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You guys need to fingerout how to make this game working on Windows.


Bootable iso. Remember find-it and shanghai?

No dongle on lpt1 required.

Runs in VMware / PCem and Dosbox as well.

Needs a damn touchscreen on com3?

You need to be familiar with ms-dos as this uses a clone PTS-DOS system.

Boot from the cd and use pqdi to restore the image to a 2.1GB HDD in VMware. Needs com1/com2/com3(?).

After restoring the image, boot again from the iso.

Go to C:

Edit config.pts to get rid of the logo so you can see what pts-dos is doing. Edit autopts.bat to stop it loading menu. Use c:\ptsdos\mouse to get around the touchscreen warning and out of the bootloop.

Someone should figure out what the exe wants for touchscreen data. It does seem to detect mouse, but not register any clicks..

S is service menu.

Space drops to dos if you can get into the menu or a game.

Works fine on real hardware. ELO 2100 touchscreen serial is used, along with ESS 1688 sound card.!Wt...qRDIviBk9bc3XnE

It is not mine, i did not mod it, just found this on a machine i got second hand.




Mame have one game of this in CHD but it doesn´t work. :gene: