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[FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis


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 Hello !


  LightGuns Crisis:


   This is a LightGuns games pack for RetroFE.


Official website: http://retrofe.nl/
Themes:  http://retrofe.nl/download/download-themes/


Themes Credits :

Aeon Nox : Pieter Hulshoff : Main RetroFE theme.

Animatic : Floyd : http://retrofe.nl/SMF/index.php?topic=46.0

Ergo Proxy : Ryuuji : http://retrofe.nl/SMF/index.php?topic=14.0

Flatio 16x9 : ?? : http://retrofe.nl/download/download-themes/

Game Room : Ryuuji : http://retrofe.nl/SMF/index.php?topic=12.0

Glados 16x9 : TonesMalone : http://retrofe.nl/SMF/index.php?topic=23.0

Pandora's Box HD : Ryuuji : http://retrofe.nl/SMF/index.php?topic=13.0

TwistedCurve : OSEretro : http://retrofe.nl/SMF/index.php?topic=365.0



It including 105 games: classics and recents games.


Game List:


2 Spicy

Aliens3  Arcade

Aliens Extermination  Arcade

Area 51  Arcade

Behind Enemy Lines  Arcade

Beast Busters  Arcade

Blue Estate  PC

Brave Fire Fighter  Arcade

Carnevil  Arcade

Confidential Mission Arcade

Crime Patrol  Arcade

Crime Patrol 2 Drugs War  Arcade

Crisis Zone  PS2

Crypt Killer  Arcade

Dead Space Extraction Wii

Death Crimson Arcade

Die Hard Trilogy PS1


Dream Raiders   Arcade

Dragon Gun  Arcade

Duck Hunt VS  Arcade

Elemental Gearbolt PS1


Elevator Action Death Parade   Arcade

Endgame  PS2


Friction   Arcade


Gaia Attack   Arcade

Ghost Squad (Wii)

Gundam Final Shooting Aracade

Ghoul Panic

Ghost hunter  Arcade

Golgo 13   Arcade

Gunslingers  Wii

Invasion The Abductors   Arcade

Judge Dredd PS1

Jurassic Park   Arcade

Lethal Enforcers  Arcade

Lethal Enforcers 2  Arcade


Lets Go Jungle   Arcade


lets Go Island   Arcade

Line of Fire  Arcade

Lord of Gun  Arcade

Sega Golden Gun Arcade

Gunblade  Arcade


Gundam Spirits of Zeon   Arcade


Gunfighter 2   PS2

Haunting Museum  Arcade

Haunting Museum 2  Arcade


Heavy Fire Afghanistan


HeavyFire Shattered Spear

House of the Dead 1 à 3 + Overkill (Wii)

House of the Dead 4

Lost World  Arcade
LA MachineGun  Arcade

Lets Go Jungle Arcade

Lets Go Island Arcade

Lucky & Wild Arcade

Luigi Mansion Arcade

Lupin The Shooting Arcade


Lost World - Arcade


Mad Bullets   PC

Mad Dog McCree Remastered by HVG

Mad Dog McCree 2 Remastered by HVG

Maximum Force Arcade

Maze Of The King Arcade

Mechanized Attack  Arcade

Ninja Assault PS2 (naomi version also included)

N.Y.Captor   Arcade

Ocean Hunter Arcade

Operation Ghost Arcade

Operation thunder Arcade

Operation Wolf Arcade

Operation Wolf 3 Arcade

Point Blank 1 Arcade

Point Blank 2 Arcade

Police Trainer  Arcade

RailChase 1 Arcade

Railchase 2 Arcade

Rambo  Arcade

Ranger Mission Arcade

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicle Wii

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicle Wii


Silent Hill The Arcade


Silent Scope 1 to 3  ONLY PLAYABLE WITH MOUSE for now.

Space Gun  Arcade

Space Pirates Arcade

Steel Gunners 1 Arcade

Steel Gunners 2 Arcade

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Target Terror Wii

Terminator 2  Arcade

The Last Bounty Hunter Arcade

Time Crisis 1

Time Crisis Project Titan PS1

Time Crisis 2 PS2

Time Crisis 3 PS2

Transformers  Human Alliance Arcade

Vampire Night PS2

Virtua Cop 1 arcade

Virtua Cop 2 arcade

Virtua Cop Elite Edition PS2

Virtua cop 3 Arcade Chihiro

Who Shot Johnny Rock ?  Arcade

Wild Pilot  Arcade

Zero Point Arcade

Zero Point 2  Arcade

Zombie Raid  Arcade


You have the choice between 8 differents layouts for retroFE.





