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  1. As far as I remember there was some weird texture warping on the character models if I recall.
  2. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    Omen of sorrow a PS4 exclusive now released for the PC as well.
  3. It's updated I believe.
  4. Guys what's wrong with Sonic All Star Racing. When I enter the race the music glitches and stops. Any fix for that? I didn't have this problem earlier. Maybe switching to an Nvidia GPU caused it? Any fix for that?
  5. Thanks the game worked for me however. I need English translation patch for ID games. Can someone provide the link and tutorial?
  6. Mario Kart 110 doesn't do an offline save?
  7. I haven't tested Super Bikes 2. But rest of the Fast and the Furious games minus the very first one don't work on my end.
  8. What's the major difference between this Arcade version and the one on PS2? Are there any visual differences between these 2?
  9. Hi there, thanks I finally got the game running (I extracted in larger .bin file in the wrong initially). However strange enough the game looks very pixelated even using the 1080p exe file. Also if someone would be kind enough to provide me with some sort of a translation patch for this game in English. In fact translation patch for all Initial D games.
  10. Thanks once again, I followed the tutorial but all I get is a budgie loader blackscreen and it closes after sometime.
  11. I discovered an old id5 download lying somewhere in my hdd. It has 2 bin files one being id5_data.bin, other is initiald5.bin.Which one to extract and where to place the 1080p file patch? Problem is that the smaller bin file has a file structure similar to Lindbergh games but the larger bin has a very different file structure.
  12. Quite strange actually! also how to select individual files to download? I tried to right click didn't find any options.
  13. Mate i tried the link but it's downloading id4exp, sega race tv only. Would you be kind enough to upload it some other place like MEGA or share some other links.
  14. Can someone provide me a proper link of Intial D 5 rom? The Megadownloader link on the first page does not seem to work. No matter what i try.