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Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Game)


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#1121 7zxkv



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Posté 17 janvier 2017 - 07:32

But seriously, I can't understand why would you discourage people from downloading them. To the point of including the .txt file with warnings into the archive.

I don't know, It's probably to lure taito and / or to prevent the mediafire account from being deleted if too much download takes place.
Or maybe the author was tired of saying that his archive had only false positive and no real virus... (???)

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#1122 joe2281


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Posté aujourd'hui, 08:11

Hello to all and thank you for your hard work in cracking these Nesicaxlive games. Ive been able to get some going but Im a little lost in one step. Hopefully someone can guide me through it. Its this step. 


Open a command line in admin

Install.bat, answer Y, check in the windows services that it is well launched

Edit host file (cf .txt nexyservice)


I have no idea what im supposed to do here. When I extract NesysService.rar into a game folder I get 5 files , Install.bat, NesysService.exe, NesysService_x64.exe, Readme.txt, Uninstall.bat. by the way I cant read that Readme.txt file its all a bunch of numbers and weird characters.


now im supposed to right click on install.bat and open a command line and type Y, ok I did that


next, is where I get lost with "edit host file (cf.text nexyservice )" where exactly do I find this file? 


If someone can share a snap shot of a working game folder maybe I can guide myself through it. 


any help would be appreciated 


thank you

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#1123 kevenz


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Posté aujourd'hui, 12:35

Installing nesys service is no longer required to play nesica games.

The guide on the first page is a little outdated.

Modifing the host file is no longer required too.

You need to download a file called jconfig.exe and put in your nesica game folder to configure it and also crack it.

#1124 kevenz


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Posté aujourd'hui, 12:42

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