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Nicktoons Racing Arcade Pc


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i download load vjoy, installed it. created a 4 axis and 4 button virtual joystick and then used UJR to map it. i tried it with my xbox controller and logitech g25 wheel and the game reads my controller it but not correctly. i tried all morning and gave up to get it 100% working.







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The game requires 4 analogs.


1 is mapped to the Gas

1 is mapped to the brake

1 is mapped to the steering

1 is mapped to the Forward/Rev switch, with the machine having an physical locking position on the handle so it will output the "Max" commad when locked in F, and be "Zero" when locked in R, 


The F/R is the part that I could not map "properly" thus why it is always in F.

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Not working without a controller! Dinput.cpp error! Just only using a Keyboard

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