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  1. MAME & clones 0.226

    Hello everybody, someone is so kind to indicate me where to find out the famous redumped rom of DIRT DASH, working on last MAME rev. Thanks
  2. Hi all. ...sorry for this (just a bit) off topic. I've just got a light gun for the original XBOX to play this awesome game on CRT with real analog light gun. Unfortunately I'm having a really annoying calibratrion issue. I've read a lot about this problem but no suggestion fixed it. I think the problem is caused by the fact I'm using NTSC version of the game, but I can't find out PAL version of the game (I live in Italy). Every ISOs I downloaded are US version, also when contrassigned with EUROPEAN tags. Thank if someone can halp me or give some suggestion.
  3. [Arcade PC] Radikal Bikers Standalone

    I'know this emulator, and it's really amazing expecially if compared with the really low performance of mame with this game. But it supports only keyboard or mouse... I've tried some "joypad to mouse" apps but the result is terrible. Do you (or someone) someone know a way to have good feeling analog controls?
  4. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    The FFB was working with 1st plugin, with 0.1a and with this one is no longer acting. Could you link the daytona.exe patched version you are coding with? thx Another question: steering, braking, selecting, views changer, ESC etc. all working exept shifter. Any suggestion?
  5. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    mame 0.20 ?
  6. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Logitech driving force Pro With positive value of "MaxForce" wheel never stays centered. Also at begin of the game it move all right or all left. Note that in other game exept Rave Race all works well.
  7. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I don’t know how actual RR cabinet FFB feels, but testing the game I noticed that was feeling very unnatural. Fiddling on your FFBPlugin.ini parameters i've tried to put negative velue on MaxForce "-75" , MinForce=0. It seems to feel better, and this thing act also a sort of autocenter effect. In test mode wheel turns in the right direction too. Hope this can help you, anyway many thanks for your job!
  8. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Perfect! A M A Z I N G J O B !!! If I can suggest a mame game worthy of your magic, i think VIRTUA RACING is a great title!
  9. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I'll do, thankyou very much
  10. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    "You have put guid number to ini file?" No, I've not. What I've to do exactely? Thx
  11. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    ... i'm so sad, no way to obtain any kind of FFB effect on my Logitech Driving Force pro using your Plugin. By the log file it seem correctely recognized: Joystick: 0 / Name: Logitech Driving Force Pro USB / GUID: 6d0498c2000000000000504944564944 disabling all current FFB effects setting haptic gain to 100 setting haptic auto center to 0 creating base effects... Initialize() complete Tested san francisco (various version) on Mame, and SR3 with TP Any suggestion? Or simply my ( a bit old ) wheel is not supported? Thx