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Ultramegapack Terrordrome ( 2015)


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chegou ultramegapack terrordrome ( 2015) nele vc encontra os jogos :


Puppet Master the game , phantasm the game , Halloween the game , Friday the 13th, Evil Dead Regeneration,Nightmare on Elm Street(nes)e Friday the 13th(nes)

e o mas aguardado terrordrome v2.10 (2015) (na versao que vem com fatality e modo pra jogar on line)



nele vc tambem encontra comics traduzida portugues e ingles com as sagas:

evil dead, jason vs fred vs ash 1 e 2 , hellraiser,worlock, Puppet Master,

massacre da serra eletrica todas as sagas, jason vs jason x , Leatherface x jason,jason x entre outros

soundtrack e muito mais. baixem e diverta se !!!!!






participem da comunidade: terrordrome the game brasil








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whats the password evil dead regeneration????

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manson. so this rar file has no pasword? is that why i dl these files?

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thx very m much 😁

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playing on w10.  max res is only 2k tho, still i prefer this over ps2 emulator

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shit, the game just cuts out. so i was successful with the first  terrordrome (2015)  pack, that plays perfect.  but this newer  ver. 2.10.3   http://terrordrome-thegame.com/download/   version   just crashes straight away. i am on w10 but the first game worked good.

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the updated version of terrordrome 2.10.3 just crashes straight away

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