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    From my tests... Working Games: so far apm_x86.dll is not needed for any of the working games. Goonya Fighter - must have apm.dll in game folder. Will get cant load apm.dll error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed Pengo! Online - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get apm.dll can't be found error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed Puyo Puyo e-sports Arcade v1.01 - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get failed to run process in TeknoParrot. apm_x86.dll not needed Virtua Fighter e-sports - must have apm.dll in runtime\media folder. Will get failed to run process in TeknoParrot. apm_x86.dll not needed Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - must have apm.dll in runtime\media\vf5fs folder. Will get failed to run process in TeknoParrot. apm_x86.dll not needed Non working games. Tested by running exe without TeknoParrot. Can't fully verify since games do not work. Aleste - apm_x86.dll needed in root folder. Does not ask for apm.dll if missing. Crashes to desktop. Otshu DX - Loads developer title and gives C++ runtime error if apm.dll in root folder. Loads developer title and freezes if apm_x86.dll is in root folder or no .dll file is in root folder. Rolling Gunner - must have apm_x86.dll in root folder. Will get apm_x86 can't be found error if missing. apm.dll not needed. Game doesn't load at all. Tapping Skill Test - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get apm.dll can't be found error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed. Crashes to desktop Under Night Rebirth - must have apm_x86.dll in root folder. Will get apm_x86 can't be found error if missing. apm.dll not needed. Crashes to desktop Wonderland Wars - does not ask for either dll. Game boots after a shader render count down timer, but does not have input capabilities.
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    NOTE IF YOUR TTX3 HAS A NON 660GTX VIDEO CARD, MAYBE YOU UPGRADED TO A 680GTX OR A 780GTX, OR EVEN IF IT HAS A 660GTX AND IT IS NOT THE STANDARD ONE YOU MUST SET GPU SCALING IN THE NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL AND YOU MUST ADD THE 3 CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS IN THE README. YOU SHOULD CHECK THAT THESE SETTINGS ARE CORRECT FOR YOU. IT IS IMPORTANT WHEN YOU USE ANY VIDEO CARD THAT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL 660GTX, WINDOWS WILL RESET THESE SETTINGS EVERY TIME IN THE NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL. YOU NEED TO SET THESE OPTIONS TO WHAT WE WROTE IN THE README FILE SO GAMES WILL WORK CORRECTLY FOR YOU. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO IT ONE TIME AND IT STAYS CORRECT. IF YOU CHANGE VIDEO CARD AGAIN IT WILL RESET AND YOU NEED TO DO IT AGAIN. artax ttx3 mega multi v4 release thread torrent file download is here artax-ttx3-v4.7z TORRENT MIRROR [Hidden Content] ~~WHAT IS THIS~~ This is a multigame arcade image. It is designed to run on a Taito Type X3 hardware unit with either FASTIO or JVS IO board. It's built to work out of the box with the standard TTX3 unit that has the I5 cpu and 660gtx GPU. It will work on other computer systems, and most games are playable with a keyboard, but a lot of the games are configured to exit via key combos that come from the IO boards. Most games you will play fine with a keyboard only, but you will need to ctrl+alt+del process kill or alt+f4 a few of the games if you aren't using FASTIO or JVS. The image is built on Windows 10 LTSC. You need to write this image to a 1TB SSD and then you boot from the SSD. You don't install this on Windows, it's already done for you, just write the image and then boot from it. ~~WHAT WILL YOU NEED~~ - A computer or TTX3 unit with a JVS/FASTIO IO board. If you're using a computer you will want the internal io card from the TTX3 - XBOX 1 Gamepad, keyboard and mouse for games that require it. - Arcade cabinet? - 1TB SSD Drive - 1080p Screen(a lot of games will work on 720p screens, some won't, just try it and see what happens) - NO CARD READER REQUIRED 2 of the persons previously working on this will take a break from now as they no longer have time to dedicate to this project, so it's only 1 person for now. the project is not abandon, progress for adding games will be slower than before as we were 3, and are now 1 but i'll do my best. the last month has been very intensive working hours to get all this updated and games added. thanks to everyone who has helped and offer testing assistance. if you want to donate as a thanks for this project the XMR/monero address (starts 84 ends in NZ) is in the readme. we have hosting until the end of august, at which point we will need to start paying for hosting again, it's not a large amount (less than 10 euro/mo) but we are ok until end of august. if you have a seedbox you can offer to host this, we can get around that cost, send me a message if you do and we can chat. sftp access will be required and around 500-600gb space. or if you can make a mirror then please make a mirror and host. donate is not necessary, we will continue to work on this without donations. artax mega multi v4 is up to 580ish games now. a lot of stuff is fixed from the previous version, post here if you find any issues but read the readme first to see if your issue is answered in there. if you want lindbergh games, read the readme, you will see how to enable them in there. teknoparrot gun games don't work unless you setup your controls. the is not something we can avoid because it uses unique device id from your system for each mouse so we can't pre-setup this for you. maybe you can make guns work instead with teknoparrot if you have them. you can also make a steering wheel work with teknoparrot driving games if you have one, just change configure the controls in TP. joystick also work for teknoparrot games, star wars after burner etc. we added a little bonus of cuphead game. you will need to use all controls and exit game combo (ESC) to bring up the menu. it works ok and the game is awesome. also demul mouse fix reported for no mouse connected, easy hide mouse cursor and easy enable mouse cursor and some more! enjoy!
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    It's already done. We are not good with video, but we added a little splash. This version (v3beta) is now obsolete, please see the new thread for the latest release at the below link. Please discuss all issues with version 4 at the link below. I won't be working on this multi game any longer, one of the other guys will be taking over as the main creator (emulate58). I just can't continue to commit time to it like i have been recently. What started as a small hobby pretty much turned into a full time job. But don't worry Emulate58 put more of this system together than I did, so he is more than capable to continue work on it. I will take a seat as a user now and hope you guys continue to have fun with this. Thanks again for all your help with it!
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    Nota: Il s'agit d'un loader de Sega Nu, Europa-R, RingWide, RingEdge, RingEdge 2, Namco ES3X, Namco N2, Sega Lingbergh, eX-Board (et accessoirement de Taito Type X/X2/X3/Nesica, même s'il existe déjà des loader pour ça à commencer par celui de romhack et celui de ArcadePC dit "All Rh"). Il ne s'agit PAS d'un émulateur (tout au plus, il y a une émulation de certaines commandes d'entrées/sorties). Il ne s'agit pas d'un support officiel de ce chargeur, ni d'un thread à la gloire de Reaver, il s'agit juste d'un topic qui informe de ce qui est disponible et d'une entre aide sur comment lancer les jeux. Le crédit revient aux auteurs respectifs (1cc / Teknogod Dev / All RH / etc.). En aucun cas emuline ne prendra parti pour les uns ou les autres, seul l’amusement avec les jeux sur PC nous intéresse, toute tentative de conflit sera systématiquement supprimée pour le bien être du forum et non par simple censure. Merci de votre compréhension. This is not an official support of this loader, nor a thread to the glory of Reaver, it is just a topic that informs of what is available and a between help on how start the games. The credit belongs to the respective authors (1cc staff / Teknogod Dev / All RH / etc.). In no case emuline will take part for one or the other, only the fun with the games on PC interests us, any attempt of conflict will be systematically suppressed for the well being of the forum and not by mere censorship. Thank you for your understanding. -- Post original -- site officiel: [Hidden Content] patreon and infos: [Hidden Content] sources: [Hidden Content] forum officiel: [Hidden Content] Wiki, tuto, fix: [Hidden Content] Score submissions: [Hidden Content] En premier lieu pensez à mettre à jour vos fichiers systèmes: [Hidden Content] in One Runtimes (pack propre, sans install de saloperie, se supprime tout seul et vous pouvez décoché les features qui ne vous intéresses pas comme Java par exemple. Notez que pour certains jeux comme MarioKartDX vous aurez aussi besoin de l'installation du SDK de direct X. Le end user runtimes étant déjà intégré dans le pack mais si vous ne voulez pas mettre ce pack alors mettez le runtimes vous même: - DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010): [Hidden Content] (normalement présent dans le pack de sereby) - DirectX SDK (June 2010): [Hidden Content] ) Configuration des pads via Xpadder: Config xpadder avec activation du rumble (que pour les jeux de courses) config xpadder only racing game: Fonctionne sur n'importe quelle version du loader: Teknoparrot rumble racing.zip xpadder (Merci a 7zxkv): v2021: lien v2020: lien v2019: lien. v2018: lien. v2017: lien. Fichier perso xinputmapping 1.04 a 1.06: [Hidden Content] Sauvegarde perso des jeux: Pack de sauvegarde pour tous les jeux (comprend la carte et j'ai changer le niveaux de difficulté en easy pour id6 et SDR paramétré aim trak + sous titre français): TeknoParrot save all game and card id6.zip LOADER public and Patreon: Fichiers obsolètes: Avant toute chose, sachez qu'un miroir de toutes les versions est disponible sur ce lien et ici. First of all, be aware that a mirror of all versions is available on this link and here. La dernière version est soit disponible sur le miroir soit sur le site officiel. Change log: voir post 2. --------------------------------------------- - Liens du type mega://enc2 & mega://fenc2 sont téléchargeables uniquement avec mega downloader 1.7, jDownloader etc. - Liens IPFS téléchargeables avec IDM, Jdownloader, Free Download Manager (non ouvert H24) | IPFS is not round the clock - Les fichiers bin (Lindbergh notamment) se décompressent avec PowerIso (une demande = post supprimé + avertissement) | Bin files are extractable with PowerIso (all related requests will be deleted + warning): check here Penser également à regarder si les jeux utilisent les fichiers présents ici (parfois indispensables). Voici les jeux exclusifs que TP gèrent (donc hors Nesica, TTX, exBoard, etc, émulés/hackés également ailleurs): Dumps: """""""""""" Virtua_Tennis_4 (RingEdge): """""""""""" Melty_Blood_AA_CC + Update (RingWide): """""""""""" Sega_Racing_Classic (RingWide): """""""""""" let's go island (RingWide): """""""""""" Sega Sonic All Star Racing (RingWide): """""""""""" Initial D arcade stage 6 AA (RingEdge): """""""""""" SDR:Sega Dream Raiders (RingWide): """""""""""" Sega Golden Gun (RingWide): """""""""""" Ford Racing (Sega Pc Based like Sega Ring) """""""""""" Sega Rally 3 (Europa-R): """""""""""" Chaos Code (RingWide): """""""""""" Operation G.H.O.S.T (RingWide) : """"""""""""""" Initial D arcade Stage 7 AAX (RingEdge) : """"""""""""""" Mario Kart GP DX (Namco System ES3 A) : """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Raid + Update (RingEdge) : """"""""""""""" Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity (RingEdge) : """"""""""""""" Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 / DX(+) (Namco System ES1 / ES3) : """"""""""""""" Sonic Storm aka Mach Storm (Namco System ES3) : """"""""""""""" Outrun 2 SP SDX (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" Afterburner Climax (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" Transformers + Final (RingEdge 2) : """"""""""""""" Initial D 4 Export + Jap (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" Let's go island 3D (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R & v1.11 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Pokken Tournement / 2015 (Namco ES3B) """"""""""""""" School of Ragnarok (Taito Type X3) """"""""""""""" Initial D 5 Arcade Stage (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" GTI Club 3 (Konami Pc Based) : """"""""""""""" Daytona 3 (Sega PC Based) : """"""""""""""" Virtua fighter 5 ver. B & C & R & Final Showdown & Esports (Sega Lindbergh Yellow & ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 3) """"""""""""""" House of the Dead 4 (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Virtua Tennis 3 (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz (RingWide) """"""""""""""" Puyo Puyo Quest (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Elysion (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" MaiMai GreeN (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Under Defeat HD+ v1.1 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Arcade Love with Pengo & v1.1 (RingWide + RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Race Driver: GRID (Europa-R) """"""""""""""" Sega Race TV (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Let's Go Jungle / Let's Go Jungle Special (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Project Diva Arcade / FT (Sega RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Counter Strike Neo (Namco N2) """"""""""""""" Too Spicy (Sega Lindbergh Red) """"""""""""""" Groove Coaster 2 (Taito TTX0/Nesica?) """"""""""""""" Rambo (Sega Lindbergh Red Ex) """"""""""""""" Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate + Update & v2.6 (2.06) including all dlc (Sega RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Fighting Climax + Update & v1.30 (Sega RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Snocross (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" Guilty Gear Xrd : Sign + Update & v1.11 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" K.O. Drive (Sega RingWide) """"""""""""""" Final Fantasy THEATRYTHM (TTX3) """"""""""""""" Luigi's Mansion Arcade (Sega Nu 1.1) """"""""""""""" Tekken 7 Fated Retribution + R2 + Tekken 7 Vanilla (Namco System ES3) """"""""""""""" Star Wars: Battle Pod (Namco System ES3) """"""""""""""" Dirty Drivin (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" Ghost squad Evo (Sega Lindbergh Red) """"""""""""""" Caladrius.AC v1.0 (Sega RingEdge 2 via ALL.Net) """"""""""""""" H2Overdrive (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" Border Break Scramble (Sega RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Exlesia (Sega RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Yugioh 5DS Duel Terminal 6 (Konami) """"""""""""""" Batman (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" O.N.G.E.K.I v1.0 & v1.5 aka Plus & Red+ (Sega) """"""""""""""" Let's go safari (Sega) """"""""""""""" Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 + Update & v2.10 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Gaelco Games """"""""""""""" Police Trainer 2 (Team Play) """"""""""""""" Star Trek Voyager: The Arcade Game (Team Play) """"""""""""""" Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late[st] v3.30 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late v2.3 (2.03) (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Fighting Climax Ignition v2.32 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Blade Arcus from shining v2.10 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Blade Stranger v1.3.2 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Melty Blood v1.07b (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Koihime Enbu RaiRai v2.13 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Phantom Breaker v1.10 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing (Lindbergh) """"""""""""""" Primeval Hunt (Sega Lindbergh Red) """"""""""""""" Street Fighter V: Type Arcade (TTX4) """"""""""""""" Storm Racer G (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 (Namco ES3) """"""""""""""" ALL.NET P-Ras Multi ver. (Sega) -------------------------- Autres dumps (déjà fonctionnels de manière autonomes): Justice League Heroes United => topic ici Fast and Furious => topic ici Fast and Furious + Drift => topic ici Fast and Furious SuperBikes => topic ici Fast and Furious SuperCars => topic ici Superbikes 2 => topic ici GHA => topic ici Initial D Arcade Stage Zero => lien ici (old topic) (fix) NickToons racing => topic ici et là FarCry Paradise Lost => topic ici Joe Madden => topic ici Blazing Angels => topic ici Disney Pixar Cars => topic ici Radical Bikers = > topic ici Contra Evolution Revolution => topic ici Une centralisation de tous les patchs de cette page utilisés dans les jeux jouables avec TP est disponible ici. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dernière chose: - TP Blacklist Patcher : TPBlacklistPatcher.7z. Removes the "other emulator" blacklist from TP allowing it to be used without disturbing any Jconfig files Jconfig versions that come with a replacement game exe should have the adjacent dll renamed if there are any issues Works on TTX, NxL and all other games (it's recommended to use Jconfig for those anyway). - Coin enabler patch by Spindizzi : topic - Des patchs supplémentaires (HD etc) peuvent être disponibles sur la page de GL AllRH. - Des patchs et loaders sont aussi disponibles ici (IdMacX + Jconfig + JVSemu + Nesica Unlocker + R2 Unlocker + SpiceTools + BemaniTools). - Un miroir des jeux est disponible ici (non ouvert H24): [Hidden Content] Les liens ipfs sont à télécharger avec IDM, Jdownloader, Free Download Manager, etc. En 2021 un autre lien est dispo et téléchargeable par ipfs desktop (Note de Reaver): WARNING this method seeds files to others, so suggest use VPN if concern install [Hidden Content] in program, go to "Files" click "+ Import" button, then "from ipfs" paste in the box: QmVWLEJxaDQPSXDNQ6Rs9mo91veq8BCR1LDTAYSWN7ukjJ when folder appears in "files" tab, you can download "the games" plz leave program running in systray to help share Autres miroirs: - D'autres jeux en miroir sont également téléchargeables ici: VirusMan Mirror et [Hidden Content] - ArcadePunks en propose également sur cette page (new first) (old releases). - Dumps Lingbergh décryptés (le jour ou Teknoparot permet de lancer les jeux): PS: Merci à tous ceux qui ont contribué pour ces merveilleux liens. Et merci a POOTERMAN (miroir) et Trymado pour ces merveilleuses images - Game genre folder icons: here - Another version I made is available here - As for the sytem icons they are a customised version here - Mirror here
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    Ah it can hard to find stuff in all the amazing content in these threads. Oh well i had fun writing my own packer anyway! :D
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    Most people use vpns like ZeroTier to play over distance Since the actual method as with server player search is kinda useless when you arent in a private network (but those calls should be similar to HV server calls)
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    There are a lot of posts of people not able to download from uptobox (Virusman's site) Here are instructions on how to download files from uptobox with minimal waiting. Normally you have to wait 2 hours between downloads, with Hola vpn you only have to wait 59 seconds. You need to use the Chrome browser. The free version of Hola does have a time limit as well, but i think you get 15 minutes the first time, then have to wait 59 seconds, then have to wait 20 minutes. The full time will reset after a little bit. Depending on the size of the game it might take a little while to all of the downloads, but it is better than having to wait a few days, or find other download links. 1. Click this link to go to the Hola VPN extension site. [Hidden Content] Click Add to Chrome button. Then click Add Extension. Close the Hola web page that pops up. You do not need to install the desktop client. 2. Click the puzzle piece in the top right corner of chrome. Click the pushpin next to Hola VPN to pin it to your extension tools. Now you will have a flame icon in your extensions. 3. When you get to uptobox's site and it says that the page is not allowed. Click the flame icon. Click the flag in the change country to. Then click stay free limited. 4. Choose the country you want to use. UK, France, Germany are good choices. 5. If uptobox does not change to the download screen. close the web page, and click on the link to the download again. Uptobox will now load the download page. 6. wait 59 seconds to begin download. then click download file. 7. once download starts... you see the download in the bottom left corner of Chrome, close uptobox website. Click on next link you want to download. When uptobox says you have to wait 1 hour, click the flag icon in the bottom right corner of chrome. . Click no to the is it working prompt. Uptobox will reload, and the wait time should be 59 seconds. You might have to do this a few times. If it still doesn't work use a different country. Once the download starts, close uptobox and do this step again. 8. When you are done downloading, click the flag icon like in step 7, and click stop vpn to stop the timer on hola vpn. Your downloads will still download without the vpn enabled. Sometimes when you click the download button it will reset back to the 59 seconds, and you will have to wait. It seems to happen more when you click on a different webpage while waiting. Screen shots Page is not allowed I started Hola VPN and now I can access Uptobox. It says I have to wait 7 minutes. I click no to is it working in the bottom right Now i have to wait 59 seconds I have 2 downloads running, and it says i have to wait an hour. I click the flag icon in the bottom right, click no to is it working Now I have to wait 59 seconds to start the 3rd and final download of Tekken.
