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  1. The change of links is due to the transfer of materials from one cloud to another. So sometimes the links will change, but I will always update them in this topic.
  2. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. 73 page ??? I'm not interested in talking about which system the game belongs to, especially from the ONLY ONE person who claims that he is right, without the slightest evidence, facts and photos of evidence. If it suits you, then let it be LINDBERGH BLUE ;- ) When I have data with a confirmation, this game is necessarily transferred to the "right" system All the best to you
  4. Lindbergh Blue The Blue is also thought to be identical to the Red, but runs Microsoft Windows as its operating system instead of Linux. List of Games Derby Owners Club 2008: Feel the Rush‏‎ (2008) Derby Owners Club 2009: Ride for the Live (2008) World Club Champion Football: Intercontinental Clubs 2006-2007 (2007) World Club Champion Football: Intercontinental Clubs 2007-2008 (2008) World Club Champion Football: Intercontinental Clubs 2008-2009 (2009) World Club Champion Football: Intercontinental Clubs 2009-2010 (2010) The rest of your claims are not washed away ... Even if there are some nuances of sorting - then in time everything will be corrected. We tried with CONAMI - the result is not very good - there is not a lot of dumps ...
  5. Dear authors of the topic. If you do not delete the link to ARCADE PUNKS in the first message (they have nothing to do with the cloud and all their links are paid), I'll close the cloud! I own these clouds, and all the accumulated materials are distributed for free, keeping all copyrights to the materials created by different users! I already asked the author of this topic to remove the link, but remained deaf and blind. Thank you for understanding ;-) In the clouds, there have been some changes and a lot of games have been added.
  6. Arcade dumps russia 2 Additional arcade cloud (+1Tb). The old is completely occupied (1Tb). To free up space, some of the games from the old cloud will be moved here. The link can be attached in 1 message.
  7. [Hidden Content] Is sorting dumps better? (example: KONAMI) Waiting for your answers - if satisfied - then sort out the rest! And most likely you will have to open an additional storage vault - because the available space is running out of space ;-)