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  1. Most things should work @ 720p, 5% of the non emulator games might not. Basically anything hard set to 1080p will probably give you issues. All the games that use mame or demul for emulation should work fine, they will just auto detect the resolution and run with it. ES* RING* TTX* games can be really tedious. The ones that run @ 1080p are hard set for it. It's either an ini file in the game directory that has resolution options, just find and edit it, or it's a patched exe file or it's a directx wrapper (dgvoodoo or jconfig or teknoparrot). Every game is usually different. You'll have to hunt through the files on a per game basis, it's not that difficult to work it out if you start looking. Some are simple, some are less simple. There's no central method that controls it, it's just done game by game and the first place to look is in the games directory. Just change it back from 1920x1080 to the games original resolution. 1280x720, 1360x768 1366x768 most of them will be. Many many hours were spent making some of these games render correctly @1080p and testing. Not just display, but getting the internal engine to actually render the game at a higher resolution. We just aren't interested in reversing that work. We understand that there are a lot of 720p Vewlix cabinets out there though and it's something people might want, it's just not something we are going to do. We don't even remember how we made half of those games work, if we had to document it, we'd need to go back and work it out ourselves how we did it. Some games are really simple though, you find the ini file and change the resolution lines and you're done, others are a real pain. FYI, it's going to get worse in future releases, most of the pc based arcade games added in the next release are all 1080p so far. All gun games are hacked up to use mouse controls. I would say hard no they won't work with hardware JVS as they are. JVS support is only for digital standard arcade buttons and games that support it. No idea on the Gundam game, we'll add it to the TODO list. Didn't even know it used 2 screens! If that functionality is supported in jconfig or teknoparrot, then we can add it. If not, then probably no.
  2. We made some errors with our COM port configuration in V3 beta. This should be solved in the next release, but for now the solution posted should get your JVS IO working. Someone was obviously drunk when they were getting the v3 image ready for release. For JVS users, please keep in mind that we knew JVS support would have some issues. That's the reason we released the beta when we did, so people could help us to test JVS support. You won't find yourself with a perfect JVS IO experience on this release. JVS does work, but it works with errors. If JVS users can keep posting any issues they find, we will get to looking at them all to try and fix them for future releases. We fully intend to work on JVS support in the future, it won't be left in a buggy state if we can help it. It's just for now it will have issues. The reason why we haven't tested JVS thoroughly is that testing requires every single game to be checked individually. You have to launch the game (if it runs), test controls for player 1 and player 2 if it's a 2 player game. Test the coin mech, set the game to freeplay if possible, run the test menu, check the game exit button combo works from the IO board instructions and that the game closes properly. It's just very time consuming. For games running under MAME this is a faster process, but for other standalone PC based games, this testing can be very time consuming. If you encounter errors or something isn't working properly, you can spend a whole day just trying to get one game working properly. This is especially true if the game requires a custom IO/KEY mapping. Sometimes you get lucky and everything just works, half the time you don't though. We're currently adding more games to the system. There will come a point where we have run out of (worthwhile) pc based arcade games to add, it's starting to get closer. We're doing this primarily on FASTIO as the FASTIO board is what we have configured for all games at this stage. We want to hit a point where we have added most of the games that could require custom IO mappings (non emulator based games) and then when we have those added, we will all start that time consuming task of testing every single game works properly with JVS. We aren't ignoring your reports of JVS issues, we just aren't focusing on them right now, they are all being logged and we will be sure to test and try fix any issues you have reported. Testing JVS support at the time a new game is added slows things down considerably, it's faster to add games in bulk, and then test JVS in bulk at a later time. We aren't looking at adding any more console games. Tatsunoko Vs Capcom was an exception because it's a rare arcade game not playable on emulation (not public anyways). We wanted to add it to the list before it was requested, one of us just decided to get onto it to see if it would work when it was brought up. If we were going to add more console games, we would probably just build a PC or a Console dedicated image for arcade cabinets, but this is not something we plan on doing at this stage. Coin-op only. @ub3rchu We can't test your coin mech problems right now, we suspect there will be a lot more of these issues in there but thanks for the report, we will get to testing them in the future. Our aim is to set every game possible in mame to freeplay, it's on the TODO list. This goes for all games, Freeplay for everything is our aim, we know it won't be possible, but we will try. Go into e:\system\am\romlists\multi.txt That