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    Supermodels Assistant + SVN862 + Reshade CRT Shaders [Hidden Content] No Roms provided and you might have to change settings for your setup/controls. CRT shader setup is subtle. I'm not fond of overdoing it as it either looks ugly or dark. Uses Cathode for scanlines and a slight blur effect using Frutbunn I think it looks nice but it's all down to taste. Kind of a high res or large screen CRT If you don't want shaders del following files in supermodel folder. opengl32.dll opengl32.log ReShade.ini ReShadePreset.ini & reshade-shaders folder Takes a while to load frontend be patient. Enjoy!
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    TTX : [Hidden Content] pass: Trymado Nesica: [Hidden Content] pass Trymado pour la configuration [Hidden Content] (et non ce n'est pas au bon endroit :))
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    A20 2020-02-03 [Hidden Content] Update to 03-17 [Hidden Content] Do some research on your own man...
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    Centralisation des traductions française MARIO KART DX- Version bêta 1.h du 04/08/2019 Voici la version 1.h [Hidden Content] Ce patch fonctionne que sur la version 1.10.22 de Mario Kart GP DX ROAD FIGTHER- Voici la traduction a 99% Toujours a décompresser à la racine du jeu [Hidden Content] J' ai changé les photos des concurrents en mode challenge par des acteurs de films de caisses Lost Land Adventure -Sous titres fr [Hidden Content] a mettre a cette place la Lost Land Adventure\LLA\DomeShooterGame\Localization\INT WMMT5-Version 0.1 Cette traduction se base sur le travail du patch anglais de Tatoohanz si cela le dérange pas (sinon qu'il me le fasse savoir) v0.1: [Hidden Content] Ces fichiers sont à décompresser à la racine du jeu ou se trouve le fichier "wmn5r.exe" Time Crisis 5- INT (mediafire.com) A placer Time Crisis 5\TC5\TimeCrisisGame\Localization\INT Project Diva Future Tone Nous avons @Virus-man et moi le plaisir de vous proposer cette traduction Un travail de plusieurs semaines qui abouti grâce a l'esprit d'équipe et d'acharnement de travail patch fr Project Diva.rar (uptobox.com) Un readme est dans le patch pour l'installation de celui-ci Luigi Mansion Lien via le site de Virus Man LMA (VMs).7z (uptobox.com)Ceci n'est pas un patch mais le jeu en intégralité frActiver export dans Teknoparrot pour profiter de la traduction fr PuyoPuyo Esport Jeux complet fr avec apm inclus et traduction Puyo Puyo e-Sports Arcade (V-M's).7z (uptobox.com) Attention si la sauvegarde avec Aime arrive une mise a jour pourrait sortir Version 1.31.00 Voici le patch du 07-03-21 Mod fr Initial D Stage Zéro bêta A10 ATTENTION patch trop lourd pour en une partie il est a télécharger en 4 parties Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part1 972 méga [Hidden Content] Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part2 972 méga [Hidden Content] Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part3 972 méga [Hidden Content] Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part4 934 méga [Hidden Content] Décompresser avec Winrar dans le dossier du jeu :\SDDF_1.31.00\app N'oublier pas de faire une sauvegarde de vos originaux Version 2.11.00 Voici le patch Mod fr Vers B2 a placer (copier coller) dans le fichier package du jeu Bon jeu a tous et toutes Patch en une partie Mod fr Vers B2 : [Hidden Content] A SUIVRE ...........
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    I use that for working isos: GX XGD Extract v00.10.10 - Xbox and Xbox 360 ISO Extractor & FTP Uploader [Hidden Content] CreateISO - Creates ISO of Jtag / RGH Xbox 360 Games from Files / Folders: [Hidden Content] ---------- Get any isos, extract with GX XGD Extract in a folder, and with CreateISO make a new iso. All work fine there.
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    You're using ASIO4ALL? Check if your soundcard is selected in the ASIO4ALL off-line settings and not some other device
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    v4 is the same as v3 method for game launch. it is not difficult, most game will just run the method to run the game from the dos prompt. so if you can run the game from the dos prompt this is the method to run the game, there is no secret. same with the emulator. how to run the emulator from the dos prompt is the method to run the game from the attract mode. you can just put this in the batch or autoit script or build the exe. attract mode will suport many method to run games. e:\pathtogame\exefilename.exe this is how to run the cuphead game. just look at google for how to run pc game in attract mode and all the information is there. if you can run the game from the dos prompt you can copy the command you use from the dos prompt and add it to the bat file and it is the same method. sometimes the game will not run if the windows desktop is not active, pc games are most time very easy and just work properly. arcade pc base games can be very difficult to make launch correctly for some games. some pc based arcade games will take 1 whole day to make work correct, some games will need special registry setting, some games are just asshole..... but a lot of games are simple to make work. but this difficult work is a lot all done now and it is done for everyone on the artax multi. we did not lock down the multi game, we added the tools to make it easy for the user to edit and change things with the utils menu. we can make this very difficult to change any setting on this multi with gpo and lock the image very strong, but why do we want to do this. if you want to change or add the game then this is great for you! for me there is no need for the pc section because if the game is the pc game, i will add it to the game group in v4 like shmup or sports etc. same with the cuphead. for the pc games, some games will take up a lot of space and fill the ssd very fast. pc games and control are also a difficult task. you can only use 6 buttons on the arcade cabinet, and the start button, and maybe some extra button combo to trigger 1 or 2 more key stroke. some pc games will require the esc and the enter and it is not possible to remove the need for this button. also the game will require more than 6 buttons to function. so before we add the pc game we need to make sure the control will be acceptable. for now it will just be the arcade game with 1 or 2 special pc game. cuphead is a special amazing game so it was added.
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    excellent work Pa0l0ne! if you add some games you can appreciate the long time it takes to create this setup. it is not difficult it is just a very slow and you might lose some hair. if the user want to pay the money for some other release, then this is not so smart. this is how the artax multi game was started. one creator wanted to have the multi game for the ttx3 with the lindbergh game and one person wants to private sell to them for €400 for the software image only. this is almost 2 week salary for me and i cannot buy this, so the artax mega multi game was made to help stop the people selling the €400 multigame. the demo was shown and it was just the virgin multi game with the lindbergh game added selling for €400. now there is artax for €0. some people just like to profit from anything, this is not something new and it is going all the time. we hope that some user who does not have the money to buy the expensive multi game can make this multi game work and enjoy the arcade games.
