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    Bon pour mes 1 an je viens d uploader le set Switch comme vous avez pu voir mais la je viens de mettre juste maintenant la Dreamcast et je vais voir si j ai encore un set de cote lol. Sinon vous pouvez me faire des demande et si j ai je veux bien mettre , et si vous avez des idees pour des autre menus je veux bien voir , comme par exemple les menu hd de Tremolux qui pour moi valais le coup de mettre. Je poste ici pour ne pas polluer le poste Teknoparrot loader ^^
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    If English is his language or not this guy is still being a dick and very rude.
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    There should be an option in test menu to unlock all cars from the start. I think it's setting "Card System" to off.
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    innit its mad short, and theres not enough bends to get a full enough nitro boost to take top place. also the ai is too far ahead of a very tough first race. sometimes it says 4 laps cause it's so short but only does 2 :L one more lap would make it 1st place. but if in settings set to longer option it crashes :/
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    In the last times the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve photos and videos has become popular, and several applications have appeared that allow it to be done easily and effectively. It works like this: An AI is trained with an image or video database to be able to recognize patterns and reconstruct images by filling in the information gaps with consistent information that would be logical to fill those gaps. This allows to do things like to resize a lot an image adding details that aren't present in the original image. Here is an example of this: The original image of Gandalf is the left one, with about 300 px of height... I used Gigapixel AI to resize it to 1440 px of height. As you can see, the detail gain in clothing, face and beard hairs is incredible, adding a non-existent detail in the original. You can do this too with cartoons, CGI and videogame graphics (in fact, the famous DLSS of the RTX graphic cards it's exactly the same), and with videos too. There are too applications like DAIN that uses an AI to interpolate the fps of any video, so you can do a 60 fp video from a 30fps one. That said, why not to use this kind of technics to enhance some laserdisc games? That's exactly what i have done. This works extremely well with cartoons/anime, so the logical choose was the Don Bluth's trilogy (Dragon's Lair 1 & 2 and Space Ace). I used some programs like Video Enhace AI to upscaling from 720p versions to 1080p with a noticeable improvement in image quality (AI processing removes all compression defects, image noise and adds new detail to textures). I did versions on 16:9 and 4:3 formats for use with Daphne emulator, with original english audio and adding spanish audio from Fx Interactive spanish Pc versions of the games. Too bad Daphne only uses mpeg2 codecs. With more modern ones like H.264 o H.265 i can do the same to UHD and 60fps with very impressive results. Some screenshots and videos of my remastered versions as examples: Dragon's Lair 1080p 16:9: Dragon's Lair 1080p 4:3: Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 16:9: Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 4:3: Space Ace 1080p 16:9: Space Ace 1080p 4:3: And now, here are the download links: - Dragon's Lair 1080p 16:9: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Optional spanish audio: [Hidden Content] - Dragon's Lair 1080p 4:3 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 16:9 (spanish audio only): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Optional english audio: [Hidden Content] - Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 4:3 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Space Ace 1080p 16:9 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Space Ace 1080p 4:3 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] There is a little problem with the file SPA05.VOB.m2v of Space Ace 1080p 4:3 version, so i reuploaded a corrected version of it. You can download it in this link: [Hidden Content] If you want to use a gamepad to play the games, copy the next dapinput.ini over the previous file of the same name existent in the Daphne folder: dapinput.ini Button assignment: - RB & LB credits for 1 and 2 player respectively - Start for player 1 start. - Back for exit - Button 1/Sword -> A button - Button 2 -> X button - Button 3 -> B button - Y for Pause the game.