A little setup to do before to enjoy the pack:


(There are many modified files and cracks so disable Anti virus before unzip  //  Add "LightGuns Crisis" folder in your AV exceptions to avoid deleted files.)


- Unzip package where you want

- Unzip "TUTO - TOOLS & REDIST.rar" ( including Infos,tutos,how to .txt and the games Aliens Extermination and Silent hill - paste game's folders on C: root)

- download cmd.exe and put it in daphne folder :  LightGuns Crisis\emulators\Daphne\       (in Fixes Section)

- download "Behind Enemy Lines FIX" and extract and overwrite in LightGuns Crisis folder.    (In fixes Section)

- download "Bat launchers FIX" and extract and overwrite in LightGuns Crisis folder.           (In fixes Section)

- some emulators will need you to configure bios,nvram,plugins (epsxe),roms paths (,teknoparrot) and inputs.

- Mame require to setup your lightgun - enable lightgun (see video in tuto section)
- Demulshooter is used for many games and need to be setup (very fast to do)
- Many games needs calibration in service mode to works fine (teknoparrot,demul)

- Aliens Extermination and Silent Hill (games folders in "TUTO - TOOLS & REDIST") must be on root of C: drive.


This is have to be done once except if you change the Retrofe lightguns crisis directory.

For more details on installation,infos and details in the Readme.txt and TUTO - INSTALL - INFOS.txt inside the "TUTO - TOOLS & REDIST" folder






-- FIXES --


Alien Extermination :

AlienExt.exe + mouse enabler. (extract these two files inside  "C:/PC/Aliens/Data"



Daphne :cmd.exe

Put it in  "\LightGuns Crisis\emulators\Daphne\"


Behind Enemy Lines (model2 version + tip calibration. Read TUTO INFOS.txt included )



Batch launchers Fix : (copy and overwrite in LightGuns Crisis Folder.)



House of the dead 2&3: go in wii roms folder (\LightGuns Crisis\collections\Wii\roms) and rename the game to "House of the Dead 2&3.wbfs"


HeavyFire Afghanistan: if the game doesnt start in fullscreen:  (Thanks Ryogun)

go to collections / arcade rail shooters / roms / heavy fire afghanistan folder / data / resolution.txt : then edit :





                                 ADDONS :


Time Crisis 5 :    (Playable with Aimtrack. )


The game has just been released (08/28/2020) and is not yet playable with Aimtrack / Wiimotes etc... but i m sure Demulshooter will handle this perfectly very soon!

Once again, Demulshooter let us enjoy this great game. (09/02/2020)


Part 1 -



Part 2 -




Part 3 -




      Size :  8,5gb


Thanks a lot 8cc ,Kimsama , Tiberius , Argonlefou !


Install :

1) simply drag and drop "LightGuns Crisis" folder contained in this .rar where your own LightGuns Crisis folder is installed.

or extract "collections" and "meta" folder into your LightGuns Crisis folder.


-Open "LightGuns Crisis\collections\- Arcade Rail Shooters\roms\DemulShooter_v10.1.4\DSDiag.exe" to find your PID ( LightgunDevice ID)

-Open now DemulshooterGUI and select your PID under "Page selection". Save and close.

You can now enjoy Time Crisis 5 via LGC (or not).



Time Crisis Razing Storm + Dead Storm Pirates + Time Crisis 4:



Install this custom firmware to make Time Crisis 4 working :

Thanks to @Thankyou for the tip.








Apparemment la dernière version de rpcs3 semble à nouveau fonctionnelle avec le psmove.


J ai pû tester razing storm et dead storm pirates (venant de Time Crisis Razing Storm), la calibration s est bien passée et le jeu tourne plutôt bien en plein écran fenêtré. Le plein écran ne fonctionne qu avec la souris, la visée de l aimtrack bug lors du passage plein écran.