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    Time Crisis 5 is a arcade game by Bandai Namco released in 2015. It uses the Unreal Engine and runs on Namco System ES3 Game dumped by Lee Use Mouse to play. Xbox controller is compatible but there's no input for aiming Jconfig here: Time Crisis 5 100% emulated! NOTE: Copy the emulator to the RSLauncher.exe file directory and run it. NATIVE KEYS: - Shift + H = Crosshair - Ctrl + W = x, y coordinates - Ctrl + Q = Quit - F11 = Window Mode NOTE2: - To play with Lightguns put in value: 4 - less sensitive - To calibrate, in some cases, increase the deadzone in jconfig To remove the double shot of the mouse, disable these two lines below: \ TC5 \ Engine \ Config \ BaseInput.ini ; Bindings = (Name = "LeftMouseButton", Command = "Fire") ; Bindings = (Name = "RightMouseButton", Command = "AltFire") Traduction fr : NOTE:- NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) if not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
  18. 1 point
    Glad to know. Although somewhere in this thread a few pages back I remember the following: 1. Someone shared a suite of tools 2. Someone also made a how-to guide (YouTube video) particularly about jackets and thumbnails
  19. 1 point
    Do you use the version iDmacX64 v1.0 2020 10 29 ?? which version of iDmacX64 do you use? is there any link?
  20. 1 point
  21. 1 point
    in game loader window size tab, i have my "setting 1" resolution set to 1600x1080 and it looks fine here, its a little wider than using setting 0 which like you say looks narrow. i have 1920x1080 monitor.
  22. 1 point
    EVERYONE after this post i will not help any new issue who is using this on a system that is not a ttx3 system.if you have made a post already i will try to help you but after this i will not reply to any issue where the system is not the ttx3. i have now had report from 3 users that the v4 multi is working very well on the ttx3 hardware it was made for. over 100 download of the multi game now and very small number of issue reports. there are some small little game issues but overall it is very good v4. i want to say thankyou to all user who report the issue and make the time for the testing. if you want to make a post to help each other this is fine, but i am sorry i cannot help it is just too much time for me to try to help with a custom system. this multi was made for a ttx3 arcade hardware system to use the 1080p screen and the fastio or jvs. it is possible that it can work on a different system or a different pc, and if you like to try it that is great but you may experience some problems or it may not work at all. if you want to edit the multi and change games or change the way things work i will not help with this. the multi game is made so you can buy the ttx3 buy the ssd and write the image and all the game will just work. when you start to edit the game and edit the operation system then you will need to seek the help of the other user here if you have a problem with this. if you can make something work for example with a 4k, please post how you can do this and other user will find this information helpfull. if you want to just download the image and copy the games partition to your computer for an easy way to get all the game files then this is ok as well. but i can only help with issue on the ttx3 hardware with the arcade io board fastio or jvs. there is one user who will write a nice guide for the ttx3 system with pictures so you know what to use for the future user. there is very small amount of problem with the v4 image. i will try to fix the issues that have been found for the next version. i will not make a 4.1 version with a small fix for the current games because the number of game issues is so small. v5 will be the next version with more game added. v5 maybe sega naomi will take a very long time to add all the games for this system. we can make a lot of analogue games work with joypad only but we will try. toaplan 8ing system 16* small number of ttx games missing a lot of pc base driving games are missing i will try to add.
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    Current issues I have found (some are probably well known): Border break scramble doesn't go fullscreen and Operation ghost has 1/3 of screen glitched out in fullscreen. Using borderless gaming as workaround. The fast and the furious Drift shows error failed to load dll. Tried game on C:\ at root. Same error. The fast and the furious Superbikes loads the boot menu and then exits. I tried the patched exe and redownload whole thing. Ideas anyone? Perhaps needs a fix in tekno?
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    [Hidden Content] Don't know but it works fine. I'm not signed up for that site. As for the Frontend I will have another look about. Edit: Only place for supermodel assistant seems to be supermodel3.com I'm not signed up so don't know if it's still there.
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    Oui je refai un topic qui sera unique pour toutes les traductions remise en lignes ce soir
  27. 1 point
    Bonjour voici la Traduction française de PuyoPuyo Esport Traduction des textes non graphiques, merci pour sont taf Traduction des textes graphiques voici la vidéo du mod fr Jeux complet fr avec apm inclus et traduction Puyo Puyo e-Sports Arcade (V-M's).7z (uptobox.com) Attention si la sauvegarde avec Aime arrive une mise a jour pourrait sortir
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    thankyou! same windows 10 version but the newest rollup patch has been applied to v4 not to v3. shutdown issue for v3 was caused by king of fighters mira. v3 image was working fine until we try to add kor mira using game loader allrh game and this game did something to the operating system to make it have all kinds of issues. after we added this game and it performed the reboot the system started rebooting where it wasn't rebooting before. this is part of the reason why v4 operating system had to be completely rebuilt from fresh again, there was something wrong in the v3 windows install (we spent so many hours trying to fix this before we decided to just reinstall). this issue does not exist in the v4 operating system, v4 operating system is clean. reinstall for the operating system is a lot of work, many games don't work at first and you have to go and run each one of them and set jconfig/rconfig registry settings and wrapper settings. we will never reinstall the operating system from now, i can't do this much work for 1 person, it will take months. i will just build on top of v4 from here. happy to hear it's working for you
  29. 1 point
    Just to report that everything works great for me. Great job! Was a different version of Windows 10 used than the one in V3? I had resolved the issue with shutdowns for all the games (including the newer TTX3 ones), but still had an issue with MAME and Demul games shutting down after 25-30 minutes. Happy to report that seems to be fixed now with V4. I've been playing for two days and not a single random shutdown!
  30. 1 point
    uncheck the wasapi shared + 16bit 48000Hz dont work ?? test this in iidx28.conf (only with bemanitools ?) wasapi=false asio=true download asio4all and set your asio buffer size to 64 and your sound to 16bits 96000Hz for very low audio latency (48000Hz if you can't 96000Hz)
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    Hello! This is the DJMAX Technika 1 arcade dump: [Hidden Content] (Arcade Dumps)/Dj max/DJMAX Technika 1 International 4 AC Data/ You just need to download the files, unzip them and run Client.exe to run the game (touchscreen recommended). I recommend downloading from the mirror link, since with the first one, the game doesn't work. (?) This game doesn't work without a security dongle, at least as far as I know. In the content unlocker folder, there are jut a few .dat files, and if someone knows how to use them, any help would be appreciated. (mirror)
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    [ Street Fighter V Type Arcade Icon ] The old icons are great too. However, I made a new icon that kept the original proportions. If you need, use this icon.