file controls what games show in the lists and what order. Remove a line, it removes the game from the list. You can comment out a line by putting a pound # at the start of the line (in case you want to add it back later). The order games are in that list, is the order they will show in the frontend. That file is where you can add more games as well, but it's only 1 part of a lot more steps you need to do. You also have to write a line for each game by hand, these lines are not auto generated in this file, you just write a new line for each game. Copy paste a previous one and edit the parts that are different. We'll document how more things work in a future release. @NoKey The image is a Windows 10 image. It's all pre-built, you just write it to a HDD and boot from that HDD. The next release you will be able to play a lot of nice arcade racing games that aren't currently in there, but you will need an xbox one gamepad. (others might work, but we have set it up and tested it with a wired xbox one controller). These games won't really work with the joystick, so as much as we wanted this to all be playable with a joystick, there is now a bunch of games added that we wouldn't have added previously, and they are playable, but only with a game pad. There is now an icon for gamepad in the controls section of the frontend and when you goto a game that requires a gamepad, instead of the yellow buttons and joystick showing there, it's a gamepad. You will know the game needs a gamepad before launching it. Sega Rally 3, Wangan 5 + 6, Star Wars Pod, Mach Storm. There will be more racing games added in future. Same goes with some games that now require a mouse and a gamepad or mouse and keyboard. Final Fantasy Theatrythm requires a gamepad and a keyboard, so that shows in the menu, and Left 4 Dead is keyboard and mouse. Before anyone asks, gamepad support is on a per game basis only, we will not be adding gamepad support in general system wide. It's just not going to happen, but adding some games that require one to play is fine. Game exit and menu system will always be controlled by the buttons on your arcade cabinet. Not sure how far away a next release will be, it could be weeks, it could be months. It's more likely to be months than weeks. There will be more releases though.
  3. Thanks! It's been a lot of work but we are getting there. Work is continuing and there are already around 50 more games added to the next release. Everyone that works on this has day jobs so it's done in our spare time as much as we can. It's possible that the JVS IO code doesn't work with that JVS IO board. We don't have one to check the functionality of it. It seems to identify as a JVS v3.0 device and all of the devices we have tested so far have all been JVS 2.0. Not really able to help you any further on that issue unfortunately as without having one of those IO boards, or a JVS version 3.0 board we can't test it and confirm for you. We assume that you have tested the IO board with other stuff and it's working fine, just not with the multi image. We will tentatively mark this IO as a maybe it doesn't work with the system, and needing clarification for a JVS v 3.0 IO test. Just double check that you have tested both COM ports and that they were set as COM2 at the time, you can't have them both set to COM2 either, even if one is disabled. The easiest way to do this is to set 1 port to COM 10 or COM 20 and disable it (the number doesn't matter, just maek sure it's not COM 2), and set the active port to COM 2, reboot with IO plugged in. If it doesn't work, change your active port to COM 40 or something high and then disable it, re-enable the one that's disabled and then set it to COM 2. Make sure you restart the system each time after you change the settings with your JVS IO connected. Make sure JVS mode is enabled from the menu. You will know if it's working or not when it boots, because you'll be able to control the menu select cursor. If you can't do that, then it's not working, no need to play around with testing any further. If JVS is working, the menu will function and you will be able to control it. Unless someone else can confirm they are using a JVS 3.0 identifying IO board as per the IO boards on this list and it's working correctly for you? [Hidden Content] One of us does own a JVS PAC2, we might get them to play around with that and see if they can get it to function. We'll test it out when we get the time and let you know how it goes. This will most likely cause you issues though. You can't have a static keyboard mapping and make it work with all games. There's around 20 different keyboard mappings in use across the whole system. The default mapping does work with the largest amount of games but there are a lot of things scattered throughout that won't work with a static keyboard mapping. It's all hard coded in to map different keyboard mappings to the JVS IO buttons at a per game level as needed. The Fastio board you are using only supports 4 buttons and to date there is no way to change it that we know of. It's annoying because there are a lot of those IO's around. 6 button supporting IO boards are starting to get pricey. JVS support really is the future as there are a lot more TTX3's out there available than there are FASTIO's. Thanks for testing and reporting! @GTO77 Tatsunoko VS Capcom is now running @ 1080p with all the stuttering fixed on the 660gtx video card. It turns out it's one of the worst games for experiencing stuttering on the dolphin emu. It's working now. Dolphin is a good emu for frontends, it has batch commands to start and exit cleanly without leaving any emulator windows open, so it works well. It'll be in the next release. Very stubborn game to get running smoothly.....