 Par contre pas moyen de lancer Time Crisis 4..


Pour ceux qui veulent tester voici un pack avec l émulateur déjà configuré et time crisis razing storm.

Encore une fois je n ai pas réussi à lance Time Crisis 4. à voir plus tard.





Le plein écran ne fonctionne qu avec la souris.

La calibration doit être faite hors plein écran.

Jouable à la souris.

jouable avec l aimtrack

2 joueurs : pas testé.




Start                = entrée

X   (clavier)      = Croix

Clique droit      = Valider dans les menus (et calibration) / lever le bouclier (ingame)

Clique gauche =  Shoot

Clique gauche + clique droit + molette = Start

Clique droit+ Clique gauche= Rond

Clique droit + Molette = Triangle



Pour la calibration:

après avoir terminé la calibration , faire (avec la souris de préférence j ai pas tésté des masses avec l aimtrack) Clique droit + molette  puis  Clique droit + Clique gauche  pour quitter l écran de calibration.





This is a pack with Rpcs3 and time crisis razing storm pre configurated.

Time Crisis 4 seems to doesnt works.


Playable in windowed fullscreen with aimtrack guns.

Playable in fullscreen with mouse.

Not tested 2 players.


When calibration is finished, press  right click + middle mouse  then right clik + left click to exit calibration screen and save.







            Size: 16gb








 Music Gun Gun 2 :










I forgot the video in the pack...Here it is:

copy the video folder into "..\ - Arcade Rail Shooters\medium_artwork" folder







          Star Trek Voyager (TeknoParrot)




This include a fresh Teknoparrot version to keep safe the old teknoparrot version used for other games.

Remember to change game path in teknoparrotUI game setings and also change your Lightgun device in Controller Setup if you are not using an Aimtrack. You can also add a controls for a second player.










              Far Cry Lost Paradise




Extract LGC FrCrLP.zip   you ll find the game inside LightGuns Crisis ,  extract FarCry to the root of C: drive.  (check readme for more infos)

Copy "collections" and "meta" folders into your LightGuns Crisis folder. replace if needed (it is the meta file that need to be replaced)

OPTIONAL:  Extract and replace controls.conf to be able to navigate in LGC with lightguns,  readme inside "controls.zip"








- RocketLauncher -


   I ve proposed this some month ago explaining that was for a test purpose because i hadnt the possibility to test this rocketlauncher pack on another computer so i asked to people downloading this to give some feedback, just to know if i did right or not, but none did so i cant assure you that will be just an "unzip n play" pack...

 Anyway i m using it with lgc since many months now and its damn pretty good! not really noob friendly about configuration,options and frontend setup (especially retroFE, there are no tutos online, Damn !!) but its a really good ally for tricky games setup and many other things.


RocketLauncher is a frontend and can be used as an "addon" for frontends.


      Overview of LGC running with RL+ Tuto "How to change Crosshairs" (go to 23.15mn)

Its usefull here to add crosshairs in games that don t have one, and change the size of the cursor (i ve added many cursors/crosshairs animated or not. Its already setted up but you can change cursors to your like in the "\RocketLauncher\Media\Cursors\ALL CROSSHAIRS" folder).

We can now use "Esc" key to exit all games (except Blue Estate and MadBullets: "F1+Esc" to exit these games to keep game menu usable.)


Adding Fade In and Fade out artworks when launching and exiting games.


Adding Bezels for 4:3 games (PS1,ArcadeMame, PS2 optional (setted up to 16:9 aspect, change to 4:3 if you plan to use bezels for ps2, Daphne/Laserdisc games , Sega Hikaru, model 2 & 3 , Naomi.)




Settings.conf for RocketLauncher.rar

Backup LGC original no RocketLauncher.rar

 Roms PS1 for LGC Rocketluancher - Uptobox

Roms PS1 for LGC Rocketlauncher - 1fichier


Download "Settings.conf for RocketLauncher.rar" and extract all folders in "\LightGuns Crisis\collections".