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    I started work on an upscaled version of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace about a month ago then discovered I was beaten to it by Sirdrak (thank you). I thought there may be something more I could do here so I upscaled the deep learning versions to 4K using waifu2x-caffe and produced some HD 60fps versions too (with FFMPEG). I added a little custom desktop front end which allows easy launching, decent configuration (including spanish audio and widescreen) and command line support. I then upscaled Thayer's quest, although the source video was not great and I also added the remastered version of Cliff Hanger, tested it all and with the front end, cleaned it all up and bundled it altogether in an easy to use ISO and here it is: [Hidden Content] I wanted to share this and I feel many will like it. Basically these are the first 4K versions of Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Thayers Quest, and Dragon's Lair 2. Nobody else has seen them other than me. Those are the only 4 games in Daphne capable of running at other resolutions. Since the remastered SD version of Cliff Hanger is the only other good quality video I decided to add that too. I'm not regularly involved on this site but this looked like the best place to release it. I am not regularly using Mega either so the link is probably only good for a month. Rehost If you like. Some feedback would be nice, and enjoy. Credit to Sirdrak here. Its all because of him. ------------------------------ Updated 2020-10-26 - New redone 60fps versions using highest settings. - Cliff Hanger will now play in 16:19 if the aspect ration/widescreen option is set. ------------------------------ Updated 2020-10-31 - Huge update. - Now includes every arcade laserdisc game including AML and arcade singe. This is now a complete laserdisc arcade collection. - I realize the download is huge but I believe this is a good release and I do not personally have a problem with what is done with it. If you complain be prepared to be told to go f*ck yourself! - I removed the 14 pixel border from Cliff Hanger - Cliffhanger 60fps version. - New setting to make widescreen (16:0) look better by stretching slightly vertically. I tend to not like 4:3 myself. - Batch files now included for all games. Easy to see how to launch from another frontend ------------------------------ Updated 2020-11-25 - To maintain full compatibility with front ends, cobraab is now properly accepted as command line argument. ------------------------------ Updated 2021-01-22 - Small update to Daphne 4k.exe - Adds Us Vs. Them to other games and renames Star Blazer to StarBlazer. Note that Starblazer is a clone of Galaxy Ranger and not the same as the Singe game which was not an arcade game hence not included, - Links are all still valid and working. The Mega account is paid up until end of the summer. ------------------------------ Updated 2021-02-24 - Star Blazers (Singe 1) by Karis and Famawizard has been added. Starblazer which is just the Japanese version of Galaxy Ranger has been removed to avoid confusion. Star Blazers was in fact in the arcades but only in Japan, - New reverse uip/down keyboard controls option. This only affects mach 3, galaxy ranger, astron belt, and cobra command. These games used a kind of flight stick in the arcades and up down was reversed. To me, it seemed like a useful option and makes playing these games more logical and playable on a keyboard or joystick. Link updated. ------------------------------ Updated 2020-04-14 - I had another go at Thayer's Quest and there is a new 4K (1440p) version included in this. I used MadVR and captured the output. Resulting in something very decent in my opinion considering the LaserDisc capture is quite bad. If anyone has a lossless copy of the LD I would love to have another go at this. Still currently this is the best out there with Daphne at this point. I split the VOB into two parts as Daphne will not work with a video over 2GB. This allows a 1440P version with a reasonable quality MPEG2. - Since I had good results with Thayer's quest I ran Cobra Command through MADVR and am calling this an HQ version which is also included. Daphne does not allow an upscaled version of this game but in my opinion this version looks better. Again, if someone has a better LD capture I would be happy to have another go but cant do a lot with Daphne. Maybe someone can make a Singe 2 version? - This version utilizes the bezel project and works similar I guess to Rocketlauncher (although I did not look at it or the code) if you want this option. I have an outstanding issue with the ALT key pausing/unpausing the game when using Bezels and not sure how to fix that right now. Its because Daphne is running in a window. If anyone wants to help fix let me know.
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    I don't know how many of you guys use linux or Raspberry Pi (RetroPie) as your gaming platform, but I have been keeping an eye on the Hypseus project for a while, development seemed to have stalled for some time in porting overlays to modern SDL2. So I looked into developing it further. Windows client now available: [Hidden Content] Windows client documentation: [Hidden Content] It began this way, but Hypseues Singe has now developed in features past the original Daphne and Singe. To be clear, this is a graphics port that makes better use of modern hardware acceleration and future proofing, not a rewrite. The underlying emulation engine is the same as Matt Ownby's original game and virtual laserdisc code + quite a few fixes. I took it on myself to fork the project, having some familiarity with the original Daphne and standalone Singe v1 projects in my GitHub. I have made some progress in getting the overlays working in the DL games. There is a branch to patch for KMS on RPi in the RetroPie branch if that's your bag, see README for info on checking out that specific branch. Main Site: [Hidden Content] For content : [Hidden Content] 4K Cobra Command:
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    Sega Rally 3 (Sega Europa R) [Hidden Content] Does NOT work on Window$ 10 1809 revision (October 2018) and later !!! Works fine on TeknoParrot in Window$ 10 (1803 April 2018 revision) So if you want to play this game you got to fall back to Window$ 10 (1803 April 2018 revision) Read this tutorial, to make a dual boot system, one for gaming this game and others which have problems, one for other things on a up to date Window $ 10. SOLVED !!!! [Hidden Content] Thanks @Nezarn Executable file is /Game Folder/Rally/Rally.exe Above solution, breaks Operation Ghost. Remember, some games do not like to work standalone, when it is VS play, network configurated. Network config should be easy, when you can ping your other computer you are almost done. I recommend to use static IP adresses on your network cards. [Hidden Content] First make note / pictures of the original settings in the service menu before you change them ! You are going to configurate the settings for Versus play on two PC's. The game will probably not work standalone with these network VS settings. Go to the game folder, go to /Shelldata. Game.ini contains the parameters you can use in the Gamesettings.ini file. Shelldata.ini is the interesting one. Change the fourth line to Twin. [GameSettings] CabinetType=Twin (On both PC's) Down below in te Gamesettings.ini file use these settings. [Network] CabinetID=1 Enabled=1 CabinetID=1 is for the left cabin. CabinetID=2 is for the right cabin. Start these games on both PC's. Sega Rally 3 Attract mode on two screens looks, awesome ! Secret cars unlock. Bowler Nemesis McRae Enduro Quick Race mode features a race over multiple laps of a single track against a grid of 5 opponent cars. The secret Rally Raid cars are accessible in this mode. These can be chosen by perform- ing the following action: If the player holds down the brake pedal on the car select screen for one second, the WRC cars are replaced by the bonus ones and the time available to select a car resets. If the brake is released, the WRC car selections return but the timer continues unchanged. Subsequent triggering of the bonus cars does not reset the timer. Source: [Hidden Content] Page 41 Quickrace Enjoy ! I hope that this tutorial helps other people out. It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out. When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post. And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!! And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot". Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....