  4. Thank you for clarifying this. It should work then. Leave the scaling set to GPU. If this was reset, then it seems that somehow the nvidia settings have been reset. The custom resolution may have been dropped for some reason. Did you change the default hardware video card at any time? See below. You need to make sure the custom resolution of 1024 x 600 @ 60hz is in your NVIDIA control panel. By default this resolution is not in the system. It is on the multi image though. Check the custom resolutions on the change resolution screen in Nvidia control panel. If it's not there then add it as a custom resolution. If you swap video cards, it seems to drop the custom resolutions. After you add that resolution, test it to make sure your TV can display this resolution, it's a bit of a strange resolution, but both of those games only run at that res. Make sure the Jconfig has dx9 wrapper still enabled and 1024x600 is the resolution set for that game. If you didn't touch the jconfig in the games folder then you won't need to check that. I'd say it's the nvidia control panel settings that have dropped the resolution it needs. @GTO77 IGS PGM full set will be in the next release. Tatsunoko Vs Capcom still has a minor stutter every now and then on the 680 video card. We think this is probably caused by the slower memory subsystem on the older I5 CPU and dolphin requiring a faster CPU/MEMORY setup. It's not a big deal, just every now and then when the larger graphical super moves happen, it sometimes pauses for about half a second. Otherwise the game plays perfectly on the 660 and the 680.
  5. @darkgunsou86 Thank you for taking the time to test and report. You really need to set your TV to 1080p, rewrite the image to HDD and don't touch anything in the NVIDIA control panel. These games are all set and tested with 1080p screen resolution. They can be very fussy about how they behave with different settings other than they were tested with or intended to be used with. There is no benefit to running your TV at 4K as none of the games will operate at this resolution. They don't behave like your average PC game where they just pick up the desktop resolution, the games are almost always hard set in the exe or by other means. Of course you can run at whatever resolution you like, but we have tested and confirmed at 1080p resolution. Lets go Island,Operation Ghost, Spica Adventure and Blade Arcus all run fine for us on the default multi image settings. We have no issues with those games. You shouldn't need to change anything in Nvidia control panel. There are a few custom things set in there that you need for Lets Go Island and Ghost Recon to work. * For Neo Geo, Neo Turf Masters doesn't launch. - Thanks for this, we've fixed it now. * For Naomi, all ok except Zero Gunner 2.- Thanks we have fixed it now. * For Laserdisk, Thayer's Quest controls don't work. Sometimes in Laserdisk games, the controls don't work and I have to power off and on the ttx3 manually to fix this. - Thanks, Thayers Quest not working for us, we will get this fixed. As for the controls not working sometimes, we will test this further. * For Atomiswave, Faster Than Speed can't use direction controls. Maximum Speed controls don't work except for view change. Sports Shooting USA mouse aiming don't work. Victory Furlong controls don't work. - These games do not operate so well with the controls and a joystick. We may just end up removing them. The shooting games have no crosshair in the original, it's meant to be this way. They are games of accuracy skill. So the no crosshair in the Atomiswave gun games is usually how the original is. Almost all the other gun games have a crosshair except Haunted Museum 1. * I'm not a fan of scanlines in MAME and I hope there's an option to disable them. I noticed that if I press coin insert key multiple times in succession, it will cause coin error and the game will restart. - Just google how to disable hlsl in mame. You just go into the emulator ini and disable it. It's not difficult. It's just a setting in the mame ini file. It will disable it for all games or enable it for all games. Pressing coin insert quickly and getting an error is part of the game, nothing can be done about that. * Blade Arcus from Shining sometimes doesn't start until I power off and on the ttx3. - Works fine for us on default settings * Launching Let's Go Island Lost on the Island of Tropics and Operation Ghost still doesn't work with mouse plugged in. ERRO DIRECT3D! error box shows up. Spica Adventure for TTX1 still doesn't work. - All games work fine for us on default settings Thanks for the game recommendations. For now we are focusing mainly on the arcade systems in mame, and we will start adding things from Teknoparrot that aren't there. Just keep in mind that the gamepad support will not be general gamepad support for all games. It will be specific games supporting it and they will be looking for a directly connected USB game pad when they do. We might add a small icon to the game tiles in the menu when a game requires a mouse or gamepad, this way you will know before you start the game. We have around 400GB left to full with games after the last round of additions, so there is a lot of space. Thank you again for all your testing and input. @GTO77 * For next round of games to be added, I would also like to nominate Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, if at all possible. - We've added this on dolphin. It works at double resolution on the 660gtx with the very occasional stutter (it's not macing cpu, ram or GPU ram by any means so not sure what the stutter is,). We'll test it on the 680gtx video card later. It should run @ triple resolution (1080p) with the 680 card.