Download "Roms PS1 for LGC Rocketluancher " and extract it to "LightGuns Crisis/collections/PS1"


Size: 500mb




Emulator: Snes9x



Game list :


Battle Clash (USA)
Bazooka Blitzkrieg (USA)
Lamborghini American Challenge (USA)
Metal Combat - Falcon's Revenge (USA)
Operation Thunderbolt (USA)
Super Scope 6 (USA)
Tin Star (USA)
X Zone (Japan, USA)
Yoshi's Safari (USA)

LGC SuperNES addon - Uptobox


LGC SuperNES addon - 1fichier



Sega Master System:


Emulator: Mame


Extract content of "Lightguns crisis Master System Addon.rar" inside you LightGuns Crisis folder.

Advice: Make a backup of your Mame folder (located in LightGuns Crisis/emulators/)



Game List:

Assault City

Gangster Town

Laser Ghost

Marksman Shooting / Trap Shooting / Safari Hunt

Rambo 3

Rescue Mision



LGC MasterSytem addon - Uptobox

LGC MasterSystem addon - 1fichier


- NES Addon -


Emulator: Mame


Extract "collections" "emulators" "meta" "launchers.windows"  in   "LightGuns Crisis" folder.


Game List :

Duck Hunt (World)
Gotcha! - The Sport! (USA)
Gumshoe (USA, Europe)
Hogan's Alley (World)
Lone Ranger, The (USA)
Wild Gunman (World)


LGC NES addon - Uptobox

LGC NES addon - 1fichier



I want to thanks every people that have made all this games playable and all people making RetroFE a such good front end!

I ve made this as a "community pack". Its far from perfect, but anyone will be able to ameliorate it and if you re kind enought, to share it.




EMB & Pieter Hulshoff - RetroFE Dev    http://retrofe.nl/

OrionsAngel - Bezel mame lightgun  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG1g7PE9yzd4MboQQa9OYWA
Mr Do - Some mame bezels   https://mrdo.mameworld.info/mame_artwork.php
arcadeartwork.org  Games Stories/Artworks  https://www.arcadeartwork.org/
ArgonleFou  DemulShooter      https://github.com/argonlefou/DemulShooter/wiki

Shalma for Nuvee plugin : https://www.ngemu.com/threads/input-plugin-nuvee-psx-controller.143143/
Ducon2016  Greats Coding 

7zxkv  For all games and stuff shared
Spiderzoft   The man that bring good games!
Spindizzi   For all his stuff on emuline
MadK9 - mame no nag 0.220   https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2383-mame-0220-nonag/
Jiachun Yuan (pcsx2 mouse patcher)
Hyo2012 fog FIX & tuto -  
Gustav Wingburen (share & tuto)  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJY5QZBAC_Og0Yeu46qqQyA
P1ch3  For little help with scripts !

Ryogun For his help on Epsxe and support
Pablitox For his help and support
ThankYou Also for his help and support

Ginzu  for all his videos tuto


Liens Uptobox :





  1. https://uptobox.com/c0ms53o3e0ok/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part01.rar
  2. https://uptobox.com/qou72l5u7b2a/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part02.rar
  3. https://uptobox.com/v3vt4wry77il/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part03.rar
  4. https://uptobox.com/9mw5kh53dy3i/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part04.rar
  5. https://uptobox.com/2lnbokc2cs0x/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part05.rar
  6. https://uptobox.com/0rovz5j9ckvi/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part06.rar
  7. https://uptobox.com/i3wogfh9027v/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part07.rar
  8. https://uptobox.com/e91sy5dltl4y/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part08.rar
  9. https://uptobox.com/fxiiqza2qtbx/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part09.rar
  10. https://uptobox.com/apuy20yroej8/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part10.rar
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  18. https://uptobox.com/33l4w3c0rb2h/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part18.rar
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  25. https://uptobox.com/9hyyw686f0wb/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part25.rar
  26. https://uptobox.com/5unpqm9mjp2p/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part26.rar
  27. https://uptobox.com/yy252wbto9rw/RetroFE LightGuns Crisis 0.5.part27.rar




Links 1fichier :   Links 6 to 9 replaced by megaup.net links + MediaFire links.




