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Fightcade - Online Arcade Multiplayer


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Here is the NEW guide for FIGHTCADE. As always I take you through the complete installation, step by step, and give you EVERYTHING you need to get up and running![/size]

Included in the Downloads is 220 CLASSIC games for you to play online. FightCade allows you to play ANYONE in the world. From the guy sat next you you on the sofa to a complete stranger on the other side of the world![/size]

Play with friends, make friends and be a part of this AMAZING scene. Of course, you also get to play me at some games too... so its worth it just for that :)[/size]

FightCade is about as good as it gets for that Retro Arcade Multiplayer experience. Its like you are actually playing side by side its configured that well![/size]

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