  6. Well spotted. That typo made it in to a large number of the launch scripts across various systems. It's not required for the relaunching of the front end, as the path to the exe is explicitly set in the next line. So we didn't go back and fix it in every entry. It's really not needed anymore but it came across from the previous multi scripts and was left there. There's a pile of excess stuff in some of those scripts, but it's only a few lines and doesn't slow anything down.
  7. We can post from this account direct now, so going forward this will be our official posting account. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that has tested and reported issues, we really appreciate your time. @darkgunsou86 Q. I might get a Sinden lightgun in the future. It would be great if it would be supported in lightgun games. A. Without owning one of these, it's impossible to test or make it work. In the future we might try and add lightgun support, but without the hardware it makes it difficult. It will stay on the TODO list for now. We would like to add as many shooters as we can, but gun support is going to be difficult. In the future after we are happy we have added all or most of the games we want, we might get some hardware and go back and deal with this. Q. Will a Xbox Series X controller work by plugging it through the USB port? I intend to use the controller plugged in to avoid using batteries. A. This is our intention yes. Wired through USB or wireless through USB PC wireless adapter for controller. So far this will only be for games that require analogue and run on Teknoparot of Jconfig. @GTO77 Q. For those of us on arcade cabinets, is there a button or button combination for inserting coins? A. No, sorry there isn't. Had we thought of this at the start it would have been a really good function to have. Unfortunately now it will be a large amount of work and coding to go back and add this. It would need to be added to around 40 custom controller executables. Sorry but it's not going to happen. It may be possible to add this function to a button 7 if your cabinet has a button 7, but you would need to wire that button up to the FASTIO or JVS IO, which is no problem because i think most of them support 7 buttons. If we did that, it would only work on most games, not all games. But most of the games that require custom IO configurations work with free play anyway. We will keep this in mind and put it on the TODO/MAYBE list. We plan on setting all games to free play, it will just take a lot of time to do this. It will happen though if a game supports it. Q. In the NAOMI games section, when I select Zero Gunner 2 it boots up Toy Fighter (Toy Fighter also boots up Toy Fighter). -HLSL filter is good for older games like CPS1, but seems really heavy for the Cave shooters (maybe even CPS3). I think most of the newer CAVE shooters natively ran in 31k? The HLSL makes it a bit harder to recognize bullet patterns and detail on those games. I'll check out what MAME settings I have for those and report back. A. We agree that it looks better on some games than it does on others. We will add this to the TODO list, when we get a majority of the mame games added we will go back and try and tweak it more. If anyone has any suggestions in the interim, feel free to offer them up! Q. For next round of games to be added, I would also like to nominate Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, if at all possible. A. We will look into getting dolphin running for this game. No promises, but if it works we can probably add it quite easily. @darkgunsou86 Q. I encountered an issue with the Demul playing atomiswave and naomi games. I had plugged in a mouse to do some setup in the control panel and NVIDIA control panel. I enabled the pointer to see it then choose BLANK after I'm done. now launching atomiswave and naomi games gives an error. Error! (HRESULT = 80040154) DirectInput CreateDevice mouse FAILED. I have to plug the mouse into a USB port to play the games. A. This is something we never encountered as we always had a mouse connected. We can reproduce the error though. If any game requires a mouse to play, such as gun games. They are tested and will work with a mouse, no other configurations have been tested or are intended to work at this stage. If you want to play those games with other control methods, you do so at your own experimental risk. We can't really help with if they will or will not work. Feel free to test it, just understand these games can be very temperamental about controls especially the gun games. They are often hard coded to work with a mouse in the exe or have hard coded dll's hacked to work with a mouse. If you are playing a mouse shooting game, you will need a mouse and we don't see any reason to launch the game without it. Plug in your mouse! If you get it working with a gun or control pad, great, but i wouldn't expect too much on that front. Adding support for game pads in the future will also be for specific games only, it won't be generic support for all games. That's not how this multi works. It's game