  2. https://1fichier.com/?j3etw53jes8bjgglv6d8

  3. https://1fichier.com/?nemh56q4p8hno5tbhtm2

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  7. https://megaup.net/4evuW/RetroFE_LightGuns_Crisis_0.5.part06.rar  // Alternative MediaFire Link

  8. https://megaup.net/2SAz3/RetroFE_LightGuns_Crisis_0.5.part07.rar  // Alternative MediaFire Link

  9. https://megaup.net/2SAzm/RetroFE_LightGuns_Crisis_0.5.part08.rar // Alternative MediaFire Link

  10. https://megaup.net/3yy26/RetroFE_LightGuns_Crisis_0.5.part09.rar// Alternative MediaFire Link 9

  11. https://1fichier.com/?jegv7rekqiid6j0pbnub

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  28. https://1fichier.com/?vo70cv1t5tl1nwbq7cwz







 - In progress. I will add more soon. -

 How to enable Lightguns in Mame:



Second Part:




                        WIIMOTES / DOLPHIN BAR TUTOS by Ginzu.



Chaîne Youtube / Ginzu's Youtube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjVKvPckPpzCNX8BhuZ_FIg

















Sega Master System.sub

Sega Master System.sub


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Music GunGun 2 added
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il y a 15 minutes, juice a dit :

thanks alot mate for the time and effort that you took,this is great, any news how to change directory, i would like to run it in d drive , and how do i get it full screen (i am on 4k display)

keep up the good work

Hi !

You will have to change the directory of the game's shortcuts, especially for teknoparrots games.

So for exemple, right click on Operation ghost shortcuts ( located in collections/roms ) and select PROPERTIES, then you wil have to change the" target" and "start in" with the location of your CO LightGuns folder.

exemple:  in "Target"                  "D:\CO Lightguns\collections\- Arcade Rail Shooters\roms\Operation G.H.O.S.T\Game Loader All RH.exe"

                 in "Star in"                 "D:\CO Lightguns\collections\- Arcade Rail Shooters\roms\Operation G.H.O.S.T\Game Loader All RH.exe"


That s all !


Remember the only important thing is to have the correct path of the shortcuts !


Do the same for all Teknoparrots and AlRH Games !

Demul Games and Mame Games dont need this.


Now for 4k Resolution i m really not sure... i know how to change resolution but i dont know if all backgrounds and video will fit well...




So lets give a try !

In your CO lightguns root folder ,  open settings.conf with notepad++    Line 15 and 16 you can see resolution setted on 1920 x1080, try to change it to your resolution.


If that do the trick, perfect! if not, we will have to change settings in the layout i guess?




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"C : \ CO LightGuns \ emulators \ PCSX2 \ pcsx2.exe" " H : \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \ collections \ PS2 \ roms \ Endgame (USA) .iso"--fullscreen

CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED  이 작업을 수행 할 수 있어야합니다.


Edited by skyrain
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Il y a 2 heures, namos a dit :

Salut, Merci pour le taf !

j'ai essayé vite fait, j'ai des pb de liens alors que j'ai bien dezippé a la racine de C.. j'ai raté un truc ? faut pas un pack en plus ?

Tu as bien 10 liens ? quelle taille fait ton dossier Co lightguns une fois décompréssé ?

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il y a 5 minutes, skyrain a dit :

"C:\CO LightGuns\emulators\PCSX2\pcsx2.exe" "H:\CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED\collections\PS2\roms\Endgame (USA).iso" --fullscreen

CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED Je dois être capable d'agir ainsi.


Can you explain more ? i dont understand.

If you mean that Endgame doesnt launch in fullscreen , change this settings in PCSX2 not to your ISO.


H:\CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED\collections\PS2\roms\Endgame (USA).iso"   this is my directory on my computer so its useless to use it.

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c : 루트로 10 개의 압축 파일 압축 해제 약 50GB의 CO Light Guns 폴더가 있습니다. 일부 게임은 게임을 할 때 ROM 파일이 없거나 잘못된 링크로 인해 실행되지 않습니다. pcsx2 시리즈 및 VirtualCap과 같은 일부 게임이 없거나 제대로 연결되지 않았습니다. 그것은 완전한 로마 세트 아닌가요?

Edited by skyrain
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Il y a 16 heures, oroborus77 a dit :

Tu as bien 10 liens ? quelle taille fait ton dossier Co lightguns une fois décompréssé ?

