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[EMU] Nox - Soulcalibur widescreen on PC for first time


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2 hours ago, Technosylph said:

Better than Redream?


Have tried only nullDC and Demul; have not tried Redream yet, but apparently from youtube, it can't get Soul Calibur in full widescreen either (unless stretched).   Nox is great for getting all those Android games on your PC and so much easier that Bluestacks.   As an update to my initial post, the Google Play version of SoulCalibur may not show up in your Google Play unless it was previously purchased because now it appears delisted.  But it is still possible to obtain the SoulCalibur android files online and sideload.     

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On Demul with u can have widescreen support by using Action Replay codes with Cheat Engine:





SouCalibur 02266C28
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