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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Update contents of 334 ・ Fixed the bug that the BG color window was not maximized when the dual monitor mode of DBAC and Gundam was enabled. ・ Fixed a bug related to bezel image display when dual monitor mode of DBAC and Gundam is enabled. ・ Fixed the problem that the window size change etc. did not function correctly when dual monitor mode of DBAC and Gundam was enabled. ・ Fixed a bug that Nesica-based vertical game was not rotating when desktop rotation was enabled, and rotation was not restored. ・ Fixed a bug that timeout error occurs when setting full screen in Lindbergh games. ・ Fixed the bug that the window size is not maximized when Gundam SOZ is set to "Loader Mode = dg" "Window mode". ・ Fixed a bug where Nesica's Capcom fighting system crashes when "Loader Mode = dg" "Window mode" is set. ・ Fixed the problem that Mission Select did not operate normally when Operation GHOST was set to "LoaderMode = dg". ・ Fixed the problem that the resolution was not enhanced when the Operation GHOST was set to "LoaderMode = dg" "Window mode" (make sure to create a custom resolution 1024x600). ・ Fixed the problem that the movement limitation of mouse cursor was not working properly at LoaderMode = dg, full screen setting. ・ Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to change the mouse cursor of the rail shooter. ・ Changed the movement limit of the mouse cursor of the rail shooter to work in full screen. ・ Updated dgVoodoo used for LoaderMode = dg. * With this update, it is possible to increase the resolution of Golden Gun and Under Defeat. * Several other known bugs have been fixed. ・ Added FXAA to LoaderMode = dg. * Please enable "Loader setting 3" tab "FXAA (LoaderMode = dg)" when using it. * You can expect effects in 2D DirectDraw games such as ex-board version and Nesica version AH2.1 and AH2.6. ・ Added stage select to Gundam SOZ. * Please enable "Loader setting 1" tab "Stage select" at the time of use. * In this game, setting "LoaderMode = dg" reduces the probability of freezing. ・ Added auto burst to Sega Golden Gun. * The left button of the mouse is a blaze, and the mouse wheel button is a switch of the blaze disable / enable. * Please use from "Loader setting 1" tab "Sega Golden Gun" when using it. ・ Changed the refresh rate to 60hz only while the Loader is running when the desktop refresh rate is not 60hz when the window mode is set. ・ Suppressed Silent Hill's local mode message. ・ Updated exe list.txt, as PDA could not be launched after TP ・ Added an item for Super Bikes 2 to exe list.txt. ・ Other bug fixes that I noticed. ・ Set Language.ini as default. ・ Please execute Game Loader Installer.exe first. ・ If not working properly, discard this Loader to the trash can and end. 334 - 2019060100000 (RAR5)
  2. someone able to re-upload?
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    First page. CTRL + F "KOF MIRA Patch Windows 10 by Ducon2016" Also
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    just tested some more and like you said it seems Game Loader ALL RH is doing some type of maximisation/minimising losing focus thingo. Just tried with Game Loader ALL RH 293 and it worked perfect if the 'Do not minimize each window on the desktop' was checked. Maybe this can be added back or has it moved to another place?
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Not sure if issue or not but if you name the folder long such as 'The King of Fighters '98 - Ultimate Match Final Edition for NESiCAxLive' in Windows and you have it going in a few directories Game Loader won't work the name of the folder will need to be shorted.
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    System: NESiCAxLive Game: 3D Cosplay Mahjong Just would like to confirm Is the intro audio not working in this game? Also anyone know why the scan-lines aren't reaching the end of the right hand side? (images I upload aren't really showing well whats happening)
  7. Thanks again. I was only using it to see what System it listed it under for comparison sake The loader I use is Game Loader ALL RH which uses JConfig and TypeXtra are there more?
  8. Thanks, so does that mean the release in this thread is for TAITO Type X³ or NESiCAxLive? TeknoParrot list it as NESiCA and the thread title here says TAITO Type X³.
  9. I'm a little confused if someone could confirm the following. Ultra Street Fighter IV falls under the hardware TAITO Type X³ and NESiCAxLive allows the game to be downloaded to the cabinet or are there two separate game versions? Would you call it a TAITO Type X³ or NESiCAxLive game?
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    The link for 1 - Project Diva Arcade for Game Loader All RH is down is someone able to re-share it.
  11. If the following below have been dumped can someone re-upload? I couldn't find them in search. - BlazBlue Central Fiction v1.20.01 Does anyone know what the following nesica message in the middle of the screen means?
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    anyway to stop Street Fighter IV (Version 1.0 (STD)) and alike games from creating the following files on the D: drive: - D:\bookkeeping_.bkd - D:\localscore_.rnk - D:\localtime_.rnk - D:\localwins_.rnk
  13. Game Loader All Rh

    BigBox 9.8-beta-6 The startup thing is broken my man ive mentioned it so hopefully it gets fixed, the more the merrier. The override feature breaks things for me so turn that off. In BigBox 9.8-beta-6 you cant have both BB & LB startup theme turned on so turn that off and only leave BigBox enabled your shutdown theme still won't work its broken in BigBox if you want it to at least work go back to BigBox 9.8-beta-5 and make sure both LB & BB set to the same theme. I just use a batch file to point to the game. No RL I've included a video below of my exit without startup and shutdown its hard to tell but at the end you can see the window reappear (didn't show up in videeo)/taskbar (showed in video) I wonder if this is Game Loader not keeping the game minimised like you mentioned. So if it was an option before maybe its somewhere in the settings.ini
  14. Game Loader All Rh

    This is what Taito Type X BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger looks like for me when I launch using BigBox. I can't show you what the exit fade looks like as it doesn't work in BigBox yet. Is this what it looks like for you when launching the games?
  15. is this the steam version or the actual arcade version?