Oui oui j’ai bien les 10parts, pas de problèmes lors de là décompressions et j’ai environ 50go, 48,7 un truc comme ça, j’ai testé que quelques jeux mais j’en ai pas mal qui ne fonctionne pas parce qu’il ne trouve pas la rom

Edited by namos
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Il y a 1 heure, namos a dit :

Oui oui j’ai bien les 10parts, pas de problèmes lors de là décompressions et j’ai environ 50go, 48,7 un truc comme ça, j’ai testé que quelques jeux mais j’en ai pas mal qui ne fonctionne pas parce qu’il ne trouve pas la rom

ouvre le raccourci du jeu en question en faisant un click droit de ssus et  "ouvrir avec notepad"

vérifie que le raccourci pointe bien vers là ou la rom est installée.

Mais normalement tu n as que les jeux teknoparrot qui ont besoin de cette manip.

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Il y a 7 heures, skyrain a dit :

c: décompressez 10 fichiers compressés avec root  Il y a environ 50 Go de dossier CO Light Guns.  Certains jeux ne s'exécutent pas en raison de fichiers ROM manquants ou de liens incorrects lors de la lecture des jeux.  Certains jeux comme la série pcsx2 et VirtualCap sont manquants ou mal connectés.  N'est-ce pas un ensemble complet de roms?


Vérifie les raccourcis des jeux

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몇 가지 확인 후 폴더에 ROM 파일이 없습니다. 대신 바로 가기 파일이 있습니다. 존재하지 않는 폴더에 연결되어 있습니다. H : \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \ collections \ ... 일부 게임은 다른 링크와 관련이있는 것 같습니다. 누락 된 ROM을 다운로드 한 것 같습니다.

Edited by skyrain
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il y a une heure, skyrain a dit :

Après quelques vérifications, il n'y a pas de fichiers ROM dans le dossier.  Au lieu de cela, il existe un fichier de raccourci.  Vous êtes connecté à un dossier qui n'existe pas.  H: \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \ collections \ ... certains jeux semblent liés à d'autres liens.  Il semble que vous ayez téléchargé la ROM manquante.

Non c est normal.

Quels jeux sont en cause ?


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"C : \ CO LightGuns \ emulators \ Dolphin for LightGuns \ Dolphin.exe"-e "H : \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \ collections \ Wii \ roms \ Resident Evil-The Darkside Chronicles (Europe) .iso"

"C : \ CO LightGuns \ emulators \ PCSX2 \ pcsx2.exe" "H : \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \ collections \ PS2 \ roms \ Virtua Cop-Elite Edition (USA) .bin"--fullscreen

"C : \ CO LightGuns \ emulators \ Dolphin for LightGuns \ Dolphin.exe"-e "H : \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \ collections \ Wii \ roms \ Resident Evil-The Darkside Chronicles (Europe) .iso"

대부분의 ROM 파일에는이 바로 가기 주소가 있습니다. ROM 파일이 어디에도 없습니다. 어떻게 실행할 수 있습니까? 문제가 있습니까? 나는 더 이상 이유를 모른다.

Ninja Assault.lnk

Virtua Cop.lnk

Resident Evil-The Darkside Chronicles (유럽) .lnk

Edited by skyrain
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Il y a 1 heure, skyrain a dit :

"C:\CO LightGuns\emulators\Dolphin for LightGuns\Dolphin.exe" -e "H:\CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED\collections\Wii\roms\Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles (Europe).iso"

"C:\CO LightGuns\emulators\PCSX2\pcsx2.exe" "H:\CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED\collections\PS2\roms\Virtua Cop - Elite Edition (USA).bin" --fullscreen

"C:\CO LightGuns\emulators\Dolphin for LightGuns\Dolphin.exe" -e "H:\CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED\collections\Wii\roms\Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles (Europe).iso"

La plupart des fichiers ROM ont cette adresse de raccourci. Le fichier ROM n'est nulle part. Comment puis-je l'exécuter? Y a-t-il un problème? Je ne sais plus pourquoi.

Ninja Assault.lnk

Virtua Cop.lnk

Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles (Europe).lnk

change :  "H:\CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED\collections\Wii\roms\Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles (Europe).iso"  par ""C:\CO Lightguns\collections\Wii\roms\Resident Evil - The Darkside Chronicles (Europe).iso"


I m making a fix with roms missing, i ve probably forgot to add them when packing CO.

