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  1. [Arcade PC Mod] House of the dead 3 Chihiro/PC

    In my case the game will not run... i Click on Play and nothing will happens... regedit Settings ok any idea ?
  2. Is it possible to change internal resolution in dx 11 ?
  3. @thigames you are right ! With the newest version it start up but I get a boot error. Maybe i must change anything in service menu ? the game runs only with newest dx11 right ? with old version demul crashed
  4. any way to fix the directin error? i think it comes from ffb?!?
  5. can somone explain this error ? i have tried to use few versions of kinrt66 has someone the right version ?
  6. i think for the first time it works! But i have the problem with the directin error ! i use demul with frontend..... so i cant klick "OK" on the window what can i do? i am using rocketlauncher
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    Is the hud also resized ?
  8. that did not work so far. So first press the button and then on assignment in demul ? I will test it on afternoon
  9. i have tried all what you say but it dont work...... i dont know why..... please help
  10. i set up everything and the logitech profiler but it dont work
  11. Gerard you can config your pad in setting from demul
  12. thanks i will try that ! but in every game on startrup i get an directinput8 error did you know why ? the controls will not work... i start the bat file... the game starts but controls wont work
  13. [Arcade PC Mod] House of the dead 3 Chihiro/PC

    please explain the how to in english.... i dont understand google translation :-(
  14. [Arcade PC Mod] Crazy Taxi 3 Chihiro/PC

    thank ypou ! ic have an issue with my logitech g27 wheel i calibrate the buttons and in menu the marker will run and i cant stop this please help
  15. is there a way to setup my Logitech g27 with demul ?