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  1. [Arcade PC] Target Terror Gold (RawThrills) - Vmware Image

    Hey there, I did and got this: [Hidden Content] I just installed VMWare also, I was wondering if maybe I have to do something in the VMWare sound configuration? Or maybe something in the VM itself? I don't see a "select analog stereo" or "stereo mix" option anywhere. I was looking for other solutions. Someone mentioned installing pavucontrol onto the linux machine and setting the audio to analog stereo there. I'm not having any luck installing it on the VM though. Is there a way to exit out of the game in your image to a gui or os linux desktop?
  2. [Arcade PC] Target Terror Gold (RawThrills) - Vmware Image

    Hey Guys, I got this game going great, except for the sound issue. No matter what I set, the "sound out of range" error occurs. I've followed everything in the readme and this thread. I am running: Motherboard : ASUS P8H77-I - Intel H77 Chipset Audio : Onboard 8 channel + Optical S/PDIF Here is what I see in my sound options, no stereo mix option shows up: [Hidden Content] Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. [Arcade PC] Target Terror Gold (RawThrills) - Vmware Image

    Hey, Is there any conflict having both VMWare and Virtualbox on one computer? I already have VB installed running a few games and want to make sure adding VMWare won't mess anything up. Thanks.
  4. Thank you. I appreciate it.
  5. Hi, Regarding Chaos Code, is there a way to remap the save folder to a drive other that D? Or is there a way to disable save so the folder is not needed to run the game? Any help is appreciated.
  6. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    Hey Guys, Set this up on my rig: W7 750ti card Followed all the instructions here. I'm using RH Loader 277. The game starts and and I can select car, track and transmission. Then when it goes to black right before going to the race screen, it crashes with the bluetooth, white box error. I am running on a monitor with a native resolution of 1024x768. I set that in RH loader. I was thinking maybe the game doesn't like that resolution? Can anybody help me confirm whether or not the game runs with RH Loader set at a resolution of 1024x768? I'm trying to figure out it if it's something I'm doing, or just the way it is. Any help is truly appreciated.
  7. Hey argonlefou, Thanks so much for this and for all your work.
  8. Hi, Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Was just wondering if this game was ever made to work?
  9. Hi, just wanted to see if by chance there is any mouse support yet for this game.
  10. [Taito Type X/X2/.. | E-Amusement | Ex-Board] | Arcade PC

    Hi, I've played hell getting Silent Hill Arcade set up in Virtualbox. Does anyone happen to have a set up Silent Hill Arcade vhd file they wouldn't mind sharing with me?
  11. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    I'm getting this too. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.