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  1. open the file settings.conf change minimize_on_focus_loss = yes to no
  2. D:\ALL.Net P-ras MULTI\emulators\Sega RingEdge 2\GAMES\Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-\Binaries\Win32\ D:\ALL.Net P-ras MULTI\emulators\Sega RingEdge 2\ROMS\ Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.bat @ECHO OFF SET HOME="%~dp0" SET "GAMEPATH=..\GAMES\Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-\Binaries\Win32\" SET "GAMENAME=GuiltyGearXrd_1.11.exe" SET "GAMEROOT=%~dp0%GAMEPATH%" CD %GAMEROOT% START "" /WAIT "%GAMEROOT%%GAMENAME%" EXIT you did it? did you use the .bat files I set as default?
  3. that's weird here works normal open the file settings.conf change minimize_on_focus_loss = no to yes if not, also enable the unloadSDL = no to yes any of these will solve your problem
  4. Merci ! C'était comme ça. Il ne manque plus que la vidéo de fond originale du menu pour compléter le projet vous avez le SSD original... pouvez-vous obtenir cette vidéo de lui ? Je n'ai pas la clé ATA

    will he go to ALL.Net P-ras MULT Ver 3? I hope so hahaha
  6. When the theme is 100% I publish little missing! until then ... wait
  7. I used this video as a reference the top is no problem the problem is the background video! i will need help ...
  8. @petje I think using RetroFE it doesn't happen @TurkJerk i have photoshop skills I recreated the theme making it more faithful to the original look next step is to mount it on the RetroFE or Attract-Mode front-end
  9. Is there a parameter to open a ROM and Load State together? in the MAME emulator this is possible using mame.exe mslug.zip -state 0