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  1. I've prepared the archive with arcade version of the old scroll shooter "Xtom 3D". Developer is Jamie System. Arcade publisher is Andamiro Entertainment. Year 1999. Actual arcade cabinet uses Pentium-based motherboard with 3dfx Voodoo video card, sound card includes Yamaha YMZ280B chip, DOS installed. Native resolution is 512x394. My try with MAME ended with nothing so I've combined it with another emulator. This dump extracted from MAME rom. Running under Dosbox with dgVoodoo wrapper. Sound card is unemulated because it's not compatible with regular PC cards like Adlib or Soundblaster. I'm playing soundtrack from windows version of this game in external media player at the background. Here you can see the video how it works: Download link: [Hidden Content] To start the game "Xtom 3D": Run "dosbox.exe" To change resolution: Run "dgVoodooSetup.exe" Press little ".\" button at the top Press "Glide" tab Change "Resolution" menu to something Press "OK" button Controls: Enter - Insert coin Arrows - Player 1 movement [ - Player 1 Button 1 ] - Player 1 Button 2 WASD - Player 2 movement LShift - Player 2 Button 1 LCtrl - Player 2 Button 2 Alt+F4 - Exit Alt+Enter - Fullscreen To map the controls to joystick use Xpadder. Sound card is unemulated. You can play the soundtrack from "music" folder with your favorite media player at the background.
  2. Need For Speed Underground Arcade Install Problem

    P.S. I don't have the Nytric IO board from original machine so I can't use coins and can't start career mode. Really hope that someone will port this game to modern OS.
  3. Need For Speed Underground Arcade Install Problem

    My algorithm to play this game (the hard way :D) 1. Install Recovery CD through VMware to physical empty HDD. 2. Switch in arcade PC's bios the sata controller to IDE legacy (or compatible) mode. 3. Boot from nfs hdd without CD, wait until Windows finish their installation process. 4. Install every driver for the system. Most important parts are video and sound cards. Your hardware should have windows xp drivers. 5. Install two disks with game. After this steps everything works for me. But there are 99% that you may fail at it due to hardware incompatibilities and I don't know how to help here. I've tested this method on three configurations: 1. Biostar A780L m/b, AMD Athlon II X3 460, Geforce GT430. Everything works. 2. ASUS H61M-C m/b, Intel Core i5-3450, Intel integrated graphics. I have GTX750 for this machine but this card don't have drivers for XP SP1. So switched to Intel video. Everything works. 3. Intel DH67CF m/b, Intel Core i5-2550k. No luck with this system. Freeze at Windows installation. All setups are little aged for today. At all systems I have to use PS/2 mouse at the beginning because USB will be available with installed chipset drivers. On the video you can see how it works:
  4. Need For Speed Underground Arcade Install Problem

    Here you can see my way to solve the same issue: After this procedure i've connected the hdd to PC with arcade games and booted from it without CD. Windows started fine.
  5. I've tried to run Windows 7 x64 in Test mode and deal with the driver. Now i don't have a Windows error about unsigned driver but the game still sÑreams "Checking for Dongle". No luck with this idea for me.
  6. Compatibility mode does not help. Looks like I need a working HASP4 emulator for x64. Or find someone who can crack exe.
  7. I've made an archive with game and dongle emulator. It has been tested on regular Windows XP and Windows 7 32bit (real machine and VMs). I've not managed how to make it works on 64bit systems. You can see an example on the video: Instructions: 1. Extract "PC" folder from archive to C:\ drive. 2. Run "PC\emulator\hdd32.exe" (dongle driver). 3. Run "PC\emulator\4A4F5DD7.reg" (dongle dump). 4. Run "PC\emulator\MultiKey32\install.cmd" (dongle emulator). 5. Run "PC\aliens\DATA\abhRelease.exe" (game itself). Link: [Hidden Content] You can try it at VM or hardware. Write if you have ideas how to make it runs on 64 bits.