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[Arcade PC] Swarm (Global VR) [Not working]


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The Swarm™ (Global VR)






Arcade Version
Arcade Launcher https://mega.nz/#!SXoWWCBB!SLOXwVlaEWtsZbwyg-IpPNStfCHnleNsJJSyO5U4Qmw

Swarm Arcade (Need Fixing) Request to Developers 




PC Version (Russian)

PC Version https://mega.nz/#!9sUCWYpD!Ss4EI3BVEDlu3yeaRkFrDa8VCvk1q2BIMZwW-gCiU_4



Note: ---

Thanks to
drift dongle guy


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3 minutes ago, emulor said:

I test PC version run perfect, it's like mix adventure/fps. One note: game language I don't know, but think itś russian.

I think arcade version it's rail gun shooter

It is.



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  • Team

Merci de me dire si le launcher a un rapport avec le jeu d'arcade (on dirait pas), sinon je vire direct ce post sans aucun fondement, en effet des tas de dumps sont dispo, ils sont listés la ou il faut, donc on va pas faire un sujet sauf si le dump est fonctionnel. merci de me le dire. cordialement

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5 hours ago, Mackie3009 said:

How do I use The Arcade one, Please


At the moment there is no decrypted exe as far as i know

For what is the loader ?

The arcade version got a setup.exe and INSTALLS on your system

I would NOT try that !


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On 1/1/2020 at 1:10 PM, spiderzsoft said:

Request to other Developers 

Since when are you a developer ? :ptdr:

What do you code ?

Basic ?

10 print "hello world"

20 goto 10

run ?

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i stand for my chineese i/o board to see if the game launch in the 4in1 GVR image HDD

And @PETJE I think he want says he need developers to finish the job  not him ... but i like your code lol it work on my Amstrad CPC :):) and a lot of Z80 machine and BASIC system


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