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  1. you need to be using a loader to use this game as its emulated try teknoparrot it runs a range of arcade exclusive games
  2. Feel like a mushroom Been kept in the dark and fed on bullshit Without information all i can do is speculate which creates rumors like this one i decided to start im sure its something to avoid being charged with piracy that being said first time i heard of that being a factor my guess someone got a nasty letter from a lawyer probably raw thrills or sega telling them to stop releasing emulated games
  3. Try force feedback patch its meant for driving games but might work with gun games
  4. What game? show us your game folder im sure you missed a .dll or monitor_ file
  5. I cant seem to get the dongle decrypted even if i could is it possible to mount a dongle image to a virtual drive ?
  6. i understand i tried also today and i thought you have the same encrypted exe thats not going to work m8
  7. isnt that what Patreon is for
  8. Gday having trouble with my brakes in racing games my xbox controller is fine but i cant connect a button to the brakes it has to be an axis has never been a problem till last night/ today. any help appreciated thanks
  9. [Tuto] OutRun 2 SP SDX: How to Install

    i have nvidea gpu as far as i know amd is unsupported
  10. [Tuto] OutRun 2 SP SDX: How to Install

    i fxed issue by enabling budgieloader.exe in my gpu in global settings( is nvidea only not Amd as yet)
  11. Played this @ Timezone in Australia had a blast anybody got this Playable