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[Arcade PC] Chunithm Crystal / Paradise (Sega NU 1.1)


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Chunithm Crystal / Paradise

















If you are asked for a password  "bbs.bemanicn.cc"




crap links

Original SDBT_1.40 (Pass if need: 5weh )

Original SDBT_1.40 encrypted (Pass if need: 49m8 )


rar.gif SDBT_1.40.00_All Elements Unlock Patch.rar
rar.gif Chunithm Crystal standard extraction code.rar



update v1.45 (plus): 




.rar and .vhd file can be extracted with 7zip

Overwrite / merge, files / folders in Chunithm Crystal 

Keep your Chunithm Crystal chuniApp.exe do not overwrite !

The included Chunithm Crystal Plus chuniApp.exe does not work, probably still encrypted


Update v1.45 to v1.50 (paradise)


Option data: https://gofile.io/d/cARPvJ

Or v1.50 Full: here (password: Chunithm Paradise Lost)

minime here.

add-on: SDBT_A009_20210312134659_0.vhd + SDBT_A011_20210312134728_0.vhd  (or https://gofile.io/d/iZ1fKP)
(Chunithm A009 and A011 option / expansion, .vhd files, open with (not mount) PowerIso)

mirror and others patchs: 
A006-A008.7z = https://uptobox.com/oq0i31sddtgf
A009.zip = https://uptobox.com/cl7eaidtltrk
A011.zip = https://uptobox.com/bidtwgy95i7q

SDBT_A012_20210422102805_0.vhd = https://uptobox.com/hzndd882gpcr

SDBT_A014_20210422102836_0.vhd = https://uptobox.com/gqlnf75mzpaf

A015 A016 updata:  https://uptobox.com/tyl1igcpbxu1  or https://mega.nz/file/Vf5WBZwL#9Wz_VWCzw9853cUbcs972XmjuOK7KuLvzBcwxeQmHLMàéà0

A114_for_1.50-real.7z (MOD) = https://uptobox.com/nz2ku0ixz5wz
A017 vhd: https://uptobox.com/2jolq0m97c9x  or unpacked: here or hereor here
A020 vhd: https://uptobox.com/us9uljtn68m2
A021: https://uptobox.com/5exghmf6gh3z ou https://1fichier.com/?mding09v5mxw9rzj179n
A023: https://1fichier.com/?mdl2a450n8ioxixwqgge
ou https://uptobox.com/spq07648alsi
A026: SDBT_A026_20210820152954_0.7z

A027: SDBT_A027_20210820153102_0.7z
A028: https://uptobox.com/j6mwkvs4v6k5
A029: https://uptobox.com/a8eqqc25f2l1 (unlock and fixed)

A030: https://uptobox.com/ar5j6l17llgs
A031: https://uptobox.com/d88pozi43x4p (unlock and fixed)

A032: https://uptobox.com/bkufqi0aee8i (unlock and fixed) (others)
A033: https://uptobox.com/loyjpozz6ob6 (others)

A034(1): https://uptobox.com/59licw3qt2hc
A034(2): https://uptobox.com/fwyg17lvxw74

A006, A008, A009, and A011 are Paradise.
A020 is Crystal.
A114 is both. AFAIK it’s the deleted content from all previous versions. 

Mirror: here.

Others versions: vanilla, plus, air/+, star/+, superstar = here

Chunithm NEW = here

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Copy paste from another site was easy but checking if you got the correct picture was to difficult for you ?

You did not even mirror it !!



So where is the link for Chunithm Paradise ?:ptdr:

Go, fetch !!

Yalla imshi !!

!! يلا إمشي 





Giving extra information how to get this game to run with minime and segatools, to much effort ?





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1 hour ago, arcade_power said:

How do we start this game? What EXE? Also, which is the Quit key? Thanks for the game! :very-good:


Configure your segatools.ini correctly, see above thread link

Create a .bat file as needed

Quit, ALT+F4

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i know its too early to actualy ask this, i use to use this website https://mon.im/bemanipatcher/chuniamazon.html to fix the voice problem that im had (specifically this "Force shared audio mode, system audio samplerate must be 48000") is there any way to fix it manually? 

if i were to change the samplerate manually from 48000 to something else, it would just made the ingame voice dissapear :/

if anyone know how to fix it manually, it would be nice for a reply! thanks!

(or i could wait for the website to be updated xd)

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A020 expansion pack


A114 expansion pack


(changed link, now in zipped format)

Thanks to @tomo_unity 

Add to option folder

Remember to change all firstlock to true in your music.xml files



I haven't confirmed them, but they seem to be correct in the music, maps, etc. delivered just before Chunithm Crystal Plus.

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Just saw this new post after reply in amazon so copy to here:timide:


Just a small small finding, sorry for poor English again.

For someone who may cares about the warning page, which shows only when start game, it come up with Chinese, like me,

You may go to \app\data\surfboard\advertise\

You can see there is CHU_UI_Advertise_00_v10.srd and another file ends with .original


Just rename the .srd and remove .original .

It will returns to original warning.

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3 minutes ago, takashi62015 said:

the final version of chunicystal is out already out just finished played a few sets

Link to final version ?

Version number / release date ?

(on lower right of game attract screen)

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34 minutes ago, AyaseMitsukasa said:

I have some problems about the game's save data


No idea what is going on with your save date

Did you add all needed songs / files from previous Chunithm versions to Crystal ?


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23 minutes ago, AyaseMitsukasa said:


They added a rank limit to WorldsEnd mode, though I don't remember if it's player rank or team rank.

You can remove the limit though.


Go to A000 > ticket > ticket002310

Edit Ticket.xml

Change <useChargeSetting> to false.


Not sure if the tickets can still be purchased at the player box anymore, or if it's only available for extra credits in ticket selection. Either way, it should also be possible to return the ticket back to the store if it's gone.

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7 minutes ago, tomo_unity said:

I noticed that the download link in the A114 folder was wrong and fixed it.
There are no changes to the uploaded file.
@petje If you like, please edit the link of A114 expansion pack to avoid the download confusion.

Done, thanks for your effort !

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15 minutes ago, AyaseMitsukasa said:

So is it meaning that it is the game's problem instead of my save data?

I'm not sure about your current save, but if you're current rank is lower than the required rank for worldsend in Amazon, and you used the ticket unlocker there, then Crystal gets confused over why you have access to tickets after the transfer, as Crystal uses a different system for worldsend access.

Thus, it disallows you to purchase worldsend during ticket selection, and also disallows you to use existing tickets since you're of incorrect rank, and you've effectively locked yourself out until you've reached the correct rank.


Basically, it's not anything's fault, just your rank.

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