhaite pas créer les options)
  21. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Merci pour la réponse ! Je me souviens avoir testé des builds d'autres sites avec de fortes distorsions de son lors de mes 1er essais. Voilà pourquoi je voulais poser cette question, car les vôtres se démarquent par leur qualité Merci bien, et top job pour le force feedback !
  22. Salut à tous ! Nuexzz est entrain de concocter un joli petit launcher qui facilitera la vie de tout le monde, en l'occurence on n'aura plus à éditer le fichier ini manuellement, ce qui est cool pour le choix des résolutions graphiques notamment. Il ne le mettra à dispo que lorsque tout sera parfait. En attendant, j'ai fait un pack de textures pour Daytona que je suis content de partager et que je vous propose de découvrir.
  23. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Bonjour Spindizzi ! Cela fait un petit moment que j'utilise tes builds. Je vois sur le site de Supermodel que ceux de Jiterdomer sont attendus par certains comme des références... Y-a-t-il une différence majeure avec les tiens ? (perso je n'en vois aucune, dans le sens où tout fonctionne à merveille dans les deux cas). Merci beaucoup en tout cas !
  24. Sega Rally championship will be the next one