Upload coming in next minutes

Edited by oroborus77
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On 2/2/2020 at 2:34 PM, oroborus77 said:

Liste non exhaustive des jeux :      Aliens 3 et Extemination ,Carnevil , Confidential Mission , Sega Golden Gun, Lost Land Adventure , Luigi Mansion , Ghost Squad (Wii) , Operation Ghost, Transformers H.A, Time Crisis 1,2,3 , House of the Dead 1,2,3,4 , Virtua Cop Series, etc...


Merci. Quelqu'un peut poster la liste complete des jeux?

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Il y a 1 heure, ducon2016 a dit :


Merci. Quelqu'un peut poster la liste complete des jeux?


Aliens Extermination

Area 51

Beast Busters


Confidential Mission

Crisis Zone

Dead Space Extraction

Death Crimson


Ghost Squad Wii

Sega Golden Gun


Haunting Museum

Haunting Museum 2

House of the Dead 1 à 4 + Overkill Wii

Lost World

LA Machine Gun + Gunblade Wii

Lets Go Jungle

Lets Go Island

Lost Land Adventure

Luigi Mansion Arcade

Lupin The Shooting

Maximum Force

Maze Of The King

Ninja Assault

Ocean Hunter

Operation Ghost

Operation thunder

Operation Wolf

Operation Wolf 3

Point Blank 1 et 2

Railchase 2

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicle

Star Wars Trilogy

Target Terror

Time Crisis 1 à 3

Transformers  Human Alliance

Vampire Night

Virtua Cop 1 et 2

Virtua cop 3 ( ne fonctionne qu aléatoirement chez moi..)




Ducon2016  si tu veux bien me laisser le temps de refaire une version clean du front end, je me sentirai moins con, là c est pas encore au  point malheureusement....

D ici ce week end j aurai le temps de refaire ça proprement.










Edited by oroborus77
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파일을 다운로드하면 대부분의 게임 바로 가기가 "H : \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \"컬렉션에 연결됩니다. 이 주소를 삭제하고 C : \ CO Lightguns \ collections로 변경해야합니다.

좋은 게임 시간 ~

Edited by skyrain
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il y a une heure, skyrain a dit :

Après avoir téléchargé le fichier, la plupart des raccourcis de jeu sont liés à la collection "H: \ CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED \".  Vous devez supprimer cette adresse et la changer en C: \ CO Lightguns \ collections.

good games time~

Forget about it and erase your Co Lightguns folder because i m making a new one would be easier to use on C drive.   I made mistake ,it s not on your side. My bad...

Trying to release new version this week end.

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il y a 37 minutes, skyrain a dit :

Il y a eu une petite erreur, mais merci d'avoir suivi le chemin des grands pionniers.  J'attends avec impatience la prochaine version.

Merci ;)  j y travaille en ce moment même.

On ne pourra pas ,à ma connaissance, utiliser CO Lightguns sans modifications si on l installe ailleurs que sur le disque C:   mais bon ça sera déjà ça et j expliquerai à nouveau

la marche à suivre qui assez longue mais pas complexe pour l installer sur un autre disque.

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Il y a 3 heures, RetroNegro a dit :

Also looking very forward to this. Thank you for your hardwork oroborus77! Will you use the upto.box to upload it again? That works well for me to download

Hello ! thank you for your interest.

Yes i will use uptobox again and probably megaup.net.


Make space on your C: Drive, the file is huge: ~ 80GB

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News: j ai terminé la structure du dossier, refais les raccourcis pour fonctionner sur le Disque C comme prévu.

il me reste encore quelques jeux (6) à paramétrés et qui me donne un peu de fil à retordre... mais j y travaille.


I finished the structure of the folder, redo the shortcuts to work on Disk C as expected.

I still have a few games (6) to configure and which gives me a bit of a hard time ... but I'm working on it.

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Ajout de Rambo en version Addon.


Extraire l archive à la racine de C:  ou copiez les dossiers "collections";"emulators" et " layouts" dans votre dossier CO LightGuns.

Unzip in C: root   or copy  collections,emulators and layouts folders in your CO LightGuns folder.


Prochain add : 2 Spicy.

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