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  1. I sent this dump to spiderzsoft to publish you can find the version translated by me in this link gg
  2. Super Alpine Racer emulated! Special Thanks!!! [ williecoyote ] - For making the JC logo. [ CiTrON ] and [ Pandemonium ] - For doing all the tests DOWNLOAD special thanks to FlyBit (JConfig developer)
  3. Fast & Furious Super Cars updated! - Support for new version 1.13 Special Thanks!!! [ Pandemonium ] and [ CiTrON ] - For doing all the tests DOWNLOAD special thanks to FlyBit (JConfig developer)
  4. interesting is this OS the same as this one? Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 Evaluation
  5. I have the JConfig for this game but... I don't have permission to publish wait for FlyBit
  6. Updates Info: Koihime GGST VFeS
  7. in a few days big updates are coming in the new APM3 emulator
  8. the dump already exists but, it is private and commercialized maybe in a year or two lol let's wait for some robin hood leak it to us
  9. Street Fighter V Type Arcade is updated to Ver. 3.20 since June 16: implementation of rematch bonus function (a limited time offer from June 16th to 30th) compliant with CS version Ver. 06.022 rebalancing of some characters alterations to V-Shift's offensive/defensive capabilities improvements to infrequently used V-Triggers and V-Skills