by game, each game generally has it's own settings/config and requires a lot of time to make a lot of these games function. The benefit is that we are doing this for 1 hardware platform, the TTX3. So we can make it work on that and it should replicate the functionality across all hardware the same. We say it *might work on other PC hardware, try it if you please, but there are no guarantees. What settings did you change in Nvidia control panel? You shouldn't need to change anything. It should work out of the box. Q. For Ring games, Launching Let's Go Island Lost on the Island of Tropics and Operation GHOST gets ERRO DIRECT3D! A. These games will run only with a mouse connected. Without mouse they won't launch. Q. For TTX games, Spica Adventure throws up 2 error dialog boxes in sequence. Both are gibberish as they might be in Japanese. the first box mentioned Direct3D. A. We have no issues with this game on TTX or TTX2 (same game one version is for NXL, but they are different installs so we added both versions). Q. For TTX2 games, Chaos Breaker auto returns to launcher a few seconds after battle starts. A. We can replicate this, thank you for the report, we will add this to the list to be fixed. Q. Gaia Attack 4 mouse and joypad doesn't work. can't select anything manually and can't return to launcher. A. We can replicate this, thank you for the report, we will add this to the list to be fixed. It's possible this game is hard coded to require the windows mouse cursor be active or it doesn't work. We will investigate further. @voidsickness Q. Wish I could just get the naomi and snk games for my current multi so I wouldn't need a 1tb drive and the nag screen. A. Sorry, but the "nag" screen is staying on our multi. It's to deter anyone trying to profit from the work and the reason for making this multi was to enable it for free, not for people to profit on ebay sales. If you want to add those games to another multi, it's not difficult, all the information is there. I'm sure someone will hack it apart and re-release it without the nag screen, we can't stop you. If you are doing that though, you are basically doing all the work again to make your own so you may as well just make your own! There are also other options out there. The Arcade Hustle multi, the Virgins multi, the Broken Arms multi. The naomi games are the demul set from archive.org and the neo geo games are from mame and use mame for the emulator. @everyone All Demul games and shooting games in general do not like the mouse being disconnected. We have a workaround for this. You can enable a feature in Windows so you can control the mouse with the arrow keys on the number pad. It's an accessibility feature. If you unplug the mouse and then enable this feature, the mouse cursor gets re-enabled and you can control it with the number pad arrows. This also tricks Demul and other games into thinking you have a mouse connected. It's a little tedious, but it works. We can enable and disable this feature via a registry key, so it is possible that we can add an enable/disable option for this in the UTILS menu in future so you don't have to do it manually. We might try and script all of this into one function on the utils menu to enable/disable the blank mouse cursor profile and to enable/disable the "control mouse with buttons" function so you will just have to select the option to enable or disable the mouse from UTILS, the system will reboot and it will do all of the required functions for you. We will add it to the TODO list. For now, see the picture below on how to make this happen. Just keep in mind you MUST do this AFTER you have unplugged the mouse. If you enable the setting, and then unplug your mouse, it won't work, it resets the setting. So you will need to use the keyboard to navigate to enable this setting. Also if you plug a mouse back in after you have enabled it, it will turn it off again. It's a bit tedious at the moment, but it is a workaround for now. Here is the current change log. FIXES * Shortcut for Blazing Star fixed (a lot of tired nights on this multi) * Shortcut for Toy Fighter fixed * HDMI audio disabled fixed * COM2 not working without changing settings workaround added ADDED * added CPS2 English set (will most likely add separate JP set for CPS2 as well) * ES3 Added Wangan Midnight Tune 5 1080p (teknoparrot gamepad xbox one controls setup - analogue steer and pedals) * ES3 Added Wangan Midnight Tune 6 (jconfig gamepad xbox one) * ES3 Added Tekken 7 FR Round 2 1080p * ES3 Added Lost Land Adventure 1080p * ES3 Added Lost Land Adventure Dome 1080p (added dome as well because the perspective of gun line in the dome fix version is weird) * ES3 Added Star Wars Pod 1080p (teknoparrot analogue gamepad controls) * ES3 Added Mach storm 1080p (teknoparrot analogue gamepad controls) BUGS * KOF 14 sometimes doesnt start, if you restart it a few times it will start. * SNK heroines is the same as kof 14 with not starting first time * Gaia attack 4 controls not working * Chaos breaker crash back to menu * Demul and gun games not launching without mouse connected.
  8. Taito Type X3 Multi Game - 720p For Original Hardware + Fastio

    new multigame release new topic is create discuss on new topic only 720p is abandon develop new topic is link here
  9. new ttx3 multi game copy/paste maker is wait account verify. bad user leak early so must share now ARTAX TTX3 MEGA MULTI - NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY - HOME USE ONLY V3 BETA release. Read the README it has a lot of info for you. Please only post about this multigame in this thread. This is not the same as the one in the other 720p thread, development on that system has been abandoned and this will be the new thread for this multigame. It may use the same menu, but this has been rebuilt for the ground up and has been created by different people. ~ This is a new release which has been created from the ground up. New Windows with all new scripts for launching games. 1080p is now the only supported resolution. It may work on 720p cabinets, you just have to try it, some games will not work at all. No support will be attempted for running on 720p machines. It's 1080p for this release. Even though most games still run at 720p or lower on this system, a lot of the newer stuff is hard coded 1080p. In the future we will make more attempts to hard code things to 1080p. ~ 1TB SSD Now required for use. ~ Horizontal screen only. NO TATE ~ JVS support enabled (switch from UTIL menu) ~ FASTIO support enabled (switch from UTIL menu) ~ Keyboard support enabled for all games ~ No card reader hardware is required for any games anymore. ~ It will run on the lower spec TTX3 unit, a lot of games will work a lot won't on the lower spec 640 video card machine. Just try it and see how it works. ~ More games added, now up to 400. Systems now added Atomiswave, Cave, CPS1, CPS3, ES3, Laserdisc, NAOMI (only 8 games added just for a test at this stage), NEOGEO, Ring*, TTX, TTX2, TTX3 More systems will be available in v4. V3 core functions needs some testing though. Please report any issues you have on original TTX3 hardware with FASTIO or JVS. It may work on pc's and other hardware, but no support or attempt to support those systems will be done here. Sure you can talk about it among yourselves, but we are only dedicated to making this system work on TTX3 original hardware. Make sure you report the IO board and your TTX3 model you are using if you are having issues. If you want to help other users out, you can also report if your IO board is working correctly and the model you are using. Some games are going to run slow on 660gtx video card now because of 1080p mode. You will need an upgraded video card for some games to work properly now. Fighting Layer is one good example, it's in slow motion now 1080p has been enabled. If you know how to make any more games run in 1080p that are not in 1080p mode, feel free to share the info. Most games still run @ 720p torrent: artax-ttx3-v3-beta.7z
  10. Taito Type X3 Multi Game - 720p For Original Hardware + Fastio

    new 1080p update beta is at server file post very soon explorer easy open for beta version.
  11. Taito Type X3 Multi Game - 720p For Original Hardware + Fastio

    new release can come 1 week beta version for test. beta can release today but some issue is discover and need to delay 1 week. JVS control is connect! all game can play JVS with beta. not fastio only jvs option is need test more people need bug test for report. beta for test for find bug and no work game. 99% game work fastio+JVS. i not answer question i not have answer sorry i must wait beta release.
  12. Taito Type X3 Multi Game - 720p For Original Hardware + Fastio

    some update laserdisc + cave beta release come soon 2 week maybe use on pc type + TTX3 fastio type 1080p resolution 720p many game no work more card reader is remove from all game no more need card reader all game pc keyboard + mouse or TTX3 + fastio can use jpac for control can work with many pc not only TTX3 ttx3 fastio is best jvs type will no be available is plan to future. convert to jvs will be many hour of work and test some user can help with test speed can be faster easy run explorer.exe easy run nvidia driver easy run regedit easy run cmd easy run more util plan easy change for fastio to jvs but many hour work artwork is many many hour work progress is slow for artwork game is atomiswave-cave-cps1-cps3-es3-laserdisk-neogeo-ring-ttx-ttx2-ttx3 cave speed full all game now 1tb ssd need beta have artwork template for user help create plan more game cps2-naomi-system16+18-GX-classic many many more many space for more game but artwork time is long
  13. Taito Type X3 Multi Game - 720p For Original Hardware + Fastio

    Some update for new version in making Maker have some problem from covid many covid in maker town add some delay but progress slow NO ETA