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Tekken 7 Deluxe Edition Sur Pc

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Salut dômage qui prend une plomb pour DL ce jeux :/ il faut je pense 2 journee entiere pour le dll voir 3 =x

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Salut. J’attendais ce jeu avec impatience, mais j’ai été très déçu. Au niveau du graphisme, il est vrai que le titre est plutôt agréable. La jouabilité est aussi plaisante avec beaucoup d’action. Toutefois, en ce qui concerne la durée de vie et le contenu du jeu, là il faut dire que le ludiciel est très décevant. 

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Déjà mon personnage préféré et présent depuis le tout 1er est absent : LEI le flic de Hong-Kong!

Il a été sur tous les titres et ils ne le mettent pas... comme Yoshimitsu qui a disparu mais ça date de plusieurs épisodes apparemment. Pourtant ces personnages étaient emblématiques!

Du coup ça sera sans moi!


EDIT : après vérifil n'était pas disponible dans le 1er... il y avait très peu de personnages en même temps :P

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TEKKEN 7 and its shortcomings!

2017, and the graphics are terrible! the initial splash screen is generally full of slag! in short, it is understandable why this game came out on the PC), the impression that they did on multiplatforms, then get this schedule cut and typical!

I think if the game was created exclusively for consoles, then it was 100% steeper and more beautiful! here it's not that the PC is more powerful, and the game does not open on the PC), then it's also that there is no PC on the console and the same! and in the aesthetics of imitation for Sony, namco always made this game more beautiful with excellent graphics!


TEKKEN 7 goes 60 frames per ultra plus max backgrounds i5 2500k without overclocking GTX570 resolution 1280-1024 (anti-aliasing, I never turn it on, only spoils and soothes the picture, and resources take a lot), besides that I can write it FRAPS in 60 frames and the game itself does not sag! 2017, and the graphics of the game draws a 7 year old PC!

Here is the schedule for 2017 and why we are buying expensive cards! and processors! Okay if it was a console game, but they created and on the PC, so be kind to do the best and high quality! the benefit of the card is from 20 to 40 and above the thousands of rubles! but no, you can not mess with it!

TEKKEN 6-TEKKEN TT2 was technologically advanced! the engines were different, but their own from namco, look at the graphics and the lights and backgrounds are very steep and beautiful! and TEKKEN 7 is a piece of shameful bad taste, the backgrounds are just cloudy and gray!

TEKKEN 7 buying a powerful card GTX 970-980, 1070-1080, etc. that would play in this? with weak graphics)))

Style TEKKEN 7 resembles a mobile version of this game!

TEKKEN 7 is not like the other parts! Part 7 has a UE4 engine, not its own, but I think this choice was not spontaneous)

TEKKEN 7 is another PC-part, not console! (the console could have been better if it had not been for NAMCO's greed and a bandit for money!) the developers tried to change the 7 part of TEKKEN so that it would not be similar to the console parts and they succeeded.

================================================== =========================

On the PS3 TEKKEN 6 part was graphically better and technology, and 7 smacks of pc version, there is such a term konsolshchina smacks) that's about TEKKEN 7 part, you can say so), I played today on the PS3 TEKKEN 6 part much better and more beautiful Looks like even a little worse traffic although this is a controversial opinion.!


You see, namco is not stupid to create 21 years for consoles and release it so easily on the PC! this is a completely different course and concept, developers understand so simply pk give their offspring.

Recall FF13 as the squirrel enix released it on the PC and what was the hype of why the port was bad, etc! and for 360 screensavers were compressed, etc.

Yes TEKKEN 7 looks nice in places, but it's not enough! the backgrounds of the arena are faded and ugly! there is no that charm and impression, TEKKEN 7 is similar to a Kinder Fayter or a fighting game like SNK a little traced character trait! the emphasis is similar, and I see it.

TT2 there is another engine, and it differs from the 6 part cardinally! in 6 parts effects and particles are strengthened, etc., in TT2, you can say that 7 continues, but TT2 looks and this charm is much more beautiful than the scanty 7 part of the backgrounds and arenas are pale and poor in terms of polygons, etc.

All Igromaniya and other publishers praise the game, but they do not want to understand and understand the 7 part! why it was created and why it was created multiplatform PC!









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I'm just amazed and amazed by the effects of TEKKEN 6! a lot of shaders HDR processing of light rays especially in 2-3 and 8 - 9 the last photo where the rays of the sun play and shimmer, it is very difficult to do in 2007 !!! arenas all in real time day night, etc.! (not that 7 is a shameful part). Part 6 did with the soul.

On the console while the picture is better, more accurate shaders and a picture, we are waiting for years to correct graphics in the emulator.


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