  33. 1 point
    oui il tourne sous tecknoparrot le lien au 1er poste est le jeu complet avec son apm au bon endroit
  34. 1 point
    Hey guys, Here's another dump I came across for Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade released by Bandai Namco in 2014. It looks like a raw dump, not sure if it runs on PC architecture or requires a loader but apparently is going to be supported by Teknoparrot soon. Trad French: French Trad.rar -- Somes HD Patchs: Full Screen.7z Fullscreen 2k-4k beta.rar SWPB SD 720p _ FreePlay.rar Patch Fullscreen 1080p v6.rar Patch Fullscreen UHD for Win7-Win10.rar Star Wars Battle Pod Fix Fullscreen v2.rar -- Fix par Ducon: FixDomeSW-v2.7z FixDomeSW-v5.7z before after
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    That 8114 error is your port 80 already being used probably by windows free up port 80 than run start bat in monomer than launch exe also you can try starting in windowed than use boarderlrss gaming to go full screen also try placing on C drive
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    CRT-Geom MOD Enhanced CRT shader using Reshade by Ducon2016 and Houb DOWNLOAD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated 2020-04-22 (New updated configs for Demul, Model2Emu et SuperModel3 are available) Check bellow ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated 2020-02-21 (v3.1 : bugfix, improved bezel support) For more than a year now, we are working together with Ducon2016 to supply the most perfect solution (we hope so!) to get a nice CRT effect on old and new PC games (and also Arcade PC games). (it also works with emulators, some configurations have been already shared, but it's not the original goal) This Shader is based on the excellent and well known CRT-Geom shader for ReShade. The ReShade's dll have been customized to be able to force a resolution because the effect optained needs at least a FullHD resolution to be displayed well (dlls have been recently updated to the last today ReShade version 4.5.4) Here a list of the most important and exclusive features we added to this shader - Uses of Texture/Video/Screen sizes to allow the games to be stretched at full display size (over than their original sizes). - Crop options (starts/ends) to apply the CRT effect only on a specific part of the game display - PassThroughBorders to show the original game display outside of the CRT effect area. - Full geometry support (Ratio/Zoom/Offsets,...) - Automatic and simulated ratio ajustement over screen and game sizes. - Display rotation for TATE games with automatic ratio adjustement and full option support. - Ability to enable and disable completely the CRT effect (geometry options still available even without CRT effect) - Option to self-enable the CRT effect when conditions match (pixel test) - Better results by reducing even more the moire effect (oversample option enhanced) - Enhanced grill display to match perfectly the curvature of the CRT effect - Ability to use a mask texture (1x1 or 2x2) to render at best the dot aspect - Ability to add a background color or a background image behind the display - Ability to add an overlay over the CRT effect area. - Ability to add a screen frame arround the CRT effect area. - Ability to add a bezel over the full display. - Bloom option added to enhance the full result of the CRT effect. .... Here a small video to show how it works : Some new screenshots made with the last shader v3.0 on PC/ArcadePC games : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-04-22 (updated 2020-04-26) CRTGeomMOD v3 for Demul with Launcher (please read the readme!!!) CRTGeomMOD 3.2 by Ducon2016 and Houb Special version with launcher and auto settings for Demul (2020-04-22) by Houb This "ready to use" config pack should give you a nice CRT effect and many enhanced features for Demul display. How to install : - First remove all the previous Reshade files including our full previous config files and presets (don't keep any old presets, dll, ini files nor launchers) - Extract the full archive in your Demul's folder just next to your original "demul.exe" (original exe should be named demul.exe). - Start the emulator exclusively with the launcher included (just click on it...) How to use : - You can use Demul as always but to get the effect you need to start the emu using the launcher included. - You can still use Demul in command line : just send usual commands to the launcher directly and not to demul.exe anymore. - You can set your emulator to any configuration (high resolution monitor will be requiered and so probably a good graphic card also...) - Use "home" key to get the ReSahde's UI option ingame. You can check CRT-effect, dot mask, bloom, bezel, background, overlay, frame, manual rotation, aspect ratio correction, crop... (your settings will be saved for the current game) - The best setting is with gpuDX11(new) plugin (works better than the old one) btw both are working (DX11old plug may crash the emu with ReShade when closing a game and CV1000 games won't look nice with this old plugin). So by defaut gpuDX11(new) is somehow forced excepting when you launch a Gaelco game in commandline (the Demul ratio is also nearly broken with these games in 4/3 so you may have to use the "ratio resize adjustement" slider in the Reshade's UI with Gaelco games in 4/3). - If fullscreen is set in Demul's config the games will be launched in fullscreen (all of them, even the ones who usually don't) - If Stretch/4:3/16:9/AutoRotate or even RotationAngles are set in Demul's config the games will be launched according to your settings and hopefully most of the shader settings should follow at best. FAQ : Help, Demul now crashes when I launch a game!! => Try to increase "SleepTime" value (ms) in "\reshade-shaders\ReShade.ini" (default is 2000) Help!! It's slow as hell... => A good computer is needed but you can try to disable bloom/frame/overlay in presets and also remove the these unused images in "reshade-shaders\textures" and "reshade-shaders" folders... Also try to increase "SleepTime" value (ms) in "\reshade-shaders\ReShade.ini" (default is 2000) Demul crashes when I quit my game!! The shader effect works only the first time I launch a game but if not the next ones... => It seams to be an issue with ReShade dlls and Demul. Again gpuDX11(new) appears to have less issues but if not Quit and Relaunch Demul when it happens... I just get nothing at all! A true shit: it doesn't work!! => Launch Demul "only using the launcher". It won't work if you launch Demul.exe directly. I don't have CRT effect with Hikaru games => Yes it's disabled by default because the render is done only in 640x480 and unfortunately it's too low to get a good result. But if you want to make a try with the effect just set "CRT_EFFECT=1" in presets (hikaru.ini and romname.ini) or check the same option ingame in Reshade's UI (home key). I put the new config over my old one and now it doesn't work! => As said above, you need to do a clean new install. Don't keep any old presets from the previous version of the shader! The effect is not pixel perfect, can I get better results?? => Yes you can try to change the texture size and offsets. By defaut it's set to 320x240 but for some games it's not perfect. Try different values, offsets... (the setting made will be saved for the current game preset) Also use "overscan" option in ReShade's UI to get your game display fullscreen and remove black bars in some games Aspect ratio is not perfect with Gaelco games in 4/3 aspect!! =>Yes and it's really worst without the shader! (Demul issue) Try to use the "resize ratio adjustement" slider to match the game display (the value is unknow because it changes with your desktop resolution...) I read the text above but want to use gpuDX11old and the option is always reseted to gpuDX11(new) at start!! => Yes because there is still some issues unfortunately with this plugin so gpuDX11(new) is somehow forced at start (excepting for Gaelco games when launched in command line). I you want really want gpudDX11old at start you can by editing AllowOld to "1" in "\reshade-shaders\ReSahde.ini" and it won't be reseted anymore next times The render in not very good when using gpuDX11old. Any hope to get better results?? => To get a good result with gpuDX11old for DC, Naomi, Atomiswave and Gaelco games in fullscreen you need "at least" internal resolution set to 2x (would be even better with 3x or more) PS : High internal resolution scale coef will degrade performances (it won't work with CV1000 and Hikaru games because they will be still rendered in x1 unfortunately). How to change the art files?? => Just check the "\reshade-shader\Textures\" folder and you will understand quickly I think if "romname.png" exist it will be used as background, if not "sysname.png" will be used (or "sysname_v.png" for rotated games) if "romname_bezel.png" exist it will be used as bezel, if not "sysname_bezel.png" will be used if "romname_off.png" exist it will be used as bezel, if not "sysname_off.png" will be used (if even sysname images are not found the arts in "\reshade-shader\" will be used instead) These images should be sized in 16:9 ratio to work correctly How to use with a FrontEnd?? => just set your frontend to the launcher's exe name using the very same commands than before (usual ones) but send them to the launcher directly! Some examples : -Naomi games: Demul07_CRTGeomMOD.exe -run=naomi -rom=mvsc2 -Atomiswave games: Demul07_CRTGeomMOD.exe -run=awave -rom=mslug6 -CV1000 games: Demul07_CRTGeomMOD.exe -run=cave3rd -rom=akatana -Gaelco games: Demul07_CRTGeomMOD.exe -run=gaelco -rom=smashdrv -Hikaru games: Demul07_CRTGeomMOD.exe -run=hikaru -rom=swracer -Dreamcast games: Demul07_CRTGeomMOD.exe -run=dc -image="D:\DC Games\King of Fighters Evolution (NTSC-J).cdi" When used with RocketLauncher I can't get fullscreen with CV1000, Gaelco and Hikaru : it goes back immediately to windowed => Yes the launcher included send Alt+Enter for these systems when Demul is set to start in fullscreen because Demul doesn't. But it seems like RocketLauncher does the same so it's sent 2 times :D In this case set "NoFullScreenFix" to "1" in "\reshade-shaders\ReShade.ini" Info / Support : [Hidden Content] Credits : -"Alex DC22" for most of the bezel arts used for Naomi and Atomiswave -"AshuraX for most of the the bezel arts used for CV1000 -"Fire10" for its testing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old News : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few videos to show some features in action : (unfortunately the video quality is not good enough to show how it looks really) Pour utiliser ce shader avec les réglages pré-configurés, il suffit d'extraire le contenu de chaque archive dans le répertoire du jeu correspondant et de lancer le jeu. (Évidemment, rien ne vous empêche de tester le résultat sur d'autres jeux!) Pour les jeux d'arcade vous pouvez utiliser n'importe quel loader mais attention aux options d'affichage incompatibles (résolutions, effets, textures,...) Voilà bon jeu!! DOWNLOAD Crédits : d3d8.dll - Latest 1.9.1 from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Crosire d3d9.dll, d3d11.dll and reshade.fxh - Custom build of latest reshade from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Crosire CRTGeom.fx - Custom version of shaders from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Matsilagi (reshade portage), cgwg, Themaister and Dolls ddraw.dll, d3dim.dll - Latest dgVoodoo 2.55.4 from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Dege Bezel KoF SkyStage from [Hidden Content]-(taito-type-x)-(kof-skystage)-disfrutarlo!/ - Thanks to itoh Many bezel arts (Demul/M2/SM3) - Thanks to AlexDC22 Many bezel arts (CV1000) - Thanks to AshuraX
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    Arcade Racing Legends About: [youtube][Hidden Content]] CDI Download: This works on emulators and Dreamcast consoles. Enjoy!
