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  1. Here my game is very fast, how to solve it?
  2. How could he know that the game is now perfect if the game has not yet been dumped? He certainly has! In fact, I am now sure that he has all these games, but he doesn’t make them available immediately, and the ones that are dumped are all his own, but are dumped by someone else. Very good, nice move. kkkk
  3. I was hoping that someone here could help me solve this. I'll keep waiting.
  4. Rambo here is like this:
  5. Open Game Loader Config and keep changing Leader Mode until you find the right setting. My monitor has 1920x1080 resolution so I use option 5.
  6. Set it up with Jconfig and use Game Loader All RH to run, it's perfect.
  7. I know buddy I've been wrong all the time, and who not mistake? I was trying to run RSlauncher without using Tecknoparrot, you don't have to be angry for this reason, after all this is not the purpose of this forum, help those in need? Anyway thank you all once again.
  8. I give up, everything I do doesn't solve it, the game is still muted. Anyway, thank you all.
  9. I do not know, just downloaded the game and play with tecknoparrot, the game usually opens more without audio. If I run only with RSLauncher pops up error messages. Is there a perfect RSLauncher where?
  10. My game is still muted, no one to help me?
  11. Would you like to know something, this game for you have sound, yes or no?
  12. Good job my friend, but here my game is muted, is it possible to correct this?