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Dans le sujet : Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Game)

12 dcembre 2016 - 01:26

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars Boss Hack B)




Found Here:


Please reupload, i can't register on that site.

Dans le sujet : Deathsmiles 2 Arcade Pc

08 dcembre 2016 - 02:31

Sinon n oubliez pas que dodonpachi dai fukkatsu est sorti sur PC ce week-end!!  :very-good:  :very-good:


Huh, welcome to two months ago -_-

Dans le sujet : The 90's Arcade Racer (Annuler Sur Wii U)

08 dcembre 2016 - 02:23

I hope this game doesn't become the next Toki Remake (which was slated for a 2011, then delayed, Steam Greenlight'd in 2013... and nothing since then)

Dans le sujet : Daytona 3 Championship Usa (New Arcade)

19 novembre 2016 - 12:28

Oh my gosh new versions of the classic songs! Haven't heard that singer since the DLC track for Ridge Racer Vita.


Also, i don't really like the new shape of the cars... bring back the classic Hornet car :/

Dans le sujet : [Taito Type X E-Amusement Ex-Board] Dossier Arcade4Pc

19 novembre 2016 - 12:26

Akai Katana dumped? HAHAHA, this is a lesson for the MAMEdevs who kept saying they would continuously postpone the MAME dump release if people kept asking for it and the latest Dodonpachi...


Just kidding, thanks for this newest releases guys.