  38. 1 point
    Hi, I spent the last months more on pinballs than in arcade games I managed to do something awesome using the CRTGeomMOD shader and it's pixel detection last days : making all the 4 old ProPinball games runing in portrait mode with perfect cabinet camera view To do so I changed a few things and added a pov setting in the shader : and it works perfect !! You can download the configs here (ready to use) : Big Race USA : [Hidden Content] Fantastic Journey : [Hidden Content] Timeshock! : [Hidden Content] The Web : [Hidden Content] As usual just extract the archive in your game directory and set the game to use the 3rd View in the options /!\ For TheWeb you have to choose the 1st View /!\ The patches work with the original old games (CD) and the GOG versions too. The games can be launched with the screen in landscape or portrait mode (the result will be the same). The settings are done for a 16:9 ratio cabinet screen (15:9 and 16:10 are OK too). The games will run in portrait mode at your desktop resolution (any resolution should be supported). But even if not really used to display, don't set the game to a resolution not supported by your screen (don't set 1600x1200 with a 1080p screen for example) For information the resolution choosen in the options will still affect the visual quality so set the best available resolution. All the resolutions should be enabled in the game options when using the patch so you can set 1600x1200 (1280x1024 for The Web) and the result will be better These patches don't include any part of the games and won't change any of their files. (to run the games as usual, just rename ddraw.dll to something else) I also made the aprons and the backglass for all 3 games (included) I'm very pleased to share this work because I love these 3 games for more than 20 years now. And I didn't play them for years just because unfortunately they were made only for 4:3 landscape screens and so until now they could not run in pincabs Here some demo video : I hope it will bring these games back to life in pincabs !! Enjoy! Edit : I just added a PinballFX3 config to get a nice pincab view using the 2nd view of the game (available in the usual PC games configs directory) Edit2 : Configs updated
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    Ok config.json config_LanClient.json config_LanServer.json
  41. 1 point
    I had problems getting it to launch but fixed it, but the game plays too fast? Jconfig. In the menus its normal, as soon as I get to gameplay it's way too fast. I even turned on vsync in Nvidia control panel it's still too fast. I always have problems with these games that I don't see anyone else have. :(
  42. 1 point
    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] Link already post in 1st post
  43. 1 point
    Vpinmame VPX tables and roms with everything you need to get started: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Backglasses The famous elusive GHOSTBUSTERS LE table: (Tested working 100%) MIRROR this link before its GONE! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Man this table was definitely worth the enduring search! I had some time this morning to really sit down with it and play the holy shit out of it!!! Turned on all the script extra settings, and I was really impressed, what a nice table!!! One thing I had to do was update to the latest Visual Pinball X beta version. The one that came with the above set was an older version and was doing really crazy things, The ball had a mind of its own! Update made all the difference!
  44. 1 point
    Will follow this. thanks for the instructions
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    Don't consider my previous comment, I was wrong, green screen was occurring right after the first loading screen! I started to play with dgvoodoo settings, this time it's a pretty recent one (2.72), switching to Direct3D 12 solved green screen issue, in fact it was the Raw Thrills presentation video... and now it crash! Sooo.... here are issues I encountered and how I fixed it (During my tests I switched from dgvoodoo 2.72 to dgvoodoo 2.73, including DLLs, but I'm pretty confident it should works with 2.72 version from patch): Issue: Game is launching but stays on green (or pink!) screen without even crashing. Solution: Having an AMD GPU, I have switched from D3D11 to D3D12 on dgvoodoo general settings tab. Issue: Game is launching, I can now see Raw Thrills video but game is crashing. Solution: It is due to Steam interacting with it, I have deactivated Steam overlay on Steam settings. Issue: Game isn't crashing anymore but I can't play.... Solution: Don't be an idiot and click the "More Info" button for Cars on TeknoParrotUI (I'm talking for myself), you'll learn it is needed to set freeplay mode on test mode and to start a game using gas button. Issue: There is no sound! Solution: Volume is really low, D-Pad Up button was set on TPUI to up it so I just had to press it. Issue: I can now play but I just have a black screen and HUD on it! Solution: Don't be too greedy! Game doesn't like UHD resolution (3840x2160), back to FHD resolution (1920x1080) solved issue. Issue: Right now I have cars on screen but not circuit... Solution: Switched to Direct3D 12 (feature level 12), Direct3D 12 (feature level 11) was causing issue. To conclude, I have left texture filtering and MSAA to be app driven and just ticked force vsync on dgvoodoo DirectX settings tab. What a story! I hope it'll heps!
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    i think i know where your problem at. here, try this. if u still can`t access your eamuemu all those steps that denii gave u is correct just the host file is the problem there
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    First of all, I'll have to admit, it looks F'n awesome, but I like platform and racing games more, VS (LAN) play is AWESOME !! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] On with the show...... Rigs used: I7 760 8GB RAM GT740 (2GB) Yes, this card is much to slow for this game, but the game "worxxxx" ! (for testing) I5 750 4 GB RAM HD6870 (1GB)Yes, this card is much to slow for this game, but the game "worxxxx" ! (for testing) Monitor 1360x768 Window$ 10 64 bit(1803 April 2018 revision, updates blocked) TeknoParrot 1.92 Thanks @ArcherElite & @NameDoesntMatter and all other helpful people on this forum ! GameLoader All RH version has no need for TeknoParrot, easier to configure and load the game ! Otherwise use version For me Teknoparrot does not load the game. Install the files of SOR, in a folder in the root of C: Example: C:\School of Ragnarok Otherwise you get this error. [Hidden Content] Now the files needed to make it work. First you will need these files. From the Teknoparrot front page. And the .exe used for GameLoader ALL RH ! [Hidden Content] From the Gameloader ALL RH front page search (ctrl+f) for school. Warning about "virus" ? (before version Edit the file TTX.ini in C:\Users\"Your User Name"\ AppData\Roaming\Game Loader All RH\ And change Warning = Agree Seeing green version number of GameLoader All RH at bottom of screen ? Edit the file setting.ini in C:\Users\"Your User Name"\AppData\Roaming\Game Loader All RH and change: [FileVersion] Show=0 Rename the original TieProduction.exe to TieProduction.exeO (Original file) Place the files you extract in this folder next to the correct (GameLoader ALL RH version) TieProduction.exe file. Later you will need to link Teknoparrot to this TieProduction.exe (only before version Location: C:\School of RagnaRok\TieProduction\Binaries\Win64 Now you place these files into C:\School of RagnaRok\TieProduction\Binaries\Win64 iDmacDrv32.dll iDmacDrv64.dll And the TieProduction.exe file from the GameloaderALLRH frontpage. CRC32: D00C0494 [Hidden Content] Copy the sv folder including content into C:\School of RagnaRok\TieProduction\Binaries\Win64 In the sv folder you will find TypeX3Temp.dat Copy TypeX3Temp.dat to the root of C: Only if you use a GameLoader version older than Go into TeknoParrot Link the correct (GameLoader ALL RH version) TieProduction.exe file. C:\School of RagnaRok\TieProduction\Binaries\Win64 And check General windowed ! < needed if trying to run the game at a lower resolution than 1920 x 1080 ! Otherwise it could be you will get a green flickering screen ! The game is full screen for me without borders at a resolution of 1360x768. Natively this game runs at 1920x1080, so it could be you need to uncheck the General Windowed option. Set your joystick settings for the game. Button 8 is start. Button 9 is insert coin. And now start the game ! You get a I/O error ? Use these files, place them in: C:\School of Ragnarok\TieProduction\Binaries\Win64 Download GameLoader ALL RH. (3.3.4) Run Game Loader Installer.exe in the same folder, configure. Run Game Loader All RH.exe, this starts SOR. You get a error of Gameloader not wanting to load ? Press TTX.ini settings to default. [Hidden Content] Please upload the School Of Ragnarok Solution Gameloader All RH.7z to other locations (dropbox, mega) so other people can download it later. I will leave this file here till, 10-04-2019, but I need the space in my mailbox. Size: 494729 bytes (483 KiB) SHA256: 127DF149389804514470C7CD061239A57EDFDF6C4C841CC3DC177EC693B08E5C Be patient !!!!! It took almost 4, yes FOUR minutes to load !! Inpatient ? Look at the hard disk indication led if you got one ! Inpatient ? Press ALT+TAB to switch between applications. Now release TAB but keep ALT pressed. LOOK !! you will a green icon in the lower left corner and numbers counting in the right lower corner of the game "box". PATIENCE ! The games has 3 boot stages !!! TADA, it worxxxx !! (at least for me) There are graphics glitches when running the game on a AMD GPU videocard,. Some characters, are partialy transparent, and are covered in vertical stripes. On a NVIDIA GPU based videocard I do not see these glitches. Could be my old 1GB AMD GPU. At the NesicaXLive card screen, push once down and press start. When the game is "locked" (could not find master) [Hidden Content] Rename these two files GameSettings.ini and SystemSettings.ini (these files should be empty?) @ c:\Game Folder\Tieproduction\Binaries\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor SAVE / rename the originals ! Please confirm any graphics glitches on AMD GPU based systems. I hope that this tutorial helps other people out. It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out. When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post. And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!! And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot". Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....
