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Star Fox:event Horizon Pc

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(Comme ces un mod,je savais pas dans quel section le placer)


Salut,voila un MOD pour PC,dont vous aurez pas besoin d'avoir le jeux de base pour être lancer.


Son site officiel,pour télécharger gratuitement cette demo:


ou:(1.5 go demo2)

cliquez ici



notice pour l'installer:


- Open "Install Star Fox Event Horizon " to install the game.

Play the Game:
- Upon starting up Event Horizon for the first time, you will be prompted with a menu. It will automatically search for your Event Horizon install if it does not detect it.
- In the "Audio/Joystick" tab, be sure to set your Preferred Playback Device to "Generic Software" in order for sound effects and music to play.
- Be sure to disable the options in the "Speech" tab if they are enabled, otherwise the engine will attempt to play horribly simulated voiceovers.
- It is highly recommended but not necessary to increase the screen resolution in "Video Tab."
- When you are ready, press Run.
- Click "Continue" at the main menu to begin the Training Level.
- All the Freeplay missions can be found in the "Tech Room > Mission Simulator" menu.

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