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    Are you clinically retarded or actually 5 years old fucktard?
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    Make sure you extracted ddr_smut in the correct location and you are running ddr_scat from the correct location. Otherwise, the script will fail and will just exit. Refer to the wiki for guidance. [Hidden Content]
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    Well done mate, need to try harder then ! The tracks is short anyway, wish the race was 3 lap like it should be. Are you using a wheel or gamepad ?
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    Not really. First if you just want to play, place of the files are not a problem. Second if you want to make a game, then you use the Blank file which is made accordingly to the tutorial. So there is no surprise at all. This is not clear. Script is stable since december. The only changes are minor (bug corrections) or not supposed to affect performance down (actually they were made to improve performance). Note that if it works for you then you're not obligated to upgrade as i always mention when i propose an update (in the last one i even explained who needed not to upgrade). This bold title is not very polite but i will put this on the fact that english is not your native language. I put A LOT of attention and spend A LOT of time here to answer questions. Even when people are not really polite. For most people, downloading the Singe files, then the games just work. The main problem is due to the Realtek drivers. Recently, i even added some bat files of other games than mine just to help. So i think i've got A LOT of attention. These are Poiu games, I will let him answer if he wants. But like he sais, this is not a job for us but a hobby. We try to do it well but it's free for everyone. Well i think anyway if they are aware of it they won't be simply bothered by the movie mode but by the whole thing. This is a shame because i think what we do is more a promotion to the movie than anything else. For example i'd love people to want to see Fire and Ice after playing it because we show only the surface, many more scenes inside. It's your opinion i don't know if it's massively shared.
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    This got me excited for a moment. However, when I go to game assignments, the card system and the language options are missing. EDIT: I found out, I had to change the region to EXPORT. Now I could set the card system to off, and all cars are unlocked. Thanks!
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    Set it higher. I have a g920 and it’s set to 4 and the dead zone is gone. Also make sure you create a g hub profile for 270 degrees for teknoparrot, or the game.
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    Il est super le G29,avec de bons setting = parfait pour les jeux de course arcade! J'ai de bons souvenirs du G27 🙂 D'ailleurs je recommande le motor = 100% pour scud ,on ressent mieux les chocs sur les voitures...😍
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    I use tp for it and it works full screen and you can change the res(for both vanilla and fr versions)according to your screen res in defaultgameusersetings.ini i use 4k for it and it looks amazing!
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    Does someone manage to finish the circuits of rivers at the first place in SRG ? Since it should be a 3 lap race but it's only 2 lap long in game, it's pretty tough....
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    Niola I must admit that I see only criticism, but nothing constructive. If you can do better you are welcome
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    Why the hell are you using it then if all you are going to do is bash it and bitch about it???
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    Hopefully this would be the end all be all links for people who wanted to play this game. Chuni Paradise - ChuniApp - Copy.exe is the Original exe, ChuniApp.exe is the Patched exe. Copy to C drive [Hidden Content] (Mostly) complete Options folders [Hidden Content] Some more Options Folders [Hidden Content]
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    Press Test menu key and select cab 1 in on PC and cab 2 in other PC.
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    Hello, It is not clear for me how you fixed the issue on your 2nd PC: "2nd Pc : Quad q9400 2.66 ghz , gtx 660 4gb ram win 7 64 all redist and dx installed works perfectly 60 fps however game crashes before attract video or after title screen." I didn´t try the game as I am not patreon yet, but as I saw your problem, I´m afraid I would have a similar problem, as I have a low end dual core PC. Did you fix the issue by installing the program "wmv9VCMsetup.exe" ?
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    Transformers Is there a patch for 9 credit errors