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    Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) back to Table of Contents (Note: this post is continuously updated as we encounter common issues and questions) Q01: Where do I get a copy of the game? A: The latest data dump, as of this writing, is 2020-02-03 that became available in early September 2020 and you may download it from here. This is the "latest-and-greatest" as well as the "cleanest" data download as of this writing. As such, please do not download any older data dump like the "20190903" or the "20200203" that was made available earlier than early September 2020. There is no more reason nor benefit to do so. Q02: Okay I already downloaded it. How do I install this? A: Watch this video and use it as your guide for setting it up. Q03: I'm a bit confused still. Can you give me a summary of steps? A: Sure. Register the DLLs (FAQ Q05) Optional/if applicable: download the two (2) file fixes in case you downloaded the game via MEGA link instead of torrent (FAQ Q06) Make sure you downloaded ea3-config.xml and place a copy inside your "prop" folder (FAQ Q08) Configure your settings via SpiceTools Configuration (FAQ Q09) Start/run butterfly (download a copy in the "Tools" section of this thread) Start/run the game using the Windows Batch file (.bat) provided (refer to FAQ Q07) Q04: The background is plain black in the Music Selection screen. What's wrong? A: You need to "register some DLL files" that are responsible for "playing" the background video during the Music Selection screen. There is an old video guide for setting up an older version of the data dump (this was for 2019-09-03). Follow the procedure ONLY from 3:21 to 4:31. Here is the said old video guide (credits to @kanor as this is his video originally). Q05: I already registered the DLLs but the background is STILL plain black in the Music Selection screen. I'm running the game in Gold Cab Mode. A: The actual video file that serves as the background is not part of the data dump (simply because the data dump is from a White/Blue Cab, not Gold Cab). Here is a link where you can download it. Once downloaded, place the video files (there are 2 of them) in "contents/data/mdb_apx/movie/background" folder (suggested by @g3nsvrv). Q06: Speaking of Gold Cab...after playing a game, at around the end of the session, the game crashes. What's up with this? A: The data dump was made available via torrent AND a MEGA link. This issue seems to be happening only to those who downloaded the game via the MEGA link. We have identified the cause; there are two (2) files that seem to be corrupted (maybe a bad upload). Here is a link where you can download the proper files that should fix the issue (look in contents/data/arc/bm2d). Once downloaded, place the files (there are 2 of them as well) in "contents/data/arc/bm2d" folder (suggested by @g3nsvrv). Q07: My game is not starting/crashing. I looked at the logs and I don't understand what's causing the crash. A: There are two (2) possible reasons: The most typical error is related to "permission" in your game folders. Read the log from the bottom, going up, and look for lines that start with the letter "W" (which means Warning) or "F" (which means Failed). If you see any "Warning" messages related to "copy" or "read" then it means you have a "permissions" problem. To solve for this, simply uncheck/remove the "Read-Only" attribute of your entire game folder (right-click on your game folder, select Properties, and then uncheck/remove "Read-Only"). Here are some sample log screenshots, highlighting the error lines that indicate "permissions" issues, and a screenshot of how to clear the "Read-Only" permission. The other is, if you are totally new to this and setting this up for the very first time...the required folders were not created (see 2nd screenshot above with the yellow highlights) - credits to @g3nsvrv for this input (related solved issue by @ashs09750). You either have to create them manually which is a pain, so here is a Windows Batch script (.bat) that you can use. When you click on the link, go inside the "contents" folder and you'll see a file named "gamestart-16_ddra20_20200203.bat" which you can download. Once downloaded, you may rename it to a shorter filename if you wish. It will not affect the functionality of that file. To keep things simple, start the game following the steps in FAQ Q3 above. Q08: It seems that the file ea3-config.xml is missing from this data dump! Where did it go? A: I have re-created it and you can download it here ; located inside the "prop" folder. Just rename it to ea3-config.xml upon download and put it inside the "prop" folder of your copy of the game. Q09: Where are the DLL files like gamemdx.dll, arkmdxp3.dll, arkmdxp4.dll, and the like? I can't launch the game without them! A: They are called "modules" and they are located in the "modules" folder of your game. If you are using SpiceTools as your launcher, in the "Options" tab of SpiceTools Configuration you can actually specify the folder that contains all the "modules." Like this: Alternatively, you may copy the modules onto the main folder of your game ("contents"), however I like to keep as much files "untouched" as possible so what I personally do is I just specify the location of the modules via SpiceTools Configuration. The screenshot above also serves as a general guide for configuring your settings via the SpiceTools Configuration tool. Alternatively, advanced users typically add these "options" by manually typing them onto a Windows Batch Script file (the "Parameter" column in the screenshot above are the "switches" that you can use to type in). Q10: When I'm scrolling/navigating through the song selection wheel, the wheel seems to move very fast! Is there a fix? A: Based on actual experience helping others out, the common observation is that they are using high-end video cards and/or they also have video card enhancements turned on (V-Sync, Tesselation, etc.). DDR A20 runs natively on HD 720p so 60fps is already considered "very good" graphics for the game. So in addition to disabling video card enhancements, see if you can "downscale" your videocard's FPS to just 60 fps. Q11: The song seems laggy/arrows are jittery during gameplay. Is there something wrong with my download/game? A: Same as the above; high-end video card and/or using video card enhancements (turn them off). Or you have too many background programs running (turn them off as well). Q12: I want to switch to "Gold Cab Mode;" how do I do this? A: As of this writing, the latest release of SpiceTools (October 13, 2020) has a built-in "Patches" tab where users can simply toggle some checkboxes for enabling/disabling some non-standard behavior of the game. This is the most convenient method so far that doesn't involve having to manually perform some hackery (hackery is still involved but SpiceTools just makes it convenient). Q13: When playing the game on "Gold Cab Mode," the game seems to be totally off-sync! What do I do? A: You have to adjust it. Member @kanor has written about this in detail, here. Q14: I want to enable Dark Background, and/or enable Fast/Slow, and/or remove the horizontal lines, and/or change my Dancing Characters. How to do this? A: In the official arcade version, these are "e-Amusement" options which users configure through the e-Amusement's website (you have to register for a free account and log in to change these settings). Since we are unofficially playing the game, we are making use of an "emulated e-Amusement" server, called butterfly. You may watch this old video as your guide, starting 1:15. Alternatively if you prefer written instructions, you may refer to this. Q15: What is the Bemanipatcher? Do I need to use it? A: Bemanipatcher is one of the first convenient methods around (as opposed to manual hackery i.e. hex editing), before other "tools" like the new "Patches" tab of SpiceTools...or ddrhax...were made available. Bemanipatcher has been recently updated to also support the latest data dump (2020-02-03). Here is the link. You basically drag-and-drop your gamemdx.dll file, apply the "mods/patches" you want, and your gamemdx.dll will now be modified accordingly. Put it back to your game folder and start the game. Another justification for the use of Bemanipatcher is when you are playing on other online servers. Since you don't have direct access/control to the database of such servers, you won't be able to directly modify some settings as easily as you can with butterfly. Your only alternative, therefore, would be "hex edits" (a.k.a. "mods/patches") by patching your gamemdx.dll file through Bemanipatcher, or the similar new feature that is now built-in with SpiceTools. One other justification perhaps is when you're using a dedicated arcade cabinet for playing since arcade cabinets typically don't come with keyboards and mouse that are easily accessible. Some cab owners build their own startup scripts so that there is no more need for additional human intervention (e.g. using mouse and keyboard), so patching the gamemdx.dll file in advance and loading it to the dedicated cab setup is sometimes the approach taken in this case. And this makes Bemanipatcher a convenient tool in the said situation. Q16: What is ddrhax? A: Sometime before SpiceTools got updated recently (October 13, 2020) to include the new "Patches" tab/feature, the convenient method of applying the "mods/patches" was through a file called ddrhax. It's a DLL file (so the file is formally called ddrhax.dll) that you load via the "Options" tab of SpiceTools Configuration and you edit a text file to suit your preferred patches. Now that SpiceTools' Configuration Tool already has the "Patches" tab built-in, ddrhax may no longer be needed - although there is one "option/feature" available in ddrhax that is not yet natively implemented in SpiceTools which is the "Force DDR Selection" option. In this regard, you may still load ddrhax.dll only for that purpose. For enabling/disabling all other mods, use the "Patches" tab. And then for "e-Amusement options" I recommend enabling/disabling them via butterfly as mentioned in the previous question and answer. Q17: So there's Bemanipatcher...there's SpiceTools with their new "Patches" feature...ddrhax (???)...and butterfly. It's so confusing! A: Practically speaking, the available "mods" or "patches" that you can find in the "Patches" tab of SpiceTools are also present/available in Bemanipatcher. Some of these "mods/patches" are natively available in butterfly too (as per the previous question and answer). You don't need to perform the same patches on various tools; just choose one. Also sometimes you will notice that some "mods/patches" are available in only one of them, so use accordingly and as needed. To give a short illustration, here are the similarities of the tools. Q18: Looks like everything is covered by SpiceTools and Bemanipatcher. What is the use of butterfly, then? A: While it seems that they are all doing the same thing, they are essentially not the same. SpiceTools (as well as Bemanitools): this acts as the "launcher" of the game. Bemanipatcher: this tool is dedicated to only "mods/patches." Just recently, SpiceTools was able to integrate the same functionality. butterfly: this is an "e-Amusement emulator." It does what it says - it emulates an e-Amusement service so that it appears that the game is "online and connected to e-Amusement." The accompanying database that it generates (butterfly.sqlite) is the database of all your scores, progress, settings, etc. in the game. You are REQUIRED to run butterfly EACH TIME, if you want to play the game as if it were in the official arcades (related solved issue by @ArcVile). Visit the butterfly wiki to know how to use and set it up. Q19: Do I have to separately click/launch butterfly, and then my launcher of choice (SpiceTools/Bemanitools)? Can't I just make a .bat file? A: We actually have our own creations which we will be posting in the "3rd-party Tools" portion of this thread (though they haven't been updated yet). In the meantime, yes! Definitely, you can make your own .bat (Windows Batch) file. Q20: I am an expert and I want to manually perform the hex edits. A: Here is a compiled spreadsheet of hex edits available. Likewise you may visit the source code of Bemanipatcher where you can also see the list of hex edits. You may use them as your reference. Q21: Oh, so butterfly is just one of those servers just like Arcana, Enigma, and the like? A: Well, yes and no. The beauty of butterfly is its ability to be run either online (yes, just like Arcana or Enigma or such) or offline (locally). Plus, the original author of butterfly has made his work open source, so people can actually see what's happening "under the hood" as well as use it for their own builds or even contribute/improve the code! And the fact that it can be run locally means that you, as the user, have better control over the server. This is a good thing for scenarios when you want to host a local game with your friends (e.g. they come over to your place to play). Not all servers are open source and allow local/personal usage, so these are "plus points" for butterfly! Credits to @skogaby for this awesome creation! Q22: Will I be able to keep my scores and progress from [Arcana/Enigma/server xyz] when I use butterfly/vice-versa? A: Each server stores data in their respective database, so the answer will be no. Note: the game itself doesn't hold/keep data on your scores and progress that's why you need to run a server along with the game. Old "solutions" like EaLocalServer.exe, or main.exe, or turning on -ea or -eamaint options in SpiceTools, are not fully-featured server emulators (unlike butterfly/Arcana/Enigma and the like). They can make the semblance of being Online but there is no database management feature that goes with these, as opposed to fully-featured servers like butterfly. This therefore explains why using any of these will only start the game in Maintenance Mode and/or Local Mode and will not save your scores/progress. Q23: I played using [Arcana/Enigma/Server xyz] and after each game my scores don't save. Is this an ongoing problem? A: This is out of the scope of this thread, but what we do know is that if you're playing a song that isn't listed in that server's database, then the score wouldn't be saved (responded by @tw3nz0r; related solved problem by @SoggyRice). Q24: So this "latest butterfly version 1.3.1" is made by @skogaby himself? A: The current version (1.3.1) of butterfly is an "unofficial build," built by yours truly (@topet2k12001). I call my personal builds "unofficial" only for the sake of distinction from the builds made by the original author himself, but I do use the official source code of butterfly for my builds. I also implemented a few allowable modifications in my builds and I also consult with the original author himself from time to time. You may view the source code made by the original author himself through his GitHub, here. You may view the source code of my builds through my GitHub, here. This is also where I officially publish my personal builds of butterfly. Q25: So I'm using the latest SpiceTools (Oct. 13, 2020 build). I can't seem to properly start up Player 2! Back then I just had to turn on/off the NumLock button. What's up with this? A: The latest SpiceTools Configuration now separately implements the "Keypad Button" bindings. Moving forward we have to separately map the keypad buttons for Player 1 and Player 2. TIP: since I use the number pad of the keyboard for Player 2 "arrows/panels" when playing, I mapped the "P2 Keypad Buttons" to the row of keys just below the actual row of number keys (see screenshot below). Q26: I have Java 8 installed on my computer and it got updated recently to version xxx (as of this writing, Java 8 Update 271). Since then, butterfly 1.3.1 seems to be crashing. A: This is an issue related to Java updates for those who are using Java 8 on their computers, not butterfly. Quick solution: uninstall Java completely (all versions that you have), restart your computer, reinstall the Java version in question (as of this writing it's Java 8 Update 271), restart your computer again, and finally run butterfly 1.3.1. I have personally tested this and butterfly 1.3.1 is working fine on my end. Q27: Windows Defender (or my anti-virus) is flagging your work as a virus. A: I can't do anything about it. That's just how your anti-virus works. Either you have to "trust" my work by adding it to the "Exceptions" list of your anti-virus, or don't use my work if you have doubts. You may also inspect my work for malicious code since it's open source; just visit my GitHub if you want to inspect it. Or, you can make your own build of butterfly since the official/original source code is also open source (that's how I made my own builds too anyway). Q28: I start butterfly...it shows the intro screen, and then the initialization screen with lots of text, and then it suddently exits! Help! A: First, we need to start butterfly in a way that it won't close/exit so that we can capture any error message/s, if any. Start a new command line (CMD) In CMD, navigate to your "contents" directory Run butterfly by typing butterfly.exe (or whatever filename it is) This way, when butterfly itself exits with an error, the CMD window stays open and you can capture the entire error message. One typical error encountered by users is something like this screenshot (credits to @axel093 as he actually encountered this): As I have illustrated, sometimes other programs (screen recording programs are the usual suspect) or having a web server running can cause Port 80 to be utilized, so butterfly will "complain" about it. Free up Port 80 (either by exiting/uninstalling/stopping the program causing it) so that butterfly can run properly. Q29: I play the game on a dedicated arcade cabinet. I tried everything; I followed all steps using SpiceTools but the game keeps on crashing! A: Based on feedback by actual dedicated cab owners, Bemanitools works better. Just today (October 27, 2020) I helped member @Swissychief with his issue. He runs a dedicated cabinet. We followed all set-up procedures. The only time that the game started up properly without any crash is when I advised him to try using Bemanitools. Consider this option if you are playing the game on a dedicated cabinet. Q30: My home or DIY pad doesn't work well with the game + SpiceTools. It doesn't seem to be able to recognize a combined up+down or left+right simultaneous press/step. A: There have been reports of some (not all) home/DIY pads that have this issue. There is a fix provided by @Kurisu here. Q31: When running ddr_scat.ext I get a "FAILED PACKAGE INTEGRITY CHECK" error. A: See this wiki article from the butterfly (UNOFFICIAL) GitHub. Q32: I heard there's a newer version of the game? A: Yes; it's 2020-03-17. See this post and/or this post. back to Table of Contents (Note: this post is continuously updated as we encounter common issues and questions)
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    Awesome thank you a lot !! Somebody can upload to google drive or mediafire ? i am trying to download from mega but is impossible for me
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    Qu'importe de toute façon c'est surement involontaire donc c'est fait tant pis c'est pas la mort, on enchaine