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[Arcade PC] Dream Hunting 2002 (Game Box)


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Dream Hunting (2002)
Game Box Entertainment, Inc.





PC Specs
MSI 845E Max Ver:2
Intel Celeron 1.70GHz
Inside TNC Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 (64 MB)
256 MB DDR-266
Avance AC'97 onboard audio
DM Storage DM256V00 IDE flash storage device
Windows XP Embedded (SP1)

Thanks Mokherz for this release and crack.


or https://mega.nz/#!XdIgWCSb!51IpbfOPTXYG3EzcrYXGXI_5L4TVvL_G5c1nwp1q4GU (pass MOHKERZ)




Space                           =   Coin
WASD or arrow keys     =   Move
Mouse                           =   Aiming & Firing
Z                                   =   Zoom
9                                   =   To make the Shop instantly appear
0                                   =   Automatically clear the current stage

Esc                               =   Game Over


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