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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Hi there I'm trying to use all rh (318) with house of the dead 4, I have extracted the Game Loader files to the hotd4/disk0/elf, I then have run Game Loader Installer.exe, I have checked the AppData\Roaming\Game Loader ALL RH there is a file named settings.ini rather than TTX.ini and in the settings file is displays this: [Ignore] Warning= Is this correct? because when I launch the Game Loader Config.exe and the Game Loader ALL RH.exe I get the screen with the rat and it opens the settings.ini each time, I do not get to the menu where you can configure the loader, am I missing something or is this correct? and if it is correct how do I use the Game Loader ALL RH with teknoparrot and in particular House of the dead 4? thankyou in advance for any help on solving the issue (p.s I have added the missing test files and copied over the exe 1920x1080 file from the mediafile link)
  2. The modification in test mode can be saved. I modified the number of life and it stays. The problem is for the calibration. To move in test mode you have to use the joystick and disable the mouse and you can't see the viewfinder. So it is impossible to calibrate without the mouse. You can use the calibration by default but when you test it with check it is bad, you can't go the the right. Moreover in test mode the screen resolution is not the same that in game mode. And in game the display is overwritten up and down. In fact the display doesn't take all the screen.
  3. Hi which file to we need to point to in teknoparrot to run house of the dead 4? tia
  4. This is the same with Sega Golden Gun but not as drastic and is playable, when you move the pointer to the edge of the screen the crosshair is slightly out from the pointer
  5. Can anyone help me to fix lets go island? the game boots fine with teknoparrot 1.41 but the pointer and crosshair are miles apart making the game almost impossible to play has anyone come across this before? Thanks all