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  1. When I enter the link it says " 403. That’s an error. We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know."
  2. I want to play this dump but i can't find it. Is this available somewhere? Thanks I know there's a PC version on Windows store, but i think this arcade is better than the original
  3. any idea how to limit the fps of DOA5? it runs really fast, like more than 120 fps?
  4. can't run the game, it opens and a bit later it closes or not responding, anyone can help me? i have widnows 8.1 and all my graphic card drivers are updated
  5. hey guys, anyone has patch 2 of DOA 5? I can't find it and my game turns into black screen with infinity loading and doen't do nothing :(
  6. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    how did you unlock the A20 Special Edition theme? In my game shows ACE theme :(
  7. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    That's the same DDR ACE, it doesn't show on the main screen it's DDR A20, or i put any wrong bemanitools?
  8. Nice, hope soon we can see DanceRush Stardom
  9. Je ne peut pas telecharger avec ce lien dans Jdownloader. Un torrent ou autre server? Merçi d'avance
  10. it doesn't work for me, i have windows 8.1
  11. so only Sega Lindbergh games works on windows 10? hope soon will have support for windows 8.1 :(
  12. Est-ce que quelqu'un a eu l'option de changer la langue sur MKGPDX? Has anyone found the option to change the language on MKGPDX?
  13. Ensuite je ne sais pas pourquoi ça ne me semble pas :(