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  1. Hmm not sure if posted can you buy more cars in ID8?
  2. Can't wait for save release for WMMT5. Not sure if its too new but maybe someone might have WMMT5 DX+ update
  3. Cant run WMMT5 with latest fix 1.40b just has a white screen (i have i5 cpu and gtx 970)
  4. Any other link to WMMT5 besides mega (cant bypass limit and cant afford the PRO account)
  5. I have a problem with ubuntu i installed the nvidia drivers in order to play but i get the ubuntu login loop and if i uninstall drivers i can login fine.
  6. Hope we get to see a 911 RS GT3 or some older 80s/90s models :P.
  7. Tried adding launcher to teknoparrot folder gives an error when launched. I tried adding initd00.crd to folder inside launcher does not show up.
  8. How can you edit your characters appearance in ID7 i tried using the launcher/card editor but doesnt show my card lol.
  9. Does the ID7 crd file work with the launcher wouldnt mind editing my card.
  10. I applied that eeprom fix to my ID7 but when i create a new card it just crashes the game. I could be doing something wrong i think.
  11. Can someone reupload the game to another host i cant download via mega due to the size limit (and cant buy PRO)
  12. When i use my Xbox One S Controller it wont let me press the start button or anything.
  13. My Xbox One S Controller did not want to work ill try my G27.
  14. Where do you enter the codes for 1.2 ID6