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  1. Problem with website

    When this happens, the site shows the old style heading. Like i said, i wasn't logged in and there was no login cookie of mine in the browser at all. Google search emuline Click the link in google results to come to the site Loads emuline with me automatically logged in as some other user......
  2. Problem with website

    Just to bump this thread, i just tried to visit the site and i wasn't logged in and now the site has automatically logged me in as this user. I can post as this user, but this user is NOT me..... I didn't even log in. I just visited the site from a google search link....
  3. [Arcade PC] Metal Gear Arcade (Konami)

    Mine doesn't work. I'm running the latest Windows 10 build. I just launched Spice Tools to launch the game and then crashes after a few seconds. (MICROSOFT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?)