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  1. Thanks for your valuable input. I will try these settings and see if i get an increase in frame rates.
  2. I too am struggling with soul calibur 4 here.It runs at 60 fps only in menus and cutscenes but in gameplay sections it's running around in it's 40s and can dip down into the late 30s. Tekken 6 in my case is not running at a "locked" 60 fps but can hit 60 fps in certain sections/stages. For instance the the underground water tunnel section stage (with damaged cars and fire all over the place) i don't get in that stage 60 fps and mostly in 50s or can go down in the late 40s. Likewise the "Tomato Festival" stage runs at around 45-50 fps max. I also noticed that a few graphical effects like "flame effect" and other particles effects are not being generated via emulation (at this current state). Persona 4 Ultimax is running perfectly as far as frame rates go.
  3. Can you suggest me the settings you use for Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 4? Also which build number of RPCS3 are you using for these 2 games?
  4. So your setup is relatively similar to the one i have. My setup is: W10-64bit / i7 -3770 / R9 290 / 8GB
  5. That is a Japanese game exe that comes bundled in the .zip correct? But the game doesn't run in 720p resolution with that game exe. Just check and let me know.
  6. I have the same exact trainer but it does not work with my game.exe. Can you confirm it is working on your side?
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    Can you link me to that patched Jennifer file that works as an AMD fix? I am sure i have not heard that before.
  8. Hi guys, I am playing Samurai Shodown Sen (Edge of Destiny) using the Arcade PC Loader. I would like to use the trainer but i am unable to do so. Can someone help me with this issue?
  9. Tekken 5 occasionally runs at around near 60 fps (in the 50s actually) and can dip depending upon the stages but the visual effects are missing like flashes and particles, VF5 surprisingly runs at a smooth 60 fps for most of the part (it still is lacking particle effects). I havent' tried Tekken 6, MK vs DC, Catherine and Pesrona 4 as of now. Will give them a try and keep you posted.
  10. I use an AMD R9 290 (overclocked it), it may have to do with my CPU then, because the R9 290 and GTX 970 are quite similar in performance. Are you get a locked 60 fps in Soul Calibur 4? What are your performance numbers in Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection Online?
  11. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.69) | Arcade PC

    I wanted to try OR2 but since i have an AMD card it's getting a washed out white screen with just few HUD elements and tire tracks visible. This time around i tried to run the game on my onboard Intel HD graphics but the results are the same. Can someone kindly confirm this?
  12. I went with the standard settings, i guess has to do with my hardware ( could be the CPU most likely). What kind of GPU do you use?
  13. I am using Vulkan with "Write Colours" not selected. Tekken Tag 2 is also dipping in performance (in the mid-to-late 40s to the early 50s). I have noticed that in TTT2 and SC 4 the cutscenes render at a locked 60 fps on my hardware but certainly not the gameplay.
  14. What settings have you selected in RPCS3 for Soul Calibur 4? I am getting fps in 30s mostly in gameplay and 60 fps in cutscenes and menus. Are my PC Specs adequate for this game/emulator? Specs mentioned below: i7 3770 (3.4 Ghz and overclocked/boosted upto 4.2, strangely Rpcs3 shows 3.4 Ghz and not 4.2 despite being boosted from bios.) AMD Radeon R9 290 (overclocked upto 1080 Mhz on Memory Clock, 1500 Mhz on the memory). 8GB RAM Rip Jaws G Skill (1600 Mhz).