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[Arcade PC] Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (Namco N2)

Guest garmouz

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Guest garmouz






I have here a dump of maximum tune 3 which was given to me by someone on the discord chat however I've tried to get it working with no success due to my lack of linux skillBasically to install it you mount the iso on linux (or a VM) and copy the V337 folder somewhere and run main in the V337 folder. you also need to copy over the library files from libso to /usr/lib or usr/lib/32 depending on what Linux your usin from what i can tell, the game originally runs on debian 4 and supposedly you can't run it from an X server however i haven't been able to confirm this. i've also seen things in the files that you can enable a virtual card reader (maybe for debugging?)

DL Link - https://mega.nz/#!kgID0QAb!KEsmVw4AFKqPxPo9qUEkKx-5OOEjPasAXrm76BeaTRY



also i found this, its a bios which needs to be flashed to an Nvidia 7600GS 256MB if you are going to install it as a replacement in a cabinet for this game. im mot sure if this check has been removed or not




A Wangan Midnight portable mod where the music is replaced with maximum tune 3 music, Now you can enjoy the Maximum tune 3 experience on your PSP… well the music part anyway.
DL: https://mega.nz/#!thJSAJza!B39X96Y6HW1V27sH4Y-c1u-b3BG4sJlCSY2gvS-1jKc
Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpP4nhx94Ek
(also works on PPSSPP if you don't have a PSP)

source: https://8ch.net/1cc/res/2163.html

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Alors la je suis dégoûter de pas avoir Linux,étant fan de jeux de course,je pourrais pas y jouer.

J’espère qu'il y aura une version pour windows.

rien ne t'empeche de faire une partition Linux ca prend rien ^^

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This is a test from Dead Heat on my PC!
The original website: https://wangan3pcblog.wordpress.com/

You forgot this: "But a great success using the Dead Heat!"

Wangan 4 has been dumped and cracked, but not for public. Forget the WMMT3.

Also... My downmix 5.1 to stereo doesn't work with ALSA in asound.conf:

#5.1 to stereo downmix - manual with no plugin
pcm.!default {
slave.pcm front
slave.channels 2
type route # input output scaling
ttable.0.0 1 # fl left 100
ttable.1.1 1 # fr right 100
ttable.2.0 1 # rl left 100
ttable.3.1 1 # rr right 100
ttable.4.0 0.5 # ctr left 50
ttable.4.1 0.5 # ctr right 50
ttable.5.0 0.5 # lfe left 50
ttable.5.1 0.5 # lfe right 50

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Pas testé.

Par contre d'apres le site wiki indiqué par bruce, maximum tune 4 devrait en théorie tourner sur windows.pourtant la version a disposition tourne sous linux...:ennuyeux:

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5 hours ago, MAMEtastic said:

From what I've heard, Reaver tried to emulate this on TeknoParrot but the game wouldn't boot and crash for whatever reason

So it's not playable yet. Maybe in a few years time

ah thanks dude, i hope that someone or teknoparrot will get this game running in the future.

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il y a 30 minutes, SniperRacer1273 a dit :

any progress? It has been a while

On the last message I've seen, Reaver is waiting for capable person to do that. He "won't" work that and this is sad, cause 3/3DX/3DX+ are great for full preservation.

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I found it on Discord, but someone is playing. may support card.Screenshot_2022-04-06-11-17-15-02.jpg.22f2e633a3444c9810494a7cfeb85005.jpg

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