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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I think VF FS was based on the VF5R. Could be wrong though.
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    But VF5 FR is the most complete VF 5 game to date with all but fixes new characters and character balances. Harley Davidson KOTR would be nice.
  3. Tried to configure mame yesterday to play Time Crisis, so far it worked gonna test more mame games.If you write a guide here to run Supermodel 3 for wiimotes that would be nice.
  4. Thanks but that is for model 2 emulator, I am talking about supermodel (Sega Model 3) emulator.
  5. Hello once again, Can someone put a tutorial on how to play gun games for Sega Model 3 (Supermodel 3) emulator using Wii motes? @sky2310 @ginzu @Tiberius @emulor Thanks help wll be much appreciated as any links to supermodel3 are completely down so someone may post a guide here.
  6. I installed K-lite Codecs but I still get flickering and error. Any other methods for a proper fix?
  7. Guys I am installing he latest k-lite codec pack and it is asking me to uninstall the previously installed LAV Filters (which are required for Sega Rally 3 on Win 10), else it won't install the codecs. I need guidance as to what to do?
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Try playing Rambo in it's native resolution (uncheck custom resolution in the Teknoparrot game settings).
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Does it crash on the London Stage (during a cutscene)? It did for me long time back in that stage once my windows got updated it got fixed.
  10. can you give me the code of how to bind key 9 to ahk script?
  11. Teknoparrot Tutorial for '4K' Operation G.H.O.S.T

    There is no voodoo file in there. Also let me elaborate, the game is running fine, but the wii mote is not functioning as it should.
  12. Can I get this to work without getting All RH Loader in the way? I want to use TP plain and simple with my wiimote in conjunction with touchmote and demulshooter in mode 4 of dolphin bar.
  13. Guys I did some testing and something very strange I observed and I hope there is a fix for that. Transformer HA I cannot enter credits unless I have checked "mouse for gun games" option in TP. The problem here is that I am playing via wiimote using touchmote + demulshooter where I do not want to use wiimote as a mouse as I am using mayflash bar in mode 4. Any fix for this? @sky2310any thoughts?
  14. [Tuto] Let's go Island (3D): How to Install !

    When creating the .bat.i had mistakenly typed LGI instead of lgi3d since I was using a LGI3d rom. I will thoroughly test it and keep you posted. No need to set MIN and MAX values in test menu.
  15. @ginzu@defre1976 I did some extensive testing and have started to get a hold of things. I will be only discussing wiimote +touchmote+mayflash bar in mode 4 setup (only one wiimote so far). This may also proof to be helpful for newcomers. For Rambo the game needs to be played at the default stock resolution (no custom resolution) else the aiming will be completely off and stuck to top left of the screen mostly. If you happen to play it with custom resolution and then try with default resolution, the aim will still be off.I restarted my pc and the problem was still there I tried a combination of down dpad + trigger and that reset my cursor to a default position (in-game) and hence was able to play the game properly. This down dpad + trigger was a random buttons combination I don't know what exact buttons were which reset my cursor to a default position it could have involved an A button (Wii mote A button) in conjunction as well. As for the Middle click button I have set the d-pad UP on the Touchmote software that enabled me to use the "middle mouse button", in Rambo's case it's the RAGE MODE. Despite the fact that in Demulshooter the "middle mouse button" was assigned to 'X' of xbox from the drop-down list. Other buttons like '1' an '2' on Wiimote corresponding to 'X' and 'Y' (assigned in touchmote) did not result in being used the middle mouse button or the grenades button in Rambo's case. So in short D-pad up can be used as the middle mouse button.