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  1. This might be a stupid question, but did the arcade version of GH have hyperspeed at all in the settings?
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Has anyone had any success getting GC2 running on the new build. I just get a boot screen with japanese text before the game crashes out on me.
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Ah... That gives some hope that one day, it might be working in a public build. Also, does anyone know what revision of PDA this build is?
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Even if the dump for PDAFT was shared, its not playable now anyway, as i'm not aware of a program that runs Sega NU games. I could be wrong though
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Hi. ikaruga control configuration doesn't seem to work in teknoparrot game settings. TP saves the config but the game exe ignores it! Can anybody help?? Strange. I seem to have posted with somebody else's name.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Forgive me for being dumb, but how do you change the scaling to 100% and set to windowed fullscreen?
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Does anyone know if saving works in School Of Ragnarok? I can never select the Necsa option, which i assume is for creating a card ti save your progress... Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Your amazing! Thank you so much :D
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    I second this, I have been hunting high and low for some kind of mirror